What was josephs relationship with god like you

Joseph in the Bible

what was josephs relationship with god like you

The behavioral aspect of “love-hate” relationships is undoubtedly in view in and praised for his astounding wisdom, Joseph's informing his brothers of God's You see, even though Joseph is prey, he doesn't fall prey to the. Like Jesus, Joseph cast between two criminals, pronouncing the salvation What you'll see as we walk through the details of his life is how God used Joseph heard his father speak of the covenant relationship that began. Joseph had been given dreams of God's plan for his life; so with confidence and strength, But Joseph accurately relayed the symbols in the dream to a future time of Instead, they had close relationships with God in which they remained steadfast, If you seek Him and listen for His direction, He will answer you with.

Looking Reflectively Joseph lived a life of integrity and was faithful to God in the midst of prosperity and adversity. He is a great example for us to follow. Are you living faithfully in the midst of prosperity and adversity? Do others around you see Christ in you?

Joseph in the Bible

What do you learn about Joseph from the way he responded to them in prison? In versesthe cupbearer finally remembers Joseph and his interpretation of their dreams in prison, and Pharaoh called for Joseph to come and interpret his dream.

Joseph proceeded to tell Pharaoh what should be done Why did Pharaoh place Joseph in charge of Egypt How old was Joseph at this point Looking Reflectively There is no mistake in where God has you. Allow Him to use you where you are.

what was josephs relationship with god like you

How are you allowing God to use you right where you are? There is often a delay before seeing God work through us. Delays are a necessary time of spiritual preparation. Jacob sent his sons, with the exception of Benjamin, to Egypt to buy grain during the famine. Why do you think Joseph responded to his brothers in the way he did?

Describe what his brothers were feeling in verses ? Jacob first refused to let them take Benjamin, but after all the grain was eaten, he sent his sons back to Egypt with Benjamin When Joseph saw Benjamin, he responded with emotion In Genesis 44, Joseph sent his brothers back to Canaan and played a little trickery on them. This brings us to Chapter 45, when Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers. What emotions were his brothers most likely experiencing when they realized this was indeed Joseph?

Joseph: Relationship Reveals Your Purpose

How do you view painful or hurtful events in your life? How have hurtful events molded your life? How is one able to gain the type of perspective that Joseph had about his life?

Looking Deeper Read the entirety of Genesis Why did he do what he did?

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Looking Reflectively We must trust God with our emotions when we are face to face with those who have hurt us deeply. Is there someone who has wounded you deeply? How have you handled it?

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Is there someone you need to forgive? God once again spoke to him, encouraging him to not be afraid to go to Egypt and reminding him of His promise to make him a great nation Gen. How has Joseph changed in his relationship with God and his family since he was a young boy?

How old was Joseph when he died v.

what was josephs relationship with god like you

How does harboring an unforgiving spirit affect us? Looking Deeper What was Joseph trying to convey to his family in verse 24? Why would he want his bones carried back to Canaan?

Looking Reflectively God is in control even when it seems that your world is spinning madly out of control.

what was josephs relationship with god like you

Is there something going on in your life today that is hard for you to understand? Take it to the Lord and trust His hand.

Can you think of an example where this was true, either for you or someone you know?

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Michelle stated that the three closest relationships in your life mirror what your life looks like. In what ways do you find this to be true? Michelle also said that our first important relationship in life is that with our parents.

A parent may be intentional and helpful, neglectful and even harmful, or totally absent. An intentional and helpful parent A neglectful or harmful parent An absent parent 6. Have one person read Ephesians 1: Listen carefully as the passage is read for all the ways God thinks about us and all the things he has given us as his children.

Then, as a group, list them and the corresponding verse below. Michelle said that remembering Deuteronomy 6: Michelle talked about the fear of God — not a terrifying fear but a proper reverence and awe of Him as our heavenly Father — and quoted Proverbs The reverent, worshipful fear of the Lord leads to life, and he who has it rests satisfied; he cannot be visited with [actual] evil.

How does being reverent and worshipful lead to life and rest? And how, in turn, does it keep you from being visited with evil? Take turns reading Proverbs On the flip side, share a time when you allowed God to establish your steps. Has there been a special relationship in your life that set you up for what God wanted to do in and through you? Do you feel God has planted the seeds of a dream in your life — one that will glorify Him?

What is that dream? Write it down in a nutshell. Next, take a mental inventory of the relationships in your life. Is there someone who you feel encourages you in that dream? Is there someone who throws water on the fire of your dreams? How does he or she do this?