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A man in a Soho bodega yelled homophobic slurs and threw punches Monday at two Army officially splits with West Point 'commie cadet'. Not your average college relationship! West Point Cadets usually get only a few weeks home so a majority of our summers are spent without. Here's 24 things I've learned in 2 years as a West Point girlfriend (fiance). You really never know when your Cadet may get tasked for a parade or . Every relationship takes work but dating someone at West Point or in any.

Michael had parked rather far away and about the time that I finished my hair he left to go pick up the car. Over an hour later, he finally returned and in an urgent voice told me to come downstairs.

Time had slipped away and it was now 4: Traffic of course was not cooperating and as the minutes ticked away, he became more and more panicked. Apparently, for every rule they broke, they had to march so many hours before they would be granted their privileges back. He started to scheme in his head, calling a plebe and asking him if he would park his car once he got back to campus so he could run into his room to check in.

Everything was made out of stone and had a cold and monstrous feel to it; it was both astonishing and depressing at the same time.

Now that we were back at school, we had an hour and a half before the dinner of th night started. We went up to his room which was strictly forbidden and just talked. He explained his uniforms and shared the story about how he wore the same shirt to class everyday and had not once washed it, despite having an identical shirt to wear and a laundry service that required him to do no work. Apparently it starts at 8, not 7: So we go back upstairs only to return a half hour later.

This gigantic mess hall is now filled with people and they all look gorgeous in their formal dresses and uniforms! Michael introduced me to his sponsor and he remarked about how this is the exact same date that he and his wife attended his th night so many years ago. I just nodded, smiled, and tried to be as polite as possible. Michael continued to mingle and introduce me to more people. When it was time to take our seats, he sat at the head of the table and began passing food since all the serving utensils and water pitchers were placed in front of him.

There, at my seat, my name is hand written on a card. Michael explains that it was supposed to be typed, but the cadet in charge of that had been kicked out of West Point for academic reasons and had attempted suicide recently.

I wondered how much pressure the cadets, the army, and their families place on them that suicide is a legitimate option for failing. I was thankful that this is not the case for my boyfriend. I then noticed the class crest etched on the wine glasses and I excitedly filled my glass with sparkling grape juice.

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Several toasts are made and we eat our dinner. I expected a long boring speech, but from the little I could hear, it was quite the opposite. Once the speaker was finished, we applaud and eventually were dismissed to attend the hop. All throughout dinner we had been discussing whether to attend the hop or just to skip it to go back to the city. So instead we took some pictures and headed back to his room.

My dress was too thin, and I needed a thicker coat. He told us we can wait in his room while he went to get the car. This is the perfect opportunity for me to hide a bottle cap that has now become a game between us. I choose to place the cap in the breast pocket of the shirt he has never worn. My husband was not able to because of the structure of the school so the school offers him and his classmates a way to start their lives. Honestly, it is no different than the Army offering a 30k enlistment bonus.

It is those men and women that graduate from West Point and those men and women who enlist into the military that give you that right. Maybe you should think again who you bash when you are practicing that right. Jul 2nd, at 1: All I know is that I would rather talk to other girls going through the same thing as me than to my friends who go to the same school as their boyfriends who will never understand.

So before judging these girls, you might want to really look into it, or try dating a West Point cadet. Jul 4th, at 5: They mostly are sorority girls, and getting married to a West Point man is the ultimate success of their lives. I even had one tell me that point-blank, after about 4 glasses of wine loosened her tongue.

One thing that surprised me about them was the way they seemed to form some sort of new adult sorority after getting the ring on their finger. And as we all know, sororities are very rarely nice.

And if there is any USMA girlfriend reading this who resents hearing this — try being an enlisted wife, or a female enlisted soldier, and then come back and tell me what you think. I kind of view these girls as holdovers from the s. If you think about it, the Army is one of the very few places left in America for a wife to actually get to play the perfect Donna Reed housewife, and get absolute institutional support for that role — so long as they play it right no excessive whining, no excessive weight gain, etc.

Another thing that surprised me about them was their blatant racism. I actually once got an apology from a USMA guy who was married to one of the most racist chicks I have ever encountered — and of course who had never worked a day in her life one evening during a field exercise, for something that his wife had said to me the previous month.

My impression is that the nice ones are the ones who are a minorities, b came from poorer families, or c just got the good genes. That snotty attitude persists quite strongly today, let me tell you. As far as jobs for these girls go — to be fair, it is hard for any Army wife to have a solid career, unless she is in the military herself. The frequent moves every years make it really difficult. Jul 17th, at My boyfriend my best friend just left a few weeks ago for cadet basic training.

My boyfriends mom told me about the usma girlfriends website and i was overjoyed to find this community of people who went through this experience. All of their advice is so helpful and thoughtful. The girls who created that site that you are bashing are just trying to help others. These first 3 weeks of my bf being gone have been some of the most lonely and difficult times of my life.

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Finding people who know how im feeling is such a relief. To say that WP is not that intense…ya because having 90 seconds to say goodbye to all of your loved ones, 3 calls home all summer, and you know not to mention an 18 year old giving up 9 years of their lives to OUR country.

My boyfriend and I were not raised in military families in my high school most kids end up partying at pitt or psu.

My boyfriend had scholorship opportunities from numerous ivy league universities. He could have easily chosen an safe route to being successful and enjoying collage like most kids. The United States of America is as strong and safe as it is today because of men and women who give up their freedom to fight for yours.

Would you even be allowed to write this blog. I respect your opinion but in return i think you should show some respect of our men and women at usma and the people who support them. Aug 2nd, at 1: It seems a bit absurd to be dealing out advice on where to get your hair done, how to properly address a letter, or how to be patient when waiting for the phone to ring.

I can also understand how some of these girls would be offended. Never a fun thing. However, with the help of the website, I was able to find a site that will deliver a fun birthday gift right to his door. Yes, it is a bit goofy but I know it will bring a smile to his face. West Point cadets go through many extremes. Not only are they required to be academically advanced but they are also required to train to become the best military officers they can possibly be.

This requires strength and endurance of both the mind and body. Now as for their girlfriends; USMA girlfriends come in a range of varieties. Most of these women, I do believe, however, deserve respect.

First gay couple to marry at West Point attacked in Soho

It takes a lot of emotional strength to make any relationship work but I can honestly say, it takes much more to make a USMA relationship work. It is not easy to communicate long distance or to miss your significant other so much that it physically hurts or to even feel guilty for having such emotions because you know that your boyfriend is enduring much more difficult circumstances.

These women are loyal and committed; qualities any man would want their woman to possess, military or not.

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Lastly, I am somewhat amazed at the lack of maturity that has gone in to composing the above comments. I can also understand the frustration of the women who are being criticized for being supportive of their men.

Only then, should we make a comment while trying to avoid bitterness and hostility. It would be unfair to accuse a woman of being unintelligent for sticking by her man, a blogger of being a liberal fool or anybody of being jealous that someone is just in a better situation. Think before you type. Aug 2nd, at There are little bits of what everyone has said that make sense.

Obviously it is very difficult but only slightly more than any other long distance relationship. It IS incredibly hard for them going to school there, but that has nothing to do with this blog. The only thing that really bothered me is how much you all have been stereotyping West Point girlfriends. They are most certainly not all white, and definitley not all racist. I have met girls from every race.

I am white myself, but my boyfriend is Korean, and many of the other girls are in interracial relationships too.