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Wes Bergmann news, gossip, photos of Wes Bergmann, biography, Wes Bergmann girlfriend list Relationship history. Wes Bergmann relationship list. Over the years, Wes Bergmann has been a staple of The Challenge him a chance to win some daily challenges to help avoid the Austin bloodbath. . by the girls, Wes and CT's veteran status and relationships with Diem. Wes is the kind of guy you love to hate. He takes pride in projecting himself as an obnoxious, super-competitive jock, but he is also bright and entrepreneurial.

In my mind they were the conniving, politicking, back room dealing scumbags who dragged down the truly deserving and dominant competitors like CT and Evan. However, I was always aware of the fact that they made the show better, and as more and more members of the Golden Generation of Challenge competitors fall by the wayside, I find myself falling into their camp if only for the sake of nostalgia, and reverence for a fleeting, departing Era.

So, just like I finally got over my Johnny Bananas hatred and finally began rooting for him during his absolutely spectacular run through Free Agents, I have a feeling [after watching the first episode] that I am about to follow the same steps of acceptance as I welcome Wes into my depleted and shrinking club of beloved veterans.

Wes may have let some of his Physical game go.

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He is no longer the cut and chiseled competitor he once was see picture for reference. He knows all the Vets hate him as does everyone on this show once they get to know him so he always seems to make an early alliance with all the Rookies and newer payers on the show to surround himself with fodder which can be used to shield his own body from any fatal strikes.

And those quotes he threw out afterwards? I assure you it will be priceless. One would assume that was a tactical mistake, but Bananas was going to take his first chance to get rid of Wes anyway, so in that sense nothing changed. I Miss you Mr. Even when they were the strongest team in the entire competition, they still dragged each other into the dirt, finishing second behind Fat Tyler, and Johnny Bananas. Wes will be the next challenger MTV lines up to do battle the Mighty Banana where so many before him have fallen.

I have my doubts as to whether he will unseat the Banana, but we shall see.

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To start with, anyway, Wes has made quick progress. Obviously that will change radically when other players and there are MANY formidable players in this show… Bananas being simply the most obvious example begin to add blocks of their own or remove blocks belonging to Wes, but for the time being it appears as if he has set himself up for early returns. There have been others who have been very very good Evan and Kenny amongst them and there have been others who have been far superior to Wes and Bananas in terms of physical ability.

They create drama both in the house and in the arena. And are two of the shows remaining pillars in this era where the Old Guard is partially phasing out numerically if not competitively. Everything else is ancillary albeit hilarious and enjoyable. THIS is what really matters this season. And again, I find myself particularly sad for Theresa. Last year I wrote some very glowing remarks about Johnny Bananas.

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Three different articles covering the overall story-arc of how I thought he had changed. How I believed he had evolved from Anti-hero to true Hero. He was the Champion of the Old Guard and one of the last vestiges of the Challenge I grew up with, the Challenge as I knew it and learned to love it.

wes bergmann relationship problems

His battles against Jordan, a character who I felt stood for everything wrong with the Challenge, were legendary and inspiring. Now, however, he was to be my new Champion. But I was wrong. Bananas lambasted and shamed Leroy when Leroy tried to come with him to discuss how the game played out thus far.

He is a hypocrite and a coward. Bananas is a coward and a scumbag. The way he mistreated Leroy was absolutely inexcusable. His only ally was gone, and he had to recalibrate.

He played a smart game. Johnny Bananas is a coward, a traitor, and a despicable liar. He has always been a scum bag. And he always will be a scum bag.

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He is beyond redemption. He can easily survive him and quickly fulfilled his needs. He has an expensive branded car of the company BMW with the well-decorated and well-furnished house.

wes bergmann relationship problems

We also found on the wiki, that he has much more land in the old house in Kansa City. After a few relationships from the reality show, The Challenge star is finally married.

He shared the forever and afters with his longtime girlfriend, Amanda Hornick. The best part for the groom was the vows that they shared on 1st Juneperfect combination of seriousness and fun. The wedding was more like the gathering of MTV reality stars.

wes bergmann relationship problems

The stars accompanied the couple from The Challenge and Real World: Instagram The wife shared their love story on her Instagram post. Hearing this, she was sure that she would never be bored with this man.

She loved the passion and confidence he had with every aspect of life and how he did not care about what people thought about him. The lovebirds have been together for seven years and all these years has been a romantic journey without any dull moments for both of them.