Uml use case extends relationship marketing

UML 2 Use Case Diagrams: An Agile Introduction

uml use case extends relationship marketing

UML 2 use case diagrams overview the usage requirements for a system. shows the three types of relationships between use cases -- extends, includes, and. This use case diagram relationships tutorial will cover all you need to know about relationships in use cases. Learn about include, extend. A package object in a UML Class and Use Case Diagram provides the ability to group Extend Relationship – Between Two Use Cases.

Modelling the whole system will lead to a lot of work that nobody will ever look at and which will soon again be out of date.

uml use case extends relationship marketing

So I'm currently creating an UML Use case diagram to describe the basic features of my application I'm planning to develop and it always happens again to me that I come to the point where I have to search the web about the details regarding the "extend" and "include" relationships. Just out of the head it seems to be clear: But still there are these doubts This behavior is modeled with a base use case called CheckOrderStatus that has an inclusion use case called LogIn.

uml use case extends relationship marketing

The LogIn use case is a separate inclusion use case because it contains behaviors that several other use cases in the system use. An include relationship points from the CheckOrderStatus use case to the LogIn use case to indicate that the CheckOrderStatus use case always includes the behaviors in the LogIn use case.

The "extend" relationship is explained as follows: You are developing an e-commerce system in which you have a base use case called Place Online Order that has an extending use case called Specify Shipping Instructions.

UML Use Case "extend" and "include" relationships

An extend relationship points from the Specify Shipping Instructions use case to the Place Online Order use case to indicate that the behaviors in the Specify Shipping Instructions use case are optional and only occur in certain circumstances. So the key point in the extends relationship is "optional"!

uml use case extends relationship marketing

The arrowhead is often used to indicating the direction of the initial invocation of the relationship or to indicate the primary actor within the use case. The arrowheads are typically confused with data flow and as a result I avoid their use.

System boundary boxes optional.

Guidelines: Business Use-Case Model

You can draw a rectangle around the use cases, called the system boundary box, to indicates the scope of your system. Anything within the box represents functionality that is in scope and anything outside the box is not.

uml use case extends relationship marketing

System boundary boxes are rarely used, although on occasion I have used them to identify which use cases will be delivered in each major release of a system.

Figure 2 shows how this could be done.

UML Use Case "extend" and "include" relationships

Packages are UML constructs that enable you to organize model elements such as use cases into groups. Packages are depicted as file folders and can be used on any of the UML diagrams, including both use case diagrams and class diagrams. I use packages only when my diagrams become unwieldy, which generally implies they cannot be printed on a single page, to organize a large diagram into smaller ones.

uml use case extends relationship marketing

Figure 3 depicts how Figure 1 could be reorganized with packages. In the example depicted in Figure 1 students are enrolling in courses with the potential help of registrars.

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Professors input the marks students earn on assignments and registrars authorize the distribution of transcripts report cards to students. Note how for some use cases there is more than one actor involved. The association between Student and Enroll in Seminar in the version shown in Figure 4 indicates this use case is initially invoked by a student and not by a registrar the Registrar actor is also involved with this use case.

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