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For Twisted Metal 2 on the PlayStation, FAQ by RWhite. Outlaw-2 is now a modern Squad Car, an improvement on the 70s/80s His ending is possibly the funniest:o) Spectre was one of the best cars in TM1 as . After killing the truck part of Dark Tooth, you take on the Head that was ontop of the truck. Jamie is a character that appears in three Twisted Metal games. Also Known As, Outlaw. Age, 24 Tm2. 29 Tm3 27 Tm Head On Relations, Carl Roberts In the Roberts' ending, they emerge triumphant for a third time, prompting Calypso. Twisted Metal Small Brawl - Outlaw's Ending of Carl Roberts, the original driver of Outlaw, or if he has any sort of relationship to the Twisted Metal: Head-On.

Much more useful in a higher armored car where the effects are more apparent. Average armored cars get up to 8 ramming points, higher armored cars get up to 12 ramming points, and lower armored cars can get up to 6 ramming points which is odd, but yes, even Grimm can ram Dark Tooth for 6 points of damage.

Charged specials, when fully charged, will blink three times warning you to release the special before wasting it completely. It seems to me that some Mashed specials were toned down in damage, a bit although I may be a bad button basher.

A hit freezes them and thus lets you continue with whatever weapon you have in mind. Any weapon above 10 points of damage will break the freeze, thus to do the most damage, fire your Machine Guns and use a strong weapon — preferably a special or power missile.

  • Outlaw's Ending for Twisted Metal 1= Hillarious!
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A freeze missile does 1 point of damage to an enemy. Unlike TMB, you can turbo during a freeze and it will actually use Turbo from your turbo meter. Use it when low on health, trying to escape, or getting to a health, but use it wisely since it uses the most energy out of all energy attacks. It protects you for about 5 seconds. Best used after taking a teleport to ensure that an enemy will take the damage, rarely will you ever need to drop one into the path of a relentless enemy.

Also, when you use invisibility an enemy typically drives away from your location and will not notice you at all.

This is VERY useful in the deathmatch versions of levels, especially since DM maps have fewer healths and most of them have wide areas thus making you a big target for anything. It costs less than a Shield and you can use at least three per full energy bar. This should be your primary defensive option with the Shield being a last resort.

The explosion can damage for 10 points and knock away enemies BUT it can also destroy missiles too. This is basically a less expensive Shield, but only for missiles, and you have to time it carefully so that a missile hits the explosion before it hits you. Rear-Fire no longer needs you to hit the fire button after inputting the command. I recommend pressing each button hard enough for Rear-Fire.

Best used with Homing weapons, especially the Homing Missile. Neither seem to be reliable, though. However, it does not work with special weapons.

Even if it did the difference is hardly noticeable. Be wary of Napalms.

Twisted Metal

Otherwise they are largely the same but the missiles look like fireballs now so they are cooler: Each weapon will always give you 2 per pickup like TM2. Machine Guns are best used when combining with other weapons for extra damage. You start with two of these. Fire missiles are color coded orange with a missile in them.

Homing Missile 10 points of damage, common, great homing ability, can be rear-fired Homing Missiles are the best overall missile, they only do half the damage of a Power Missile but you can fire several of these and cause some huge damage really fast. Very useful on speedy vehicles such as Grimm. Homing missiles are color coded purple with a missile in them. You start with one of these. Power Missile 20 points of damage, uncommon, no homing ability, can be rear-fired Power Missiles are exactly what they imply - powerful.

Power missiles are color coded red with a missile in them. Napalm 20 points of damage, uncommon, no homing ability, can be rear- fired Napalms have gotten an upgrade from TMHO PSP; they will always do 20 points of damage regardless of where you drop it next to an enemy. However they can now actually hurt you if you drop them too close to you so Napalms have to be used more carefully.

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The area of effect is solely inside the target crosshair so the enemy has to be as close to the target crosshair as possible in order for the explosion to hurt them. Napalms are color coded yellow with a can in them. They only deal as much damage as a homing missile and are not too powerful without a bounce hit so you might as well fire these away when you pick them up. It also sets up for freeze and other weapons, which actually gives this weapon bigger damage potential. A bank shot will have the disc colored darker orange as well as giving an even greater knockback than a dead-on hit.

Ricochet Discs are color coded lavender with a disc in them. Remote Bomb 25 points of damage irregardless of distance, rare, no homing ability, already rear-fire-able Remote Bombs received a bit of a boost; they now do 25 points of damage, whether you detonate the bomb and catch them in the explosion or an enemy runs into it.

They are excellent for teleport traps i. Drive-by bombings are not recommended except on a slower car, and even then they usually try to run for it before you can detonate the bomb on them. Remote bombs are color coded green with a dynamite in them. You charge it up with the fire button, and release after 6 missiles appear. You only need the 6 missiles to appear for the maximum 27 points of damage; the blinking is only a warning to let you know that you should release the weapon before it backfires i.

Swarmer missiles are color coded yellow with a missile pack in them. Turbo pickup Not a weapon obviously. This completely refills your turbo meter when you deplete it. Turbos are color coded light green, so be careful when trying to distinguish them from Remote bombs. They look like Nitro Gas tanks. Partial ones are white with a red cross in the center, and the full ones are simply bigger. They are necessary to complete in order to unlock extra levels and cars, however they can be pretty frustrating and the levels that give them are anything but easy.

This is a quick guide to the bonus levels. Bonus levels are accessed by entering the Mini-game teleporter the pink ones but some are hidden away in certain levels. BTW, some minigames reward you with extra lives but I only put it down for the ones I remember getting extra lives from. Big Blue Stadium Minigame: Enter the room with the full health.

Look to your right to find a Swarmer Missile, shoot down the glass to reveal the teleporter and a Homing missile. Turbo is infinite, and Energy Attacks are usable. Must be completed in under 3 minutes to get the bonus. Ram the taxicabs to take them out, using turbo. The taxicabs will try to ram you sometimes, but they also have an annoying habit of ramming another taxicab often the one that is your intended target.

Fortunately the Freeze Missile can be used here, and a taxicab will stay frozen indefinitely until you ram them which is a nice thing. A change from TMHO PSP is that you can actually ram the taxicabs for MORE damage now the most you could do to a taxicab in a high armored car was 16you can do 24 points with a high armored car, and with a lower armored car you can even get 23 I used Mr Grimm so they go down faster this time.

Los Angeles Woods Minigame: Complete the obstacle course in under 2 minutes to get the bonus. Turbo is usable but not infinite. It features multiple drivers and tracks. It also features multiplayer gameplay and other game modes. The game consists of three story arcs that focus on Sweet Tooth, Mr. Spin-off games Twisted Metal: Small Brawl Screenshot from Twisted Metal: Black, Incognito took an unexpected turn and developed Twisted Metal: Small Brawl for the original PlayStation, a Twisted Metal aimed at a younger audience that featured radio-controlled toy cars instead of full-size vehicles.

Black Online Format: PlayStation 2 A game featuring only the multiplayer portion of Twisted Metal: Black, but playable online. A free copy could originally be obtained by mailing in a card that came packaged with the PlayStation 2 online network adapter. After Sony stopped offering the disc, it was later included as a bonus disc in subsequent reissues of the Greatest Hits version of Twisted Metal: The servers to the game have since been shut down.

Black, titled Twisted Metal: Harbor City,[2] was in development but was cancelled before it was announced when the series co-creators left the development team.

Extra Twisted Edition as a special mode. PlayStation 3 A Twisted Metal game set in a post-apocalyptic environment, which was originally in development in but was scrapped.

It was also revealed that the Eat Sleep Play team was originally rather keen on the idea, though it was hinted by Jaffe that the idea was rejected by Sony Computer Entertainmentspeculated to be because of the release of MotorStorm: Apocalypsea racing game which also featured a post-apocalyptic environment.

PlayStation 3 Apart from Twisted Metal: A good ram and a machine gun should do it. Hold down the fire button so you don't have to worry about firing. They don't overheat like TM1, and it is easier to hold the fire button down to access Minions Special. They are the weakest of the weapons, and they home slightly. They are only really effective up close, otherwise your target could just swerve to avoid it.

Always have at least one, so you can access the Reverse Ice in an Emergency. They do about double the damage of a Fire Missile, and they home quite well duh. Good for Moscow with the bridges destroyed. These can only go in a straight line, and are about 4 times as powerful as the Homing Missiles. Aim well, otherwise you'll waste it. Good for freeze attack follow-ups. Not very powerful, it's only saving grace is that it pops enemies in the air long enough for a follow-up attack.

Just waste it all, it's not worth the space in your inventory, and I can't tell you how many times I've forgotten to use Lightning on Moscow and I'm stuck with 4 odd Lightnings until Hong Kong.

Especially bad with Mr. Grimm, who has a small weapon Inventory space. Easy to see, and to use, Simply point the way you want to fire it, and fire. It makes your target burn too, and they lose quite a lot of health. So will you if you go in it. Luckily, a quick burst of Turbo or a dip in water puts out flames. See the code below for Homing Napalm. Simply drop it somewhere, and press fire again to detonate it. It harms you, and flings loads of enemies in the air at once if they're all caught in the blast.

Good for a follow-up after you freeze someone. When the bounce, get 'em again! Using Remote Bombs you can do some high jumping of your own, like jumping the fence around LA, getting ontop of the temples in Amazonia, and even Remote Bombing your way ontop of the Green Glass building in 2P which is normally closed. Essential for slow fighters to gain a bit of speed, and excellent for fast fighters to reach their top-speed for a fast getaway.

Turbo also puts out fire, so turboing through it is a safe bet. A quick burst puts it out, so don't go mad on them. You get 10 units of turbo for each pick-up, and each unit lasts for about 2 seconds. A quick burst can also get you up to speed reasonably fast. Use wisely, and don't risk your neck trying to get more, as your enemies will be forever in your face if you do. They are now easier to see, and boy will you need them: Their are two kinds, a total recharge, and a partial one. Again, memory will help you out here.

In the centre of the pad in the centre of the level In the centre of the pad in a red beam on the upper-level. At the top of the bowl Total Recharge: In one of the corners on the lower level of the Louvre On top of the roof next to Eiffel Tower ramp On top of the roof near the Louvre Above one of the fountains next to the Eiffel Tower Total Recharge: On the teleport island On the silver bridge On the right hand side in temple with two doors Total Recharge: In the big yellow lights ontop of the jagged roof In the swimming pool Total Recharge: On one of the red ramps On one of the ramps in the middle ravine In the centre of a square hole in an ice structure On top of the large white bridge structure Total Recharge: In a haystack opposite the windmill in the long grass In a haystack near a windmill Next to a windmill Total Recharge: In a parked cab near the docks Down the dead-end near the docks Down the dead-end on the same road as the above In the crossroads opposite the temple on the docks In the subway tunnel Total Recharge: In Glass Pyramid Renews very.

Outside of the First Church of Cyburbia near the school. There are quite a lot of undocumented controls which it does'nt mention, which is what this bit is about. Pretty useless, but OK if you're bored and want to play with any old player while you wait for your girlfriend's knock on your door: To toggle it on and off, hold Select and press Left. By default it is turned on. Every car has a different coloured dot. Roadkill and Minion have a red and a dark grey dot respectively. This gives you a rear-view mirror, so you can see behind you.

By default it is turned off.

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To change your perspective of it, hold Select, and press Up to cycle through the views available SingleTrac have got rid of the in-car view from the first, which is a bit of a shame, as it gave you a real sense of speed. This is the default, it gives you a close up tailing view of your car. You can have the rear-view mirror on here. This is often the first choice of many fighters. Second, we have a a far away tailing view of you car.

You can have the rear-view mirror on here too. Third, we have a high up view of your car. You can see almost everything infront of you from a distance. The rear-view mirror turns itself off as you switch to this. If you drive into a building, it switches automatically back to the default view.

I've noticed a bug about this See 5. The Helicopter View is now an option, as in Twisted Metal 1 you had to use a code. Hold Select and press Down.

Jamie Roberts

Your energy bar holds about 47 points, and its color is very helpful: Green means points, Yellow means points, and Red means points. The Advance Attack energy was estimated using pixels, and is for the most part accurate. Damage, however, was calculated using quarter-inch units on a light armor character, Mr.

The numbers show more of a relative difference between attacks rather than exact damage amounts. Of course, an attack on Mr. Grimm will end up causing more energy loss than one on Minion. However, I didn't want to lose my eye sight counting pixels of damage. Plus it was really frustrating. Just for reference, Mr. Grimm can sustain about 20 points of damage. Attacks are arranged in a general order of usefulness. They are completely vulnerable and can't break out of the ice, unlike TM1.

It also causes slight damage. A basic combo is to ice someone and follow up with your special. Ice will melt after about 4 seconds.

It explodes on impact for some good damage and also sets the enemy car on fire, draining even more energy. A Napalm blast will stay burning for about 5 seconds. It only lasts three seconds and uses a lot of energy, but vehicles with little armor can use this to be even stronger. Even though the Shield stops actual damage, you still get knocked away from richocet bombs and some specials.

Don't assume you're safe in New York if you put up a Shield. Unless you have a good homing weapon, you could easily miss. One benefit is that it doesn't use ANY advance attack energy. This attack gives cars with weak specials an extra gun for thier arsenal.

Something I've observed in 2P is that most of my opponents lose and use "Damn it, Minion's special won't work". They are also good for enemies on your tail.

You can try to drop them near the edges of cliffs, but enemies probably won't hit them since they disappear after 15 seconds. When combined with Remote Bombs, carnage insues. The docks in Hong Kong can be used well with a combo of mines and specials as anyone fence jumping will end up dead in the water! Especially good for reaching 'safe' spots in New York and Paris. It lasts for 4 seconds, but anyone with a radar, including the CPU, still knows where you are. See Bugs for some strange gaming effects.

This only works if no weapons are highlighted. There is a small window where no weapon is selected. You can enter the code in there and it will still work. A good idea is to keep only 1 fire missle so you can access the rear-ice in an emergency. Large characters can be easily punished by Napalm shots. Just stand right next to them, release the Napalm, and it will hit them on the way up. Homing Napalm is especially good for this. The most effective way to get rid of flames on your car is to use a quick burst of turbo.

Activating your Shield and driving into water also puts out the flames. On the other hand, Ice doesn't put out flames??? In the swimming pool in New York, you can Napalm someone under water??? After you use Napalm try to Ice the person again and wait for the flames to die out on thier own before attacking.

To turn around on a slope without moving or getting your directions messed up, press brake while you turn. This comes in handy in the Hong Kong subway. Some CPU cars just love to ram you. Axel, Grasshopper with her specialand Mr. Slam are just a few. You can use this behavior to your advantage in cliff levels. Just wait near an edge, jump and turbo away, and the other car will often go plummeting over the edge. This can be simpler or faster than using weapons or mines. Watch out though, as Mr.

On Hard mode, you haven't got a chance.