True life im in a mixed weight relationship

Get ready! True Life: I'm in a Mixed Weight Relationship premieres on MTV at 11/10c!

true life im in a mixed weight relationship

Why The Term 'Mixed Weight Relationship' Is Coming In For Criticism Online before adding that “true love” doesn't see size. Latest News. Charlotte Crosby Is Considering A Major Life Change In Life. Halsey Responds To Buzzfeed Article About Her Sexuality: 'Sorry I'm Not Gay Enough For You'. Get ready! True Life: I'm in a Mixed Weight Relationship premieres on MTV at 11/ 10c! True Life is on Facebook. To connect with True Life, join Facebook today. It's a relief to know that other mixed-weight couples are going I'm short and stocky and apple-bodied and endomorphic and always will be.

Simon, at 6 feet, struggles to maintain pounds. He has the body of a runway model: Absolutely anything can make him accidentally lose 10 pounds: Simon bit his lip for a long time when my weight started exploding in We were both working long hours and getting takeout for dinner a lot. On the weekends, we met up with friends at restaurants and enjoyed big Buca di Beppo dinners with his family. Of course, nothing about our lifestyle was showing on Simon's body, but it was wreaking havoc on mine.

I got stretch marks on my stomach and I'd never even been pregnant. The clothes I had bought during a triumphant shopping spree before the wedding no longer fit.

The honeymoon was definitely over and so was my strict diet and exercise regimen. Two and a half years post-wedding, I was the largest I'd ever been -- and it was starting to get to Simon. For a while, our fights went something like this: Do you feel like dessert?

You know, not every meal has to be a special meal.

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I'm probably being unfair here. In fact, I know I'm being unfair. Because for every time Simon has accidentally made me feel like shit about what I eat in public, there is another time I've convinced him that spending money on Weight Watchers or a gym membership or NutriSystem or a personal trainer or an Atkins book or a spinning class package would put an end to my complaints about my weight.

For every time Simon has nagged about carb counts, I've seized draconian control over our grocery list and what we put in our mouths. Farmer's market vegetables every week!

Every meal must be 40 percent protein! No more supermarket sushi! Sometimes he teased me about the "enormous sacrifice" he was making because we didn't have any junk food or chocolate in the house because of whatever diet I was on at the time.

true life im in a mixed weight relationship

I'd roll my eyes at his theatrics. But little did he know that for a while last year, I would go to Target on the days I knew he wouldn't be home until late. It felt like cheating -- especially when I would act astonished, just astonished!

He was carrying my pain with me when I hit roadblock after roadblock, but I was never completely truthful with him about the steps I was and wasn't taking to reach my goal. Eventually the half-truths and disappointment were too much to bear, and in late I decided that enough was enough. Now, I didn't have the kind of breakthrough Al Roker had he described his point of no return as "it clicked for me".

Instead, I decided I was over all the dieting and bingeing drama, that I loved our life together, I loved my job and myself and I was happy.

If I lost weight, great. If I stayed heavy, so be it. That led to our worst fight ever over my weight. Because my doctor wants me to lose weight.

Because obesity is linked to a lot of diseases. Because my Dad is pre-diabetic. Because being fat makes future conception and pregnancy difficult.

true life im in a mixed weight relationship

Because he loves me and he doesn't want to see me unhappy anymore. I knew all these things, but I still flew into a sobbing rage and walked out of the apartment -- an alarming escalation of our usually quiet and weepy fights. One focused on the anti-gay hate crime that took the life of Matthew Shepard that year. The show marked an important foray into long-form reporting for the network.

We also asked about their experiences on the show, its cultural significance, where it succeeded, and where it fell short. I got out of New York City barely alive, you know, from just destroying my body through drugs, alcohol and all of that.

And I got back to my little hometown in Pennsylvania. I sent it, not really thinking anything about it. It was just therapeutic for me to even type things out, because it was so raw, I was so in it, and I felt so alone. I probably would have been embarrassed or wanted to move on with my life. A huge turning point in my life was agreeing to have MTV film my life and come to Pennsylvania — come to the hospital with me.

The first time I saw my brain image was the first time the viewers did, too, because everything was recorded as it was happening. Sharing that dark side of your life that most people hide taught me to be honest about myself.

What it’s like being in a ‘mixed-weight relationship’

So when that happened, my office was destroyed and we lost over 80 clients in the attack — I was a dental hygienist in Manhattan. So many women reached out to say they were living double lives, too. I obviously won the Anna Nicole contest that day and that got me booked at parties around the country. Someone from MTV noticed me there and thought my story was interesting. You can follow her on Instagram here. My initial interactions with media — including MTV — pretty much soured my view of the media as a whole.

He began to look like this unattainable icon or whatever people, maybe, needed Matt to be.

true life im in a mixed weight relationship

He was a human being. He was a person with flaws, and it was critical to us that that be known.

Why The Term ‘Mixed Weight Relationship’ Is Coming In For Criticism Online | MTV UK

And when the people who made the documentary started shopping it around, MTV was more interested in the weightlifting aspect and the fact that I was larger.

But then, from there, they bought it and turned it into what it was.

true life im in a mixed weight relationship

Overall, the feedback was definitely good. We changed the world somehow -- a little bit of it, but we changed it. It was something I never expected: But basically, someone had smuggled him a copy of our episode because he was a big Star Wars fan.

He mentioned that where he was living, he could be killed or beaten for watching this stuff, but he watched and he was contacting me to let me know how awesome it was. He said he watched the episode and changed his mind. Because he saw hope.