Summer glau thomas dekker relationship

Summer Glau and Thomas Dekker share a Jameron moment - TSCC - 4 July - Blog -

summer glau thomas dekker relationship

TERMINATOR'S SUMMER GLAU AND THOMAS DEKKER for John and Derek to forge this kind of great [relationship] – his one chance at a. 16 SUMMER GLAU DIDN'T WANT TO AUDITION FOR THE ROLE . 9 THOMAS DEKKER LEAKED THE RETURN OF SARAH CONNOR . It's a simple connection that really ties it all together, seeing as both women took on. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Thomas Dekker & Summer to the notion that Dekker and Glau have any relationship outside of the.

summer glau thomas dekker relationship

I take her [makes a hugging motion], I personally kind of took that to be he realized that she's really hurting and not in a good place. And he kind of went back to her side. I don't even know if that was the writers' intention, but I kind of ran with that, and I sort of played it for the next few episodes, him being more on her side.

So they've ended up writing that back in. There's still a major friction, because it's been a very difficult time, I think they're closer. I think also it seemed like John was fighting what's inevitable about his future, that he's destined to lead the rebellion against the machines in the future.

Thomas Dekker & Summer Glau in Love? - Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Well, I think also he was particularly fighting the inevitability of his future in the first season. I think once he killed this man and he left high school, he kind of decided that this is what he had to do and he had to step up to it, but I think in a way that made him angry at people who reminded him of his feelings. Which was, like, his mom and his uncle.

summer glau thomas dekker relationship

Whereas Cameron [Summer Glau] doesn't. Maybe she reminds him of his attraction to her, but that's all under the rug anyway, so Is any of that going to happen?

summer glau thomas dekker relationship

Have you developed that at all this season? In a very surprising way. But we haven't even shot that yet. But I know it's coming. So I'm excited to get back to shooting. The show was doing a lot of doing shooting stuff in the future. We're going to see more of that? I think that that's inevitable, you know what I mean? You can't sort of toss it in, Are we going to see a lot more cyborgs coming back or a lot more people?

Thomas Dekker (actor)

It seems like there's a revolving door on the time machine. I think that the writers are tired of that. I think that initially, when we started the second season, kind of one of the requests of sort of the powers that be was that we did more singular episodes, less serialized. That's why they invented the wall with all the names on it, so that we would be able to do a mission an episode. But that involved a lot of Terminators coming back, and to me that's always irritated our writers.

And now they have permission to be more serialized again, and more science fiction, so that's happening less. Judgement Day would make an appearance and undertake a large role in the resistance fight against Skynet and the machines. If you recall the character Miles Bennett Dyson from the movie, you may remember his son, Danny.

summer glau thomas dekker relationship

Danny appeared in several scenes throughout the series, but was set to return in a larger role in the future events of season three. In Genisys, Dyson was one of the principal technicians behind the Genisys project that hid the Skynet. It's a nice homage to the man who started it all, and even though James Cameron isn't a fan of the series, we're sure that he at least appreciated the nod.

The chip was carried into the future by John Henry and there was meant to be a sort of "love triangle" going on in the future between John, Cameron or at least her AIand the woman her body was based on, Allison.

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There are images of her with just a torso and the familiar red eye. However, initially this was kept quiet. In an interview where she was promotingHeadey accidentally leaked the fact that Glau was playing a Terminator.