Star trek catspaw ending a relationship

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star trek catspaw ending a relationship

Catspaw. By Michelle Erica Green Posted at February 3, - PM GMT to miss the puppet strings that animate the insectlike Sylvia and Korob at the end. ) DeForest It's hard to tell exactly what to make of the relationship between Korob and Sylvia. Star Trek and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc. It's a rare, Halloween themed episode of Star Trek with some fun and the Enterprise in orbit and leaving for parts unknown at the end, most of. Star Trek Beyond is bursting with references to Trek's past. Leaving out the Kelvin Timeline entries - that means the J.J. Even Kirk gets in on the action in " Catspaw," the very silly Halloween episode: . when Krall has already come up against Kirk multiple times, their relationship starts to get personal.

He has plenty of opportunities to rescue the Enterprise crew and get Kirk out of his hair before he decides that he must intervene in Sylvia's plans, even though he's already told her that she's violating the very reasons they have come to study this galaxy.

If only we had some backstory! How many other planets have these aliens visited? Are Korob and Sylvia long-term partners or is this a relatively recent development? If the transmuter can convince Scotty that he wants to obey Sylvia, how come it can't convince Kirk that he loves her?

Why kill a crewmember just to send a message in the mouth of a dead man - Sylvia hadn't yet killed, so she hadn't yet acquired a taste for killing - when there are so many ways they could have scared the crew without resorting to murder, which they must have been able to tell even from subconscious thoughts would arouse the crew's interest and suspicion?

Did Sylvia specifically want to attract more people down to the surface? Visually the gimmicks are cheap but fun; my kids were amused by the black cat who sounds at all times like she needs to be fed, and the crew makes entertaining faces provided first with what looks like the start-of-term feast from Harry Potter that magically appears on the tables, then the plates of gemstones that replace it.

star trek catspaw ending a relationship

There are fun pervy images for adult pervy fans - the dungeon, the iron maiden - and conversation about all the things that make Fundamentalists go berserk, like animal familiars sent by Satan to aid warlocks and witches who use their ability to take on sexual personae to lead good men astray.

Then, when she realizes that Kirk's kisses are all for show, "There is no fire in your mind! Of course, he already experienced that scenario, or rather, he's going to, depending on how you look at the timeline.

See list item number four for details of the original Spock and McCoy merger. In addition, we know that the transporter DID once splice together an unlikely duo.

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In the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Tuvix," Tuvok and Neelix were accidentally fused into one being due to a transporter accident.

Tuvix retained elements of both of their characteristics but in the fusion, he became a new person entirely, with his own sense of self and and a desire to continue his existence. This led to a huge moral dilemma about whether or not it was right to kill Tuvix, a unique life form, in order to get Tuvok and Neelix back. Janeway had to make the hard choice, as always, and she wrestled with it, but ultimately decided it was her only real option.

So, the splicing thing? He's tired, he feels a little lost, and the idea of being in one place has some appeal.

star trek catspaw ending a relationship

He talks to Commodore Paris about a Vice Admiral position, which seems a little premature given that he hasn't even completed his five-year mission yet, but she's open to the idea and agrees to discuss it with Starfleet. By the end of the movie, he's changed his mind, and heads off happily anticipating new danger and adventure and for us, Star Trek 4.

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Don't let them transfer you. Don't let them do anything that takes you off the bridge of that ship, because while you're there, you can make a difference.

He needs that ship to feel like he's making a difference. He also likes to have a good time, which is why New Kirk asks if there's any flying when you're a Vice Admiral. When he's told no, he asks, with a grin, "Where's the fun in that?

star trek catspaw ending a relationship

Sounds silly, but we loved when Scotty mentioned this as one of the perils of outer space. That throwaway comment of his is a reference to one of the worst SFX moments from the original series. In the episode "Who Mourns for Adonais? They get the message: Kirk and a team beam down to the planet to see what he wants from them.

Spock, however, isn't invited, as he reminds Apollo of Pan.

star trek catspaw ending a relationship

Apollo's demands are simple: When that doesn't work out, he spreads himself across the wind like the other Greek gods, while Lieutenant Carolyn Palamas cries. Kirk gets his by a wave of remorse once the whole thing is over, and wonders aloud if it would have hurt them so much to gather a few laurel leaves.

Star Trek Beyond premiered on July 22nd, She admits that she thought of Jackson in her mind, and when she killed the image and knew it was dead, so was the real Jackson.

A small model of the Enterprise, held in the flame of a candle — and the real ship, orbiting above, begins to grow hot.

Star Trek Catspaw

Chekov reports to DeSalle that the temperature has jumped sixty degrees in just thirty seconds. When he suggests that landing parties will soon appear, Korob seals the model in a block — and above, the ship is suddenly surrounded by a force field unlike anything ever encountered, a field that doesn't come from anywhere, but just… is.

On the Enterprise, Chekov cannot analyze it.

star trek catspaw ending a relationship

DeSalle orders Chekov to attempt to puncture the force field. Kirk and Spock are returned to the dungeon, while McCoy remains with Sylvia, who intends to question him.

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Kirk and Spock spend some time speculating about Sylvia and Korob, and Kirk decides they must be stopped. Their questions and interest seems to him a little too sinister. McCoy eventually returns, though he has been taken control of by Sylvia. He, Sulu, and Scott take Kirk to Sylvia. Meanwhile, Sylvia and Korob argue. Sylvia likes her new sensations, and it's obvious that the interest goes further than their original plan. Wherever these aliens call home, they have nothing like them — and she intends to remain here.

Korob reminds her they have a duty to the Old Onesa fact she considers unimportant in light of her new infatuation.

Kirk is returned to Sylvia's presence, where he learns she is infatuated with him, as well. She reveals her plan: But Kirk is using her, gaining answers through manipulation.