Soul connection heart of relationship

Heart Connections, Soul-Mates, Love ~ Happy Relationships Series – *Positive Provocations*

soul connection heart of relationship

My roommate, my best friend, my sister. So many people are ending relationships with an individual whom they thought was their “soul mate”. There are many kinds of soul connections we can have with people. .. about a return to a romantic relationship with him I feel it in my chest, not in my heart. This is why we say embrace your relationships, all of them, as they are truly assisting you to strengthen your own soul connection, in living as your Soul, spinning.

As I connect with each individual, we exchange the energies that influence the life path, the choices in partners, lessons in love, and explore spiritual imbalances that need to be realigned. This is a sacred connection that I treasure and consider as more of a spiritual counseling. From the time I could read romance novels which was when I was about 13, with raging hormones and innocence, I often thought of a soul mate as only a lover and nothing more.

But in time, with learning, and experience my definition of my soul mates has evolved. The problem most of the time, is our sense of expectation of what a soul mate is supposed to be. The normal definition that we are fed with through romance novels truly does not do this beautifully divine connection any justice.

soul connection heart of relationship

We each have numerous Soul Mates who take on various forms as we walk through our life time. We may re-encounter them as Lovers, Friendsand Family Members and even as Pets and Nature butterflies, fish, flowers. The most important factor is the deep emotional bond we share with each Soul and the ensuing life lessons that we will learn while we encounter them.

soul connection heart of relationship

What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined for life? That kind of bond never breaks.

Soul Relationships and Physical Relationships

No amount of time, distance or indifference can deteriorate that bond. Infact, in most cases, the distance, the time and the indifference actually deepens the bond of the soul.

How do I know who is my soul mate?

soul connection heart of relationship

Here are a few signs of a true soul mate: But, it simply means we know intuitively that we can resolve issues with our soul mate without losing his or her love and respect. The right soul mate infact brings out the best in you, without even trying too hard. Fall a bit, heal a bit, learn a bit but Never stop looking for love.

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So long as you are in the process of loving with all your heart, the search will provide for you answers in the many souls you encounter on the way. Similarly, with relationships that have a strong negative component, whether familial or introduced by external circumstance into our life.

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Souls never come together as souls to harm each other. They always come together in order to further each other's learning on the level of the heart and spirit. No matter who we encounter in life, especially in the context of a long-term connection, the other soul is crossing our path in order to convey something that we have chosen to learn. What this is, involves the mystery of embodied experience and can shape the course of a lifetime. Suffice it to say that, often, the direction we think things should go in with another does not become the direction that they actually go in.

This is not because the inner connection is not there or is faulty, but because the point of meeting with another brings into awareness for each participant the portion of meaning they are capable of holding in the present, and what is true within the perception of one person may not be true for the other.

soul connection heart of relationship

Souls, in their desire and capacity to help each other, may also choose periods of time apart from each other. Sometimes the separation is what is needed in order to further the relationship. Sometimes the learning that takes place can only take place with periodic or intermittent contact with another. In addition, there are many levels of meeting or contact between souls. Souls have the capacity of meeting not just on the physical plane, but on the plane of dreams which, for many, involves actual meetings that are conducted within the energy-body while asleep.

The kind of communication and support that can take place through these non-physical meetings can be quite significant. They can further or continue a relationship, even where one participant has left their body through death.

soul connection heart of relationship

This is because those who have departed are still connected with us as souls, and can choose, for various reasons, to meet us within our energy or dream bodies while asleep so that we may share further experience as part of an ongoing relationship.

Where souls are meeting primarily in the dream body as opposed to the physical body, it can happen either because the inner directives of one soul have caused them to depart from the physical plane while the other remains. Or, it can be caused by limitations on the level of the personality that prevent a soul from acknowledging the connection with another due to defensiveness, fear, or simply to a lack of awareness within the existing personality.

And so the inner connection is maintained when the personality has less say over making contact, generally at night, but sometimes also during the day.