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the quest where you retrieve an artifact and bring it to Scribe Haylen. It seems that now my relationship with the brotherhood is stuck with. Scribe Haylen, registration HNFS, is a field scribe of the Brotherhood of Steel , living in the Cambridge Police Station in Sometime after the. I found the quest where you retrieve an artifact and bring it to Scribe Haylen. It seems that now my relationship with the brotherhood is stuck with this one.

The reason Rhys does not like you becomes clear if you choose to join the Brotherhood of Steel as Paladin Danse promotes you to the rank of Knight straight away, going against the idea of working your way up the ranks, which Rhys would almost certainly have had to do.

Therefore seeing your character flitting up the ranks would doubtlessly question the system of the organisation he has effectively given everything up for. When you follow a military distress signal you come across Danse trying to fight off a pack of ghouls with other members of his team lying injured. If you help him defend Cambridge Police Station, Danse offers you to accompany him on some other missions and then eventually to join the Brotherhood. On a mission with Danse you find out his stance on synthetic humans synthsDanse views synths as an abomination that needs to be destroyed.

Still if you do join the Brotherhood, Paladin Danse personally vouches for you and you are immediately promoted to the rank of Knight, which grants you your own set of T power armour. Despite his adverse view on synths, Danse appears to be a character that is free from conflict, just heavily dedicated to the cause of the BOS. If you as a player decide that you agree with his views, then he could prove to be a valuable companion, that is if you can bear to get rid of Dogmeat!

Once aboard this ship you are debriefed by Elder Maxson, who is the leader of this division of the BOS. His view on synths are very much the same as Paladin Danse, the synths are unnatural and therefore need to be destroyed as they could pose a threat to the Brotherhood and the population of the Commonwealth. The intentions of the Brotherhood appear to be slightly more sinister than they first appear however when Maxson gives you the mission of persuading an Institute scientist to rejoin the BOS after an argument prompted to leave her post on a research project.

Maxson admits in discussion that this project was developing some sort of nuclear weapon and that the scientist is the key for getting the project back on track again. Although the BOS appear to want to protect the people of the Commonwealth, it appears as though they may be creating weaponry that will just put them in danger all over again. Once you join the Brotherhood of Steel, you are effectively pledging allegiance to their cause of eliminating the Institute.


The mentality of this organisation appears to be quite brutal with their goal only to destroy all synths, not to try and understand the reasons behind their creation. Danse, saddened to discover his friend had been mutated, killed Cutler. The experience incited an intense hatred in Danse of most non-humans including super mutants, ghoulsand synths. He was assigned a reconnaissance team and dispatched to the Commonwealth to investigate the Institutebut misfortune quickly reduced their force to three survivors.

When the Sole Survivor first encounters Paladin Danse, he and what's left of his squad are holed up in Cambridge Police Stationunable to proceed with their mission.

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Danse enlists the aid of the Survivor to help retrieve an item from the nearby ArcJet Systems complex. Afterward, he offers the Survivor the rank of Initiate in the Brotherhood of Steel, should they wish to join. Danse becomes a full companion following Shadow of Steel provided the Survivor enlists with the Brotherhood.

He is fiercely loyal to the order and travels with the Survivor to ensure their ideals are being upheld. As their relationship develops Danse confesses to being burdened by the losses of colleagues, friends, and mentors killed by the many horrors of the wasteland. Unwilling to let their sacrifices be for naught, he asserts the Institute and its synths must be eradicated for the safety of mankind.

He believes synths are the embodiment of technology spiraling out of control, and their existence could bring about the end of humanity. As the main story progresses the Sole Survivor will have an opportunity to hack into the Institute's mainframe.

Should they provide the Brotherhood with a copy of this data it is confirmed through DNA that Paladin Danse himself is a synth. Outraged by the infiltration of his inner circle, Elder Maxson orders the Survivor to track Danse down and execute him. Once located, a suicidal Danse is adamant he did not know he was a synth.