Saudi qatar relationship with us

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saudi qatar relationship with us

Qatar's decision to aid Turkey in the face of American sanctions against the country Why is Qatar willing to risk its close relationship with the U.S.? When fellow Gulf Cooperation Council states Saudi Arabia and the United. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic and trade ties The incident came just two days after US President Donald Trump met Arab and announcing the severing of diplomatic relations with Qatar. U.S. President Donald J. Trump walks with Saudi King Salman at a . for launching a regional blockade of Qatar and ordering a corruption.

Similar amounts were expected to be spent by Saudi Arabia. Unlike other countries that were continuing lobbying efforts that existed before the crisis, such as the UAE, Riyadh and Doha are widely recognized to have upped their PR efforts before or in the lead-up to the crisis.

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Ad campaigns on channels like CNN were canceled out by counter-ads on the same channels. Qatar has been able to portray such allegations as merely part of a paid effort by the Saudi side. The first development was that Qatar, for reasons unrelated to the blockade, became less involved with extremist groups in Syria.

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With the Syrian government gaining momentum in the civil war, there was less incentive for Doha to support rebel groups such as Ahrar al-Sham in the north. In the interim, Turkey has instead become their main sponsor. The second parallel development was the rise of Mohammed bin Salman, who became the Saudi crown prince less than three weeks into the Qatar crisis.

saudi qatar relationship with us

This dynamic directly benefited Qatar, as criticism of the Saudi leader increasingly overshadowed other regional issues. He was blamed in the West, and in the wider Middle East, for the Yemen war, because it was launched almost exactly two months after he was appointed minister of defense in January A similar dynamic took place with the Saudi-led rapprochement with Israel, for example.

Qatar–Saudi Arabia relations

The perception that Saudi Arabia and its allies were getting closer to Israel preceded the Qatar crisis and had been seen as part of a regional consensus against Iran. Both countries were staunch critics of Ayatollah Khomeini 's Iran regime and Israel. Relations between the two countries have historically been turbulent due to disagreements over the rightful ownership of several territories.

In the s, the Saudis were responsible for mediating a dispute between the two over Zubarah 's ownership, being preferred over the British.

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However, the Saudis efforts did not result in any tangible results, and Qatari-Bahraini territorial disputes were referred to the International Court of Justice in Qatar itself had often exiled its most powerful critics to Saudi Arabia. This was usually temporary, with the dissidents returning to Qatar after the Saudi government would negotiate resolutions between the two parties.

When Hamad bin Khalifa assumed power, Qatar was in a better position to chart its own path than any time prior because of the massive wealth it had gained from hydrocarbon extraction.

Among his early actions that the drew the ire of the Saudis were forming ties with Iran and Israel and establishing Al Jazeera in Qatari intelligence indicated that the masterminds behind the attempt were government officials from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. This approach broadly failed.

saudi qatar relationship with us

This was largely a result of Qatar's backing of Islamist groups, namely the Muslim Brotherhood. The overall objective was clear: The Arab Gulf can ill afford such a crisis.

Already coping with the demands of fragile states such as Yemen and Iraq as well as ongoing challenges posed by radical jihadist insurgents, there had been evident rapprochement and unity among the GCC states, Qatar included.

Qatar Won the Saudi Blockade

In this climate of apparent pragmatism, the move against Qatar blindsided observers. Indeed, in the early months of the crisis, more and more observers became convinced that Donald Trump had personally played a part in encouraging the move against Qatar. America drops the ball Trump may have thought that by siding against Qatar he was building influence and promoting US national security policy interests in the Middle East.