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The fourth and fifth season of the series, titled as Rockman EXE Beast EXE Beast used two pieces of theme music: a single opening and a single ending theme. .. In relation to the Mega Man Battle Network video games, Stream uses many. The MegaMan Battle Network series was selling millions of copies. Here's a quote from their Investors Relations website in Then apparently there are beast-like programs introduced to the lore that doesn't fit in . Of what I can recall, they ended EXE because they were moving on from the GBA to. The anime series, MegaMan NT Warrior, known as Rockman EXE in Japan, is produced by "Song of Victory") by Ryouta & Shinsaku and the ending theme is Ashiato (あしあと, lit. . EraseMan is operated by the enigmatic boy named Dark Scythe who seems to have a connection to the Beyondard alternate of Maysa.

Agony of the Feet: The female Jerkass in Episode 3 causes this by angrily kicking against a pole. Severalall well loved by the fans.

Alternative Foreign Theme Song: The German version plays with this, re-dubbing the English anime well, they did that for the Ruby Spears cartoon. Still, they took the original English theme and gave it actual music, which is an all-around improvement.


Hikawa Tohru Tory Froid in the games was a satellite character with a generic sprite. In the anime, he had an original design, was IceMan's operator instead of his father, and became part of The Team.

And then this was downplayed in Axess, where he was relegated to "recurring character" status with Ms. Mari and Rush to be fair, Dex and Yai were so completely Demoted to Extra that they left the main cast entirelybut by Stream he was demoted even further to just occasional appearances. A random virus in the games; Roll's pet in the anime, though rather independent. After a straight two-seasons of anime without a hint of her in sight, everyone was surprised to find Mari's twin sister Yuri as an Unexpected Character in Axess.

Still less were they expecting her to be The Dragonor a member of the squad in Stream. And of course Mr. Famous, who only appeared about 3 times in season 1, though always in a plot important role who starting with Axess more or less appeared in every episode as Lan's Net Savior backup.

Also from Axess on, Raika, who was one of the many possible scenarios in the 4th game and the second to last Team ProtoMan member acquired in the 5th.

In the anime he becomes a member of the main cast, more involved in the plot than just about any other character from the same games, barring the ones that were already main characters.

Heck, by Stream he'd gotten more focus than most of them! The anime seemed to pick one character from each game and give them more than their share of screentime.

For 5 it was Dingo, who becomes a regular instead of a recurring character like everyone else and remains so for Beast, even though most of the other characters from his debut game had left the show at that point. He even gets to go to Beyondard while characters like Dex and Yai have to stay behind. For 6 it was Pat Fahran who followed the team around Beyondard til they left unlike everyone else who was a one episode character. Mayl and Roll were heroes already, but they increased in badass in the show.

Madd nearly kills Mayl in an urban terrorism attack and ColorMan spends some time torturing Roll, even making it into the semi-finals of the tournament and becomes an unstoppable force when corrupted.

She still helped in season 2 and didn't do much in Axess, but in Stream, she and Roll actually managed to Cross Fuse. And they said anime girls couldn't be badass. Higsby was a member of WWW in the first game.

Here, he wouldn't even want to be associated with them. It's easy to forget that he used to be a WWW member in the games since the other members are closer to each other in this adaptation while he hangs out with the main cast. Masa, Miyu, and Sal were optional bosses but had little to do with the plot and its going-ons.

In the show, they're awesome Net Agents, and during the first series, they had a lot of awesome moments and Big Damn Heroes moments too. Even in the second series, after most of the cast were Demoted to Extrathey had a brief return and they were awesome. Plus in Beast, they had their own Beyondard counterparts who were heroic like them.

The plot of Axess forgot to really include him and he was banished at the beginning of Stream until The Movie brought him back to play Anti-Villain.

He disappeared again until the finale of Stream, for his last act in the series — completely vanquishing Invincible Villain Slur in a Curb-Stomp Battle. Lan, Mayl, Dex and Chisao in episode 54 following their overeating misadventures. Tends to show up whenever somebody eats a whole hell of a lot; various instances abound throughout the whole series, especially with Dex.

A later filler episode in the second season has Lan and company going out of their way to cheer up Kyuuta Hoshida, a One-Shot Character.

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For some reason it wasn't dubbed. Asteroid NetNavis can translate their power into the Real World with devastating ease.

They are also used for some of the most hideously banal things in the history of superpowers Asteroid PlantMan helps his chosen Operator avoid having to eat his vegetables GravityMan is used by a pair of lowlife crooks to give Manabe weight issues. They went so far as to have Gravity Man drag a submarine down to the bottom of the ocean in the plot — again, to give Manabe weight issues. Oddly, ShadeMan is this. When his minions fail, he simply gives their chance to someone else, never destroys able Darkloids, and he lets BubbleMan, the most incompetent, annoying Darkloid ever follow him around like he's his older brother.

Lan, on MegaMan's deletion in episode Used to convince the cast that Masa is not Commander Beef. When MegaMan battles with them, the infant's power combines with his own, and MegaMan defeats the beasts using two new styles modeled after the beasts. The Zoanoroids claim to descend from a world called "Beyondard. Lan and Chaud learn of this and assist Famous in Makoto's rescue, but not before a truck-load of CopyBots are delivered to the Falzar army.

Meanwhile Trill "grows" and acquires the ability to speak after a long sleep. The ship is being controlled by Zoano FlameMan who plans to use it to destroy a warehouse on an island where Falzar's CopyBots are being held. MegaMan battles with FlameMan, but Trill, who is insistent on showing MegaMan that he is not afraid of ghosts, gets in the way.

However, the exhibit malfunctions and the children are chased by deformed zoo animals. The NetNavis are jacked in to stop the mess, but a crack in space is revealed, bringing prehistoric beast viruses from the world of Beyondard to threaten the heroes. There, he meets a mysterious young girl. MegaMan intervenes and transforms with Trill into the Gregar Style to defeat the Zoanoroids, but as a result, loses control of his body and escapes into NetCity.

Meanwhile, the mysterious girl appears before Lan asking of Trill before vanishing again. Later, a strange light forms over MegaMan, separating him from Trill before Trill also vanishes.

ProtoMan takes Trill back to MegaMan. Beast+ · AniList

Meanwhile, Zoano NumberMan appears and poses as Higsby's NumberMan in order to join his friends in visiting MegaMan who is still recovering from last episode's damages. When the real NumberMan arrives, the two begin to battle until the true NumberMan is revealed, and the impostor escapes.

FreezeMan was attempting to build a communication device for Falzar, and IceMan agrees to help retrieve it. When he returns, he finds FreezeMan in battle with StoneMan and attempts to protect his new friend, but FreezeMan sacrifices his own life to protect IceMan's. Both Zoanoroids fall, and IceMan builds a memorial grave for his deceased friend. Hikari who is performing a deep-sea investigation.

Hikari and Maylu underwater, threatening their lives if Trill isn't given up. Thus, everyone is saved, and Dr. Hikari and Maylu are returned from the depths of the ocean. MegaMan's friends battle with the Zoanoroids to protect Trill while Chaud tracks down Iris for answers. Iris and Trill descend from Beyondard, a world torn by the war between Gregar and Falzar, legendary cyber beasts.

The key to restoring Beyondard lies within Trill, the "Synchronizer. The heroes are overwhelmed by his power, but Iris's NetNavi is able to assist in the protection of Trill, and she carefully houses him within Iris's PET. However, upon appearing in the real world with a CopyBot, DarkMan captures Iris and uses a device that opens a portal to Beyondard in the real world, and Lan, Chaud, Raika, Dingo, and Maylu are transported there with him.

Meanwhile, the children awaken in Beyondard, a world where both human and cyber worlds are one, and NetNavis and viruses can interact with humans directly. Maylu and Chaud reunite, as do Dingo and Raika, but Lan is left alone.

He encounters Baryl and Colonel; they are Beyondard alternates of their original bodies and do not know Lan.