Relationship problems while pregnant

Love and Pregnancy: 5 Ways Pregnancy Will Change Your Relationship

relationship problems while pregnant

Focus on Your Relationship During Pregnancy. During says Mary Jo Rapini, a psychotherapist in Houston specializing in relationship issues. “I felt sick all day, every day during my pregnancy, which didn't really get Sometimes problems in a relationship can become overwhelming. Some of the most common problems that arise during pregnancy is lack of communication, distance, and intimacy troubles. They are relationship stressors but.

This happens when spouses fail to address the little problems and allow frustrations to build over time. Distance Distance is often caused by one of two things. Failing to communicate effectively causes distance by adding fuel to the fire. That gasoline is composed of unresolved issues, questions, frustration and misunderstandings. Fortunately, these elements can be cleared up if both parties take the steps to become effective communicators. A cycle of negative patterns yields a negative outcome.

As for need fulfillment, when emotional, intellectual and physical needs are not met, partners will start to drift. Dissatisfaction is kryptonite to a relationship. Intimacy Physical intimacy is also on the list of common marriage problems during pregnancy. Likely causes include existing tension between spouses as well as feeling undesirable and in some cases, fear.

We all know that intimacy goes out the window when communication is compromised and couples become distant. That is a given but pregnancy throws other curveballs. One of those curveballs is insecurity. Men may also avoid intimacy due to a fear of hurting the baby. All reasons are understandable but couples must maintain the passion. Sex is how mates stay physically and emotionally connected.

Resolving these common marriage problems during pregnancy Notice the pattern? Marital problems really have a domino effect. Fortunately, couples can stop these issues in their tracks. Lack of Communication Fixing communication requires time, understanding and support. Otherwise, you will never really know. Talking about problems seems easy enough but is often the hardest part.

This is where understanding and support come in. Talking openly and honestly requires a safe environment. Create an environment for openness and honesty start displaying yourself and viewing your partner as a confidant.

To achieve that dynamic, work on trust and understanding. These small edits in communication habits break down walls by making sure that both parties are heard, understood and feel supported.

There is no better time than a pregnancy to become more understanding and supportive. Fulfilling needs is really quite easy.

Couples tend to put less effort into doing sweet things for one another as time goes by. Make your mate a priority and start verbally expressing your love on a regular basis. Whether you are expecting a child or are 90 years old, this should never stop. Intellectual stimulation is also crucial. Share something about that book you just read, discuss the film you watched a few nights ago, talk current events, politics or crack a joke.

There is something so special about never knowing what witty thing your spouse is going to say next or how they will inspire you.

Overcoming Marriage Problems During Pregnancy

A partner that will make you think is a keeper. Or if you did, you may have thought he would change.

relationship problems while pregnant

Perhaps you thought he would be delighted the moment he knew you were pregnant. Maybe he felt you've left him with no choice.

relationship problems while pregnant

Why might he be behaving in such a 'selfish' way? He's fearful of the responsibility of having a child or another one. He's worried about finances: He's already self-conscious and is worried about being shown up in public as a failing dad.

He had a difficult childhood himself and doesn't want to risk putting his own children through a similar situation. He suffers from mental health problems and fears that he may pass that on to the child.

He is fearful about passing on a genetic condition common in his family. He suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and can't cope with the additional stress of having a child disrupt his routines and rituals. He fears having to compete with the child for your attention.

relationship problems while pregnant

He may be worried that he knows zilch about pregnancy, if this is his first baby. He may think he should know, and worries about being 'found out'. He may be completely at a loss about his role as a dad if this is his first child, particularly if he has grown up without a father, The pregnancy is ill-timed in his mind for whatever reason: He may be miffed about a lack of sex and intimacy. He may translate your preoccupation with the baby as you not loving him as much as you did before.

Or he may remember from a previous pregnancy how you seemed in his mind to be in a world of your own with little attention for him. You may be over the moon, but he may feel a failure. Perhaps he had plans to end the relationship. Or maybe he is having an affair. He feels ill-prepared for taking on increased responsibility for your other children.

He may have experienced your previous pregnancies and births as difficult, based on what you went through - whether that was a traumatic birth, post-natal depression or any other kind of problem. He's having an affair. A combination of any of the above. Now that I've given you a start, you may have some thoughts of your own about what the problem is and why he's being so off with you.

Once you can understand the root of the problem, you can both take steps to address it. Stressed by your husband?

relationship problems while pregnant

I can so understand that you feel alone and frightened about the future and depressed about your relationship. It's natural that you're now worried that you're going to be all by yourself; that giving birth is going to be tinged with sadness.

However, the more stressed and depressed you are, the worse your sleep pattern is going to be and the less resilient you'll be. Add to that your fluctuating hormone levels and you have a recipe for non-stop arguing.

Yes, you may think he's being unreasonable, but you need to take care not to be - however difficult or tempting that may be under the circumstances. I do really want you to read my pages on the signs of an abusive relationship though, because it's really important to me to know that you and your baby are safe.

I'm sure you're already aware how important it is that you look after yourself - not just with an eye on your physical well-being. It's just as important to care for your mental and emotional well-being too. Read on for my tips on how to deal with this problem What to do about it all?

It's always scary to realise your marriage is 'failing'. Of course the thought that your partner is rejecting it is horrible. So, what can you do?


There may be an underlying, undisclosed problem - particularly if there appears to be absolutely no logical sense to his argument. Also, he may not see it as 'cool' to discuss his fears, particularly now that you're more in need. However, you can only begin to address the problem when you know what it is. If you get the opportunity, discuss your thoughts on parenthood together Importantly, do this without any judgement, pointing the finger or criticising your partner in any way.

This is has to be a 'safe' conversation, you're giving your partner space to adapt themselves to the new reality. I know, you it's not what you have wanted! But, this is your new reality at the moment.

Talk to a trusted person Look for a wise, non-judgemental friend in your own environment to off-load and to get a different perspective. Once you start opening up to people about your despair, you may find some people's response disappointing.

relationship problems while pregnant

However, my clients so often commented that there were people they'd never expected it from who were hugely supportive. Learn to meditate You can only really problem-solve if you're calm. It will be of huge benefit to your baby too, and help you to stay calm and focussed during the delivery.

Continue to communicate respectfully Do it for yourself, at the very least - however difficult at this time. At least you go to bed at night with your dignity in tact.

Relationship problems during pregnancy? 20 Possible reasons. 15 Tips

I know, you should have been able to rely on your partner unconditionally, that is how it's supposed to be. However, now that you're in this situation, you've got to do 'whatever' to make it easier on yourself. That makes you very vulnerable, and don't forget - you can't change him anyway.

Some will be good with practical support, some with emotional support, while others will take your mind of your problems by making you laugh.