Relationship marketing videos for realtors

relationship marketing videos for realtors

Apr 15, See 12 outside-the-box creative real estate marketing ideas to grow brand garner you some new leads, and even provide a nice public relations boost. Develop a series of blog posts and/or videos that gives home buyers. Jul 14, What if you had an in house video dude? Talk about an ice breaker to relationship building! Don't market your business to Realtors, market. Aug 22, Real estate videos are a fantastic way to generate more leads and build trust- driven relationships in your community. In this article, I'm going to.

These videos will continue to market your brand years down the road. However, these luxury listings are a great source of inspiration. I always challenge myself to make the best product possible, and these should help you get ideas for things you can include in your other videos.

The sweeping shots and drone video footage make this walkthrough captivating.

relationship marketing videos for realtors

While you certainly will not have the budget or time to make a video like this for every listing, you can use some of the angles and ideas in your next video. The video tour is a great example of how you can incorporate closeup shots with panoramic views.

Real Estate Videos: 6 Killer Ideas And Marketing Strategies With Examples

Pay attention to how this video uses the features of the house. There is rarely a full shot of any room. Instead, they focus the camera on the features that make the property unique.

You can feature the entryway and special parts of every room. The quality of the video increases dramatically the further you get from simply panning the room. You have simple shots of the rooms and little detail is put into the work: As you can see, these videos took a long time to produce. But you can harvest ideas from them for your real estate videos.

Real Estate Video Marketing: 12 Ideas to Fuel Your Campaign (Even if You’re Not Spielberg)

These ideas will make everything you produce higher quality! I like to challenge myself to make every piece of content better in just one way. You should try that philosophy with your videos. Selling real estate is all about the relationship and trust. You can garner a lot of trust and start the relationship through video.

Plus, you stand a very good chance of these videos being found by searchers online. For example, look at this agent marketing themselves in the Chicago area as a luxury Realtor. This real estate video introduces a company. The video is rather simple, but look at this: The video shows up on the first page of a great keyword search! The other neat thing about this type of video is that it allows you to have permanent content.

10 Video Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

House walkthroughs have a very limited lifespan. I suggest making at least 3 videos introducing yourself and your team.

12 Real Estate Video Marketing Ideas

You can make these in different neighborhoods and settings to maximize the search terms you show up for. You can explain FAQ over video and then post them on your website. Sell That Neighborhood Through Real Estate Video The other angle you can take with evergreen real estate video is selling yourself as a neighborhood expert. They are buying the neighborhood.

Home Buyer Advice Videos The house buying process is not a simple one. At least, not for the inexperienced home buyer. Home Seller Advice Videos House sellers want to know the best way to present their house in online photos.

relationship marketing videos for realtors

Real Estate Whiteboard Videos The whiteboard video is for the coach, the person who enjoys illustrating ideas with a dry-erase marker in hand.

At Carrot, whiteboard videos are one of our closest companions. Trevor Mauch, our CEO, puts these together, teaching on topics that range from optimizing your marketing budget to website design.

6 Killer Real Estate Video Ideas And Marketing Strategies With Examples

As an example to inspire your own, though, this is one of our favorites: Download Your Strategy Guide! Client Testimonial Videos Most of you are probably utilizing testimonials on your website, but video testimonials pack an even stronger punch.

From real estate agent, Beverly Barnettthis video testimonial offers a relatable, authentic, and reassuring foundation upon which new clients can stand. Yours should do the same.

relationship marketing videos for realtors

Case Study Videos Everyone loves a good story. From the moment humans discovered fire, stories have inspired, evoked emotion, and driven decisions. As a real estate agent, case studies are just that: As you well know, selling your city is just as, if not more, important than selling a house.

Neighborhood videos are your way of helping prospects fall in love with wherever it is you buy and sell houses. Let this neighborhood overview video guide your own.

Community Events Videos Parties are the marketing of champions. Or, at least, upcoming events are. Use these videos to establish yourself as a friendly, interested, and involved real estate agent. Real Estate Year in Review Videos One of the beautiful parts about content is that it builds relationships.

Do your clients a favor, roll up your sleeves, and produce video updates of the housing market. Keep your presentation concise and easy-to-understand. Upload this content to your website monthly or whenever you feature a new update and keep an archive on your YouTube channel. No reason to hide it.