Relationship counseling toronto

relationship counseling toronto

Marriage counselling that Heals in Toronto, ON. Restore Your Relationship. Speak with the right marriage therapist in Toronto. Real help for issues like. KMA provides relationship counselling in Toronto for spouses, partners, families & friends. Let us help you create lasting relationships. Call !. Trying to find the best couples counselling in Toronto for you? Review your options: Couples therapy, pre marriage and relationship counselling in downtown.

With more than 5, animals, the Toronto Zoo displays different species. Marriage counselling has always been a staple source of strength for growing and struggling families. The collection ranges from glamorous platforms to chestnut-crushing clogs.

School children regularly visit the Ontario Science Centre where hands-on activities and displays for learning are always changing. The oldest summer fair in the world is held annually by the Canadian National Exhibition with attendances over 1. The historical Toronto Eaton Centre is a landmark and major shopping and tourist destination.

Timothy Eaton immigrated to Canada in from Ireland, and opened a four-storey retail store in which today has been partnered and redeveloped featuring a glass dome ceiling. Toronto represents sports to an all time high with hockey, baseball, lacrosse, basketball, football and soccer teams. While many different faiths comprise this great city, the most common religion is Christian. Marriage counselling aims to restore and heal wounds in your relationship with your husband or wife, creating a new journey of life and freedom together.

Horse racing is popular at Woodbine Race Track in Rexdale. According to Campaign, children and their families throughout Ontario live in poverty. Low income is often associated with mental disorders that can last a lifetime, including increased risk for suicide, substance abuse, mood disorders and anxiety.

If you or someone in your family suffers from mental health problems due to financial stress, you can find free information by calling the Ontario Mental Health Helpline at More specifically, Woodgreen targets individuals who suffer from problems due to poverty, social isolation and inadequate housing. The organization offers support counseling, housing and social groups to help individuals and families get back on their feet. Communicate at your best - Couples Counselling in Toronto: Effective communication is essential to creating and sustaining healthy partnerships.

The ability to communicate well - initiating a conversation and using phrasing, tone, facial expression and body language to convey a sensitive yet clear message - fosters emotional intimacy and helps to resolve existing as well as potential disagreements.

Interestingly, great communication is not just about speaking effectively. It's also very much about listening effectively. The ability to listen well - to offer your full attention, maintain eye contact, focus on the speaker's feelings, ask open-ended questions, request clarifying detail, repeat the words you believe you heard, acknowledge the intended message and refrain from interrupting - helps your loved one to feel heard, understood, validated and closer to you.

Often when listening skills improve partners feel more connected. Sometimes couples fear that talking about issues will lead to hurt feelings, guilt, defensiveness, conflict, disconnection and ultimately to rejection and abandonment. The truth is that when issues are avoided - rather than identified and discussed - resentment and frustration build, feelings of distrust and detachment grow, and interest in physical intimacy wanes.

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Why not allow a relationship therapist to coach you as well as facilitate your important conversations? Communicate at your best with the help of Toronto couples counselling. Review the couples' communication checklist. Couples counselling for better communication: Effective relational communication is multi-faceted - requiring self-awareness, honesty, courage, specific phrasing, paraphrasing, sensitivity, emotional presence, self-disclosure, permeability, responsiveness, compassionate curiosity, the ability to listen carefully while tolerating intense feelings, effective questioning, the capacity for empathy, and the use of a wide array of non-verbal modes of expression.

Therefore, these skills may take some time to master. Customizing tools and exercises to each couple's unique conversational dynamics, I support partners in better understanding one another and their relational patterns. If you are looking for customized communication skills coaching, please contact me. I encourage couples to discuss problems as they arise - to deliver messages calmly, truthfully, succinctly and with care.

Specific, heartfelt messages not only preserve feelings of goodwill but also build emotional connection. Among other important elements of relationship communication - such as active listening involving repetition and acknowledgment of what was said - I also encourage the use of "I" statements. You are always late You are a disappointment. Given that problems arise for every couple you might wonder whether a fulfilling connection is even possible. If your partnership suffering from growing pains?

It's best to get professional support before irreconcilable damage occurs. Did you know that your relationship can be a source of companionship, emotional support, physical intimacy and personal growth - even over the long run? Making a few adjustments - which take each other's feelings, concerns and needs into account - is a good place to start. Change might take a bit of work initially.

Your problems took awhile to develop. So, time and committed effort might be needed to achieve sustained change. Instead of trying to understand each other, most partners make accusations and get defensive. This is where the trouble begins. Difficult patterns evolve in all relationships. I then use communication skills coaching to help them transform the way they relate and connect.

Would you like to strengthen your partnership? The path to resolution, healing, hope, happiness and fulfillment begins here. Benefit from the professional facilitation that relationship therapy offers.

relationship counseling toronto

It will likely make communicating and connecting much easier and more productive. Why modern relationships are challenging: We are in a new era. Never before in history have we expected more from our significant other. Roles are no longer clearly defined and yet a modern day partner is expected to offer what an entire community used to supply: The current global context - with its higher cost of living, longer work hours, precarious employment and resulting work-life imbalance - heavily impacts our relationships.

Further, our culture - which determines our value according to income, race, looks, credentials and the extent to which we produces and consumes etc.

Various forms of oppression may compound the impacts of family of origin issues. It seems we can never quite have or be enough. Negative core beliefs and unfinished emotional business from childhood can then play out in troublesome dynamics. Decorum, manners, emotional attunement, responsivity - so integral to quality relating - have too often been replaced by individualism and self-entitlement. While technology provides opportunities to communicate, learn and connect, we are perhaps less emotionally present to our partners than ever.

relationship counseling toronto

When stress builds, our devices offer distraction, escape and immediate gratification. Relationships, once fun during courtshipbecome encumbered with responsibilities paying bills, doing chores, childcare and future plans saving for a home or retirement. Time in which to enjoy life - either alone or together - seems to be in short supply.

Through the years, differences become more glaring and partners might live seemingly separate lives. Find an experienced relationship therapist in Toronto. We often learn the most about ourselves with intimate partners. Interactions with loved ones can bring out the very best and worst in us. If the dynamic with your spouse or partner is a repeated source of pain, anxiety or frustration, try working with a relationship therapist or marriage counsellor.

Often a couples expert can spot problematic patterns in communication, criticism, defensiveness or withdrawal and can help partners re-connect with qualities they value in each other.

If you intend to get married, consider premarital counselling. Why relationship therapy in Toronto with Lisa? You may feel uneasy about the idea of getting professional help - especially if you have never seen a counsellor or therapist before.

You don't know what to expect and the idea of facing your interpersonal and communication issues may be a bit daunting. You could be feeling frustrated or ashamed that despite your best efforts you haven't been able to sort things out on your own. Further, you might fear that delving into problems may make them worse. Alternatively, you could feel optimistic about gaining insights, improving communication skills, resolving problems and strengthening intimacy.

I aim to help partners review their concerns, better understand one another's feelings, communicate more effectively and to make small specific agreements.

I will ask about your goals as a couple and help you more clearly express your feelings and needs. I will also support you in becoming emotionally attuned and responsive to one another. You will have the chance to develop skills, as well as make requests and adjustments that potentially lead you to feel more comfortable and connected.

How can we work together to make your relationship better - not perfect, but better? How can you have the best possible couples therapy experience? Couples therapy is generally productive when partners are: Skills and insights are gained through commitment to the process. With effort a more secure bond can be built.

In that therapists are not magic fairies, couples therapy is not a quick, overnight, magic fix or miracle cure for relationship issues. Partners are encouraged to assume increasing responsibility - little by little - for creating and sustaining a better relational dynamic. Engaged to be married? Or considering making a proposal? Marriage is a very big commitment. If you don't deal with an issue before getting married, you will deal with it once you're married.

As a marriage therapist, I regularly see couples grappling with longstanding, inter-twining issues. I see them once a lot of complex damage has been done. If only they had come sooner, they say. If only they had taken the time to develop the necessary relational skills. You have chosen a life partner. Gain the negotiation, intimacy and communication skills that will help you to navigate your inevitable differences.

These are the skills that also help to deepen and sustain feelings of connection over the long run. Discuss your ideal future as well as issues that might undermine your relationship. I would be honoured to facilitate your very important conversations. Questions for pre marriage counselling: What are your respective top three values? What leaves you feeling loved gifts, words, actions, touch or time? What are your respective needs for closeness and distance? How are your communication skills?

What are your priorities - work, partner, friends, hobbies, family? Are you planners or do you improvise your way? Are you willing to compromise and negotiate? Which relationship issues do you discuss or avoid? In what ways are you responsive to or dismissive of each other's concerns? How assertive are you about your concerns and hopes? Do you want to have kids? How much sex is enough or too much? How do you feel about the use of alcohol, drugs, video games, porn?

Where do you want to live? How will income be spent? Is marriage forever or is divorce an option? Premarital therapy for pre marriage issues: If the big day is rapidly approaching and the stress is mounting, feelings of anxiety, ambivalence or doubt may be surfacing with a vengeance.

You might not know what to do or how to cope. A life-changing event is on the horizon. Invitations might have been sent out. Friends and family may have booked flights and accommodations. You may be quibbling about wedding plans or your contrasting visions of the future. On the other hand, if you agree about current and future goals, you may disagree about how to achieve them. You may be contemplating big purchases and starting a family and still wonder if marriage is the best route right now.

Ambivalent feelings are at the core of every relationship. We all want a balance of security and freedom, of closeness and distance. Making things more complicated, we all have contradictory feelings about our partner. We feel both appreciation and irritation, fulfillment and disappointment, love and hate. If we deny the downsides and continue hoping for the best, we stockpile resentment. Only when we face our difficulties can we begin to make improvements. Your success as a couple will likely be determined by whether and how you choose to deal with your inevitable challenges.

This is where premarital counselling is invaluable. You want difficult conversations to go as smoothly as possible - now awry. Be proactive and build a strong foundation before getting locked in. Pre marital relationship counselling can help you: As a lesbian, gay or bisexual person, you might feel particularly uncomfortable discussing your interpersonal issues with family, friends, colleagues or with members of your religious or cultural communities.

Alternatively, you might feel quite safe in being out. Regardless, you may have exhausted your own resources for improving your marriage or partnership. You are now looking for fresh perspectives and insight from someone - a counsellor - with no vested interests.

I would be happy to help you clarify issues, improve communication and connect better. Hoping to gain insight and connect? Self-awareness, courage, sensitivity and communication skills are key to healthy relating and take time to develop. If you would like to better understand your partner, improve the quality of your interactions and feel more connected, allow me to help.

I can facilitate a constructive, meaningful and moving conversation. Is it best to find a couples therapist? The sooner you speak with a couples therapist, the better. You have invested your time, energy and care. Now invest in developing the relational skills which support the health of your partnership for the long run. Why end things with your current partner just to face similar issues with someone else in the future?

Clients have said that couples therapy not only gave them ways to reconnect but also helped them create and sustain a deeper bond for the long run. Many couples report that their initial session relieved some tension and began to open the lines of communication.

Relationship Counselling Toronto

Developing new skills and changing the way you relate - like playing an instrument or a sport - takes consistent time and effort. If you are hoping for lasting change, I would suggest doing sessions. Know that your relationship will likely reap the rewards of the effort you invest.

Partners wonder if their issues could actually benefit from professional support. They wonder if books and videos about relationships might be more practical or cost effective.

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They consult mom, dad, other family members, friends, colleagues and even their dogs. Marital counsellors - unlike other resources and well-intentioned beings - can spot, understand and help to resolve the recurrent communication issues and emotional triggers that lead to dysfunctional dynamics.

While getting to the heart of the matter, they facilitate constructive conversation, repair, reconnection, an improved dynamic and the creation of a shared vision for the future.

In healthier marriages, "yes" is the answer to: Can I count on you? Are you attuned to me? Do I matter to you? Do you appreciate me? Do I come first for you?

Marriage Counselling Toronto, ON: Restoration and Healing For Your Relationship.

If I need you, will you be there? Keys to creating loving connection: Show up physically; be there Tune in; give your partner your full attention Listen with and speak from your heart Say and do the little things that matter to your loved one Do things together that you genuinely enjoy Regularly express appreciation Did you know that emotional attunement and responsiveness are key determinants of healthy marriages?

Are you and your partner attuned to one another? Do you respond to each other's feelings and needs with loving concern? Are you taking an active interest in each other's life and growth? Do you regulalry nurture the space between you? After ruptures, do you acknowledge your respective attempts at repair?

If not, you may be stuck in patterns which are eroding your connection. Every interaction offers the opportunity to connect or to turn away. Couples counsellors help partners: The GTA is fortunate to be home to many of Canada's leading couples, premarital and marriage counsellors as well as relationship counsellors, therapists and coaches.

With so many experts to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed. Looking for the best marriage counselling in Toronto? When looking for the best marriage counselling in Toronto consider that "best" is subjectively defined. What do you believe makes for exceptional relationship counselling? Research indicates successful outcomes are reported when clients feel rapport with their counsellor.

Do you feel comfortable, accepted, understood and respected when speaking with the marriage counsellor? Will you gain insights, tips, tools, strategies and communication skills with which to improve your interactions and create a more secure bond? Although all couples experience relational challenges and common dysfunctional interactions, every couple's dynamic is unique. Find a responsive professional who can equip and empower you to connect meaningfully over the long run.

Perhaps your partner is not open to the idea of working with a couples counsellor. Understandably, you may feel discouraged. However, it's possible to develop skills and make changes on your own - changes that might improve your communication, interactions and sense of well-being. Maybe you have something important to say but your message hasn't been getting through.

Adjustments to your delivery or phrasing could greatly improve your chances of being heard. Sometimes we look for approval from our partner when we first need to approve of ourselves. We become outwardly pleasing yet inwardly resentful.

Fearing conflict, rejection and abandonment, we often avoid discussing our true feelings and needs. It could be that you secretly dislike some things your partner says and does. Maybe your partner is unwilling or unable to change despite promises to the contrary. Or on the other end - suffocating, critical or over-bearing. You contemplate leaving but feel plagued with ambivalence. That ambivalence is worth exploring before making a move.

Whatever the case, individual counselling for interpersonal problems can be helpful. Reflecting on how you got to where you are at can be eye-opening and help you to have more self-compassion around the decisions you've made. Identifying exactly what you would like for yourself in a best case scenario is also essential to moving forward. Please click the following link for more information about relationship issues therapy for individuals. Knowing how you feel is the first step.

Once you are aware of how you feel, ask yourself what you need.