Persona 2 innocent sin jun relationship advice

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persona 2 innocent sin jun relationship advice

For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 - Innocent Sin on the PSP, a GameFAQs which implies that they are, indeed, in a romantic relationship. Tropes pertaining to the playable casts of both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Main Character Index | Party Members and Protagonists | Major NPCs. I know that you can bond with [spoiler] (#s "Jun Kurosu") in IS, but I am looking for more examples of positive representations of gay people in.

Analyze - it gives you a detailed information about the enemies you're fighing. In order to fully analyze the enemy, you need to do the following. Skills - The enemy must perform the skills in order for them to be analyzed.

Items - The item must either be acquired through Demon Contact or dropped after the battle. Set Turn Order - You can use this menu to arrange your character's order of action. Auto Settings - You can either Replay the action you perform last or Attack the enemies or demons with your Weapons G. Escape - This command will let you escape. After the battle, you will get the Result.

persona 2 innocent sin jun relationship advice

In the Result screen, you will get your Money, Experience, and the items dropped from the enemy. If you ended a battle with a Fusion Spell, there's a chance that the persona used in the fusion will either get 2 ranks up, increase its parameters statslearn a special skill, or can change form Mutate.

If a character gains enough experience, then that character will level up. Tatsuya is the only one that you can increase stats manually. Other characters will increase their stats automatically.

If their compatibility is bad, it will cost more SP to invoke the persona, and especially bad compatibility may prevent the persona to be summoned at all. Conversely, if their compatibility is Great, it will cost less SP to invoke, and especially great compatibility may cause the persona to gain 2 ranks, learn a special skill or to mutate to other persona. Character's Compatility List for all Personas: Great, Yukino Good, Jun: Upgrading your equipments will help you survive some of the toughest bosses in the game.

You don't know what trap awaits you inside a dungeon. Not only it lets you escape successfully, but it can also gives you an item or card. Not only they can cause huge damage on the enemies, but also help your personas to rank faster. Eventhough they are temporary, they are very effective and useful in battles.

This spell is very useful since it lowers the encounter rate of enemies weaker than your party. You can either get it from summoning personas, or from an item box.

persona 2 innocent sin jun relationship advice

Hula of Misfortune is a spell that can cause your money to be cut in half. Robin Goodfellow and Bukimi are some of the demons that can cast it. Prophecy is a spell that can return your persona's rank back to 1. However, Kudan is the only demon that can cast it.

Also, during the scene, you will name your protagonist. I am going to use his default name "Tatsuya" in my guide to avoid confusion. Anyway, after the scene, go to the door to your right. Speak with her again, then go back to 1F. Once you're done, go upstairs to 2F.

Feel free to speak with everyone in this floor. Once you're done, go upstairs to 3F.

18 years later, and Persona 2 remains the most progressive JRPG about homosexuality. | NeoGAF

Once you're done, head all the way back to the Bike Racks. Saeko from Persona 1 when you enter. During the scene, you will be given some choices. It doesn't matter what you choose, so don't worry. It just alters some of the dialogue scenes later. To Sumaru Prison Unlocked!

What Persona games other than Persona 2 Innocent Sin allow gay relationships? : Megaten

One of the choices you made with Ms. Saeko will also play here. Anyway, after the scene, you will get IRIS. Speak with everyone if you like then attempt to leave the place for a scene. After the scene, leave this place and you'll be in Hirasaka. Feel free to talk to the people and visit the available areas for some additional dialogues. The one you want is the Shiraishi Ramen, but feel free to choose the other options for some additional dialogues and scenes.

Once you're ready, enter Shiraishi Ramen for a scene. When you regain control, speak with Tadashi from Persona 1 then exit this place and go to Kuzunoha Detective Agency for another scene where you will meet Chief Todoroki and Tamaki a devil summoner from Shin Megami Tensei: If, and a minor character from Persona 1.

Speak with Chief Todoroki and choose the first option twice, then the bottom option and then choose "Yes". After that, feel free to speak with everyone. You can come back here anytime, so don't worry if you don't have the money yet. Once you're ready, leave the place and head back to Shiraishi Ramen to trigger a scene. After the scene, you will receive your weapons.

It's time to go back to Seven Sisters High, but before you go there, make sure that you are properly equipped. You can now buy weapons, armors, and temporary stat boosting foods in Kameya Alley. The Velvet Room is also open for new summons, but you don't have Tarot Cards yet. Furthermore, another shop called Tominaga Chiropractic can be used if you want some healing.

An area called Lotus has some shops that sell items and accessories, check them if you like. After the scene, you will be in the first dungeon of the game. The Great Clock Ticks Unlocked! You don't have to do them if you don't want to.

Those 4 optionals are for those completionist players who want to get everything. Since I'm a completionist myself, I designed this guide to help you get all the secrets this game has to offer. In Eternal Punishment there is another attack of this kind called the Dragon Cross.

Toku, the hobo who plods around Honmaru Park and the ramen shop in EP dispenses rumors. He's no different from the other rumormongers, but his sly grin and big vocabulary are meant to evoke this. After a fire destroyed the original site, the remaining trio went their separate ways. The arsonist is later revealed to have been a young Tatsuya Sudou a.

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Eternal Punishment takes place in one after the original was set on fire by Nyarlathotep. Maya remembers very little about events that transpired due to the everyone's memories being erasedbut she does have moments on Deja Vu for her to base her actions on and manages to sniff out both Tatsuya and JOKER by herself. The second game follows an alternate timeline with some familiar events and faces but things are just a little bit different this time around.

There's a new cult, a different Joker, and Sudou's new goal is to cause enough chaos that people start to remember the apocalyptic universe "the other side", as he elegantly puts it and his earlier reign of terror, causing the bad reality to manifest back into ours. Always Save the Girl: Tatsuya has dedicated himself — almost like a samurai — to defending Maya, which is absolutely evident in Eternal Punishment.

As is Jun in Innocent Sin, who went to such lengths to protect her that he took up the mantle of Joker in order to avenge her apparent death. In fact, when he and Tatsuya were children, they promised each other that they would always protect Maya together. Tatsuya's Scenario takes this a step further by extending this trope to Shiori Miyashiro.

Nyarlathotep mocks him about this. Overlaps with Poe's Law. All the rumour demons are taken from Japanese urban legends. Thanks to your efforts during the EX Dungeon, Tatsuya Sudou, who's been pretty damn respectable without his memory, gets it back and promptly goes back to his old self.

Not that you actually had a choice. Also implied to be the case with the Tatsuya that is native to the Eternal Punishment reality. He is friends with Anna, stated to frequently visit clubs and arcades and he is also described as "reckless" and "with a cocky grin ready to fight anyone who looks at him wrong" even in his driving license picture.

The playable Tatsuya does not do any of these things due to his previous emotional trauma preventing him from interacting with other people. Anatomy of the Soul: The original Joker's stated goal is to revive Xibalba using the "Dream Energy" stolen from those who summon him.

Eikichi witnesses this firsthand when his bandmates are zapped by Joker, reducing them to shells devoid of any willpower or aspirations. Over the course of the game, the threesome revert to shadow-like beings, then fade away entirely.

In Tatsuya's Scenario, we have the Trapezohedrons, which are literal pieces of one's soul with each one defining an aspect of a person such as knowledge or desire.

18 years later, and Persona 2 remains the most progressive JRPG about homosexuality.

Your task is to collect all of them in order to save Shiori. The main impetus behind Innocent Sin is a rumor that the Mayans were alien visitors from Maia, a star in the constellation Pleiades, which thanks to Nyarlathotepbecomes retroactively true. After the Reset Button that triggers Eternal Punishment's plot, all supposed existence of Ancient Astronauts never existed.

Another Side, Another Story: Remarked on by Maya's coworkers during Eternal Punishment's prologue; the planets all aligned in the Grand Cross formation "this summer", but nothing happened. Those who've played the previous game remember things a little differently. All this fuss about Armageddon and Grand Cross, and nothing happened this summer The more hype, the more people complain.

Some of Maya's battle quotes count as apologetic, such as "I'm sorry Tatsuya and Jun also use this line. In Eternal Punishment, you'll find Salam Ladeen sipping martinis in a hotel bar in Narumi he'll switch to the less glamorous Jolly Roger Tavern once the spaceship appears. He's actually one of the most important NPCs; he offers super-rare Tarot in exchange for completely mapping out certain dungeons.

persona 2 innocent sin jun relationship advice

I was disappointed that the one shining moment of a well written gay character in the Persona franchise was another villain, similar to Griffith from Berserk or Dio from JoJobut I do believe that the game attempts to save itself from the trope by giving Jun a redemption arc.

Part of his redemption arc takes place in the temples, with an emphasis on the Taurus and Leo temples. Even though until then he had been the villain causing all their troubles and creating shadow people of their friends, Jun does care deeply for the team and his dialogue in the temples reflects is as he lists off the positive aspects of Lisa, Eikichi, and Tatsuya in their respective temples.

This is prominent in the Leo temple as Jun lists all the positive qualities that the Leo zodiac implies, and how they apply to Tatsuya. Lisa immediately reacts and tries to figure out what Jun had been saying to Tatsuya.

Persona 2 Innocent Sin Boss Shadow Tatsuya [Hard]

Leo Temple comment In the Taurus temple, Lisa brings up the chance to confess to one of your teammates after the battle, including Eikichi and Jun, or the chance to stay silent. Yet, while she sees Jun as valid competition in both temples, Jun is not given the chance to respond to the confession in Taurus.

persona 2 innocent sin jun relationship advice

All of this however, is an after thought conversation, implying that it was not on purpose that Jun was coded as gay. Many fans also take this to mean that Jun and Tatsuya are the canon pairing, which is the reasoning behind the recommendations of the game to newer fans.

There is more to be said about Jun under the umbrella of queer theory, yet, in the end and for the purpose of keeping this shortone can easily see Jun as canonically gay, and the vast amount of people on the internet seem to also hold this opinion.