Navajo clanship relationship

For Navajo Nation Citizens, Finding Unrelated Mates Within Tribe -

navajo clanship relationship

CLAN RELATIONSHIP GROUP 1. Kinyaa'aanii/Kiyaa'aanii The Towering House Clan (Original Clan). Dzi l t'aadi Near the Mountain Clan. 'Azee'tsoh dine'e The. Traditional Navajo people introduce themselves by identifying the clans on both their mother's and father's sides. This allows clan relations like. CLAN RELATIONSHIP GROUP 1. Kinyaa'áanii/Kiyaa'áanii The Towering House clan (Original Clan) Dzi ł t'aadi Near the Mountain clan 'Azee'tsoh dine'é The.

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He points out that leaders of smaller Indian tribes, where membership often hovers around or people, are in even more precarious positions than the Navajo Nation. Shelly favors intertribal marriages. Shelly worries that within the clan system confines, clan brothers and sisters will eventually have no choice but to marry. And Navajo people know better than most how to keep mammalian offspring their healthiest: That way, the cattle or sheep are healthy, bigger.

They get sick more.

navajo clanship relationship

The tests have not been done to my knowledge and would not be allowed under current rules. He refers to unwritten rules governing Navajo people, also called Natural Law. In this contemporary world, it is sad to know that many cultures do not understand or appreciate how to interpret and apply these laws.

navajo clanship relationship

I see many of us simply following what the greater society is practicing without consideration as to the real intent of why the unwritten laws were created. But he also hopes people will go about it in a reasoned way.

For Navajo Nation Citizens, Finding Unrelated Mates Within Tribe

As a Wolf Clan member, you can travel anywhere within the Iroquois Confederacy and, upon arriving in a village, look for the longhouse with the Wolf Clan symbol and be welcomed as a long-lost family member. Since every member of the Wolf Clan is your immediate relative, it would be incest for you to marry anyone in the Wolf Clan.

This is a key to the Clan system.

navajo clanship relationship

It would be very easy for clans to split up into rival feuding groups were it not for the fact that the clans are all intermarried and every man has a spouse and children who belong to a different clan. So intermarriage weaves the clans together in a single community. In each village, each clan has its own communal longhouse where the clan lives together. More than one if necessary. But if you are a man, you must find a spouse from a different clan.

navajo clanship relationship

Say you find a wife from the Bear Clan. This means that you leave the Wolf Clan longhouse and go live, at least part of the time, in the Bear Clan longhouse.

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The Clan Mothers all know the males of their clan since birth and have a good idea of who has leadership capabilities. But even if you are living in the Bear Clan house with your wife and children, you are not really involved in raising the children whom you father.

The children of you and your wife inherit her clan membership, which is Bear Clan, and Bear Clan children are raised by Bear Clan women and men — in other words, your wife and her brothers, who are Bear Clan men.

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Even though all the Wolf Clan members are your siblings, your actual sisters are your closest siblings. As can be guessed, in this system divorce is very easy, and has no real consequences in terms of disturbing the stability of the family or the raising of children. It is also possible though not common for a man to have more than one wife as long as both wives are of the same clan and live in the same clan longhouse.

navajo clanship relationship

The matrilineal Clan system easily accommodates both polygamy if there is a shortage of men and serial monogamy, and marital fidelity is stressed because of practical problems of jealousy and human relations.