Nagato yuki chan no shoushitsu ending relationship

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nagato yuki chan no shoushitsu ending relationship

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan also known as The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan, In this world, Yuki Nagato is not a stoic alien but rather a shy and tentative girl who is a Gotō, Yuki Matsuoka, and Aya Hirano), and the ending theme is "Arigatō, Daisuki" (ありがとう、だいすき, Thank You, I Love You) by Chihara. Yuki-chan is a spinoff anime based on a manga that began in stoic Nagato express her feelings as a normal, shy girl, and without this. Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 9 Discussion. Pages (2) [1] 2 The friend supports the relations, but afraid of loneliness. Later joined . The episode itself was pretty cute, but what the hell was that ending! BBCode.

After Yuki loses in old maid, she's asked to buy drinks and snacks as a penalty. Kyon decides to escort her, provided that it's dark outside. This is subverted, as it turns out to have been a very long Imagine Spot she was having. However, the trope is played straight moments later.

It initially appears that Yuki lost the card game and has to go shopping, with Kyon accompanying her. Although Kyon is a Straight Man in the series' beginning, his interactions with Haruhi gradually brings out this side of him as time progresses.

On several instances, she's able to do so with her eyes closed, in conjunction with the ]in conjunction with the Bishie Sparkle. Yuki becomes melancholy after being told that the Literature Club is to be closed for on account of lacking a sufficient number of members.

Despite her exceptional intellect, Yuki's explanations for how she reaches a solution are incoherent to most everyone. Koizumi follows Haruhi everywhere and agrees to be her lackey, despite knowing that she might lose interest in him since he's no one special.

Dragged by the Collar: Tsuruya throws Mikuru, breasts-first, at Kyon's head. Haruhi pops out of a snow covered bush at the park while Yuki and Kyon are walking by, subsequently ordering Kyon to bring her somewhere warm. Kyon's sister does this to Kyon as punishment for not inviting her to the beach with his friends.

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Taniguchi and Kunikida appear in the anime much earlier than they did in the manga. Yuki acts in this manner during chapter twenty-six to conceal her dysmnesia after a near-accident. Despite lacking the knowledge of how to behave as the original Yuki did, she manages to remain low-key and eventually falls in love with Kyon.

Everyone Can See It: Yuki's feelings for Kyon are noticed by most everyone, save Kyon himself.

nagato yuki chan no shoushitsu ending relationship

This is a Mythology Gagbearing resemblance to the situation seen in the original series with Kyon and Haruhi. Similarly, everyone but Haruhi knows that Koizumi is crushing on her. In the anime, the ending credits show scenes of Yuki interacting with all the major characters. During the "Disappearance" arc, the characters are all cast in colored silhouettes. A second is seen Yuki observing them near the end, mirroring how the other Yuki doesn't consider these memories as her own.

They promptly stop when they realise Kyon's still there, but not before he gets half an eyeful of Yuki's navel. Chapter twenty-two takes place at a Hot Springand chapter thirty-six is a Beach Episodeso such moments are par the course during these chapters and their corresponding episodes in the anime. In the manga, two-page spread of all the girls in bikinis is found a couple chapters earlier, while everyone is planning for Tanabata.

Mikuru fulfils this role more prominently in the anime. Tsuruya throws Mikuru at Kyon in chapter sixteen to give her a Dynamic Entry. Haruhi uses Kyon as a distraction, throwing him at Tsuruya during episode three in order to "kidnap" Mikuru. Kyon is subjected to this after Tsurya tosses Mikuru at him in the aforementioned Dynamic Entry. Yuki retains her interest in video games; this trait was is seen in Yuki's Haruhi-chan incarnation in turn originally derived from the original Yuki's apparent enjoyment of Day of Sagittarius.

Conversely, the alternate Yuki prefers books over games. Kyon was made a member of the "Mikuru Fan Club" without his knowledge, complete with a membership card bearing a photograph of him that was likely clandestinely taken. This is Played for Laughs in during chapter ten episode three in the animewhen Haruhi "sacrifices" Koizumi and Kyon to Tsuruya in order to kidnap Mikuru.

The two guys are easily "defeated", and as the Tsuruya prepares to attack Haruhi, she's stopped by a teacher who says jumping down a flight of stairs is risky. While Tsuruya is being lectured, Haruhi uses this opportunity to "steal" Mikuru away to the Literature club.

Similarly, Tsuruya and Mikuru are always seen together, with Tsuruya regarding herself as Mikuru's guardian. Kyon and Haruhi seem to be moving into the opposite-sex version.

They have elements of their odd connection from the original series, in that she opens up to him more than almost anyone else, but it seems to be more of a Vitriolic Best Buds thing than romantic. Haruhi, despite not being a student of North High, quickly takes over the Literature club room, and brings in much of the antics that she does in the original series.

Episodes seven to nine in the anime and the corresponding chapters in the manga follow the group as they vacation at a hot springs. However, her abilities have their limits: After her near-accident during chapter twenty-five, Yuki suffers from temporary dysmnesia.

While she still retains her memories, she no longer recognises them as her own and is effectively a completely different person. This aspect is treated quite seriously, as her friends come to terms with how to best interact with the alternate Yuki as a distinct person, who fears being regarded as just a sickness waiting to go away when for her being "cured" sounds frighteningly similar to death.

Tsuruya initially acts under the pretense that Yuki and Mikuru are rivals for Kyon's affections, despite Mikuru's protests otherwise. With the entire SOS brigade present, it's hard to remember that the bulk of the story takes place in the Literature Club. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite frequently harassing Kyon for "two-timing" on Mikuru and generally enjoying extracting whatever entertainment she can from others, Tsuruya also helps with the literature club's Christmas party, shares her family's discount at a hot springs and hotel, and hosts everyone at her family's villa and private beach during summer vacation.

Haruhi and Koizumi are merely friends; she befriended him while he was adjusting to a new school, and eventually he, fell in love with her. As it is a Slice of Life romantic comedy, the atmosphere in The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan is much more relaxed relative to that of the original series.

While attempts are quite frequent, circumstances constantly cause them to fail. The most poignant instance occurs with Yuki's alternate personality making her feelings known. However, she does so with the knowledge that she'll cease to exist once she fully reintegrates with Yuki's original identity.

nagato yuki chan no shoushitsu ending relationship

As the manga progresses, both Kyon begins to realise he's in love with Yuki after alternate Yuki makes her Love Confession to Kyon. Elements of a love triangle are gradually appearing. Haruhi supports Yuki's feelings for Kyon wholeheartedly, but there have been hints of her feelings for Kyon. Recently, it seemed chemistry was starting to bloom after Kyon pulls Haruhi out of the river, and she starts to feel something strange when Kyon pulls a John Smith-esque line.

Later, Yuki walks in on Haruhi giving Kyon obligation chocolate during Valentines' Day, where Haruhi explains that she does feel a little bit of affection towards Kyon, stating that she "doesn't dislike him" to Yuki.

Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu Episode 9 Discussion

Early on, Yuki saw Haruhi as a rival to be emulated, even in impossible things like having a ponytail. During the "Disappearance Arc", a love triangle materialises, involving Kyon, Yuki, and Yuki's amnesiac alternate personality.

Specifically, alternate-Yuki confesses to Kyon just before Yuki's original identity reawakens, clarifying her feelings to Kyon. However, Kyon becomes conflicted as to whether he's honestly attracted to Yuki, or if she's just a stand-in for the now-faded alternate identity that managed to steal his heart during her brief life. The Disappearance Of Nagato Yuki-chan refers to Nagato disassociating from her memories after nearly being hit by a car and her original, cheerful personality temporarily "disappearing".

Yuki is the only member of the main cast to sport a pair of her glasses. Mikuru's efforts to rally Yuki's courage in giving her Valentine's Day Chocolate results in some misunderstanding: Numerous references to The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi are made: In the first episode, Ryoko hands off the bags of groceries to Kyon after shopping.

She remarks that her hands are cold, and the camera tilts to the same angle in the original series, right before the original Asakura ran at Kyon with a knife. Here, she simply places her hands on his face to warm them up. Haruhi attempts to recreate the "I am here" message to aliens on the field. Since Kyon doesn't know her, she doesn't run into him, instead asking Yuki to write said message.

Kyon responds to Haruhi's question "Do you think kappas really exist? A flashback is shown to an alternate version of the John Smith scene, although Kyon does not remember.

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan (manga)

Mikuru has a star-shaped mole on her chest, and initially, only Tsuruya is aware of this. Like in Haruhi-chanMori is the physical education instructor. Yuki offers Kyon the club signup sheet in the same manner as she had in the light novels. Haruhi's big reveal about her "ambitions" is featured, albeit under different circumstances. Haruhi dresses up in Kyon's sports uniform so as not to stand out in North High; Kyon even asks her to do her hair up in a ponytail.

During the Anime's version of the Literature Club field tripafter bathing in the onsen, Haruhi declares it to be the 15,th Ping-Pong meet, alluding to the number of repetitions quoted in the Endless Eight arc.

nagato yuki chan no shoushitsu ending relationship

Some of the wishes written for Tanabata are similar to those from 'The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi''. Everyone's roles during the previous year's School Festival in chapter forty-one are call-backs to the original series: Yuki was a fortune-teller, while Haruhi wrote, filmed, and directed her own movie, with Koizumi as the star. Unfortunately, she got bored and shelved it once it got into post-production.

In said movie, mysterious transfer student Koizumi awakens to his Psychic Powers and uses them to fight giant monsters. Haruhi and Tsuruya also filled in for absent members of a band at North High's festival. Episode ten is titled "Someday in the Rain", shared with the main series' first season finale. Kyon's sister tries to sneak along to Kyon's trip to the beach, hiding in his duffle bag and dropkicks him like she did in Haruhi-chan upon being discovered. Haruhi hums "Bouken Desho, Desho?

The final episode mirrors Endless Eight's plot, and it turns out that Kyon even forgot to do his summer homework. Yuki fondly remembers Kyon helping her get a library card, as he did in the series, but in a manner that was closer to the post-credits scene from the Disappearance movie. Volume ten has a callout to Endless Eight when Kyon's little sister remarks "Kyon-kun, phone" in response to a text Kyon's received.

Objects resembling Kimidori-san, the balloon dogmakes an appearance every so often in the background. With a lack of bastard-like aliensamoral data entitiesand rival time-travelers and espersvery little stands in the way of Yuki achieving her wish to become closer to Kyon, barring herself. Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Not a Morning Person: Not What It Looks Like: Yuki walks in on Haruhi giving Kyon chocolate on Valentine's Day, throws away the chocolate she had been planning to give him, and runs out of the clubroom at full speed.

It turns out that Haruhi's is just obligation chocolate, identical to what she then gives Koizumi. Later, Yuki reveals that she left out of consideration, and meant to present hers later - she's quite alarmed to discover she dropped hers. When he points out her initial refusal, she strong-arms him into agreeing.

nagato yuki chan no shoushitsu ending relationship

Yuki, meanwhile, has an Imagine Spot and thinks the two are secretly sharing a romantic moment, before rationalising it as Not What It Looks Like She then slowly backs out of the room and closes the door.

In reality Kyon took Yuki's game away, then jokingly kept it out of reach while she attempted to get it back, bumping into him in the process. She hilariously tries to exit the same way she did the first time.

The Literature Club's activities are largely unrelated, and save an exhibit for a culture festival involving the collection of literature, the club's members usually spend their days relaxing together. In the anime, this changes to Yuki's love of playing visual novels on her Play Station Vita. Pavane for a Dead Princess begins quietly, with a slow tempo; as the song continues, it transitions from pianissimo to fortissimo, without losing its slow tempo. Likewise, Yuki is content to do things at her own pace, but as she gains more confidence, her actions become bolder.

In line with the original series, the anime offers a faithful depiction of the town of Nishinomiya ; many landmarks are even shown in their renovated state. Motifs from the original anime's soundtrack are used on some occasions, especially in scenes with Haruhi. Haruhi's makes her declaration about longing to meet "time travelers, aliens and espers", but the context differs compared to that of the original. Haruhi in turn does this to Yuki when the latter starts getting apologetic about Haruhi doing everything for the Literature Club.

This was in the original series!

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan (Manga) - TV Tropes

These generic episode set ups were still made to be exciting in the original series because romance was not at the forefront — it was a product of the mysteries and adventures the cast found themselves in. At least when Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu resorted to these stereotypical anime scenarios they came with that added spice of having to appease Haruhi.

Even when the SOS Club were thrown into seemingly mundane situations you always had to expect the unexpected. It was a show that knew how to have fun because of that kicker.

Here these same situations are used for nothing more than cheap laughs and with little to no romantic progression. When love is the theme, and you strip away the supernatural, things all come crumbling down. By the time that Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu decided to start being serious and start exploring the mind of its lead character I had lost interest. There was a serious imbalance in the way the show built up to its major complication.

I was falling asleep. When the psychological drama came around it was like an alarm clock taped to my ear. Talk about a jarring tone shift. As jarring as it was though, I must say it was welcome. Here we are with not only some complication of substance, but also comes with one of the more clever throwbacks to the original series. It was the first sign of meaningful development for Yuki.

It also changes up the dynamic between Yuki and Kyon a great deal. Dare I say the show even became somewhat interesting? The ending is charming enough and I actually got a lot more out of it than I expected. While not entirely satisfying or complete, the presentation and references this time around were fun and felt useful.

Characters Yuki obviously gets the big turnaround in behaviour when compared to the rest of the cast. Instead of the alien of few words, she is now driven a lot more by emotion.

This gave her much more potential to express herself but watching her felt like a chore. How could they have made Yuki more interesting?

Putting her character on a greater offensive would have been a great start. She tries to express herself but you can guess how it always ends. This may sound a little mean, but Kyon is just too happy and untroubled in this show. His best asset was his frustration as a result of the situations he found himself thrown into with Haruhi.