Ming ruo xiao xi ending a relationship

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ming ruo xiao xi ending a relationship

Pets Tseng really melts into the role and oh yes, what I love about this drama is the fact that Ming Xiao Xi remains true to herself till the very end. Moon River/Ming Ruo Xiao Xi Episode 27 Recap . Then Xiao Xi comes along to break up the fight and Hao Nan spits out, “Ask your Lao Mu. Original title: 明若曉溪; Romanized title: Ming Ruo Xiao Xi; Volunteer Team: The . in the fourth quarter and not really loving the ending much though it's a HEA.

The music video is the opening for Moon River that was currently airing at the time.

ming ruo xiao xi ending a relationship

And soon after, I kind of forgot about it. Luckily, Viki had it and I immediately consumed it despite having to write a paper. Now, Moon River is an idol drama that features two SpeXial members: Lin Zi Hong, who plays Mu Liu Bing, wears a lot of greys and blacks to convey the darkness he has in his heart. As for Ming Xiao Xi, who is played by Pets Tseng, she wears a ton of color and patterns to convey her cheery and bright personality.

I thought it was creative to use fashion as a way to express character personalities. Furthermore, I like the fact that they recycled outfits which shows some practicality and realism.

These characters are still students—they still have limited freedom and power to do what they want. The first story arc kept me engaged in this drama as we see a lot of cute, romantic moments with Ming Xiao Xi and Mu Liu Bing.

Via Dramawiki However, my interest in this drama faded when the second story arc was introduced.


Noble Consort Gao loved him, but loved her family more. Consort Chun never loved you, she always loved someone else. I'm pretty impressed with Charmaine Sheh's acting here. When Qianong asks her to put down the knife, she asks him if he's worried that she will hurt Noble Consort Ling.

She collapses to the ground completely worn out and in her frustration and sorrow, she takes the knife and cuts her hair. This is an action that goes against all palace rules, consorts cannot cut their hair. It is a sign of great disrespect to the Dowager Empress and Emperor.

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The Dowager Empress demands to know if the Empress is cursing her or cursing the Emperor. Qialong orders that the Empress be taken back to the palace.

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Hongzhou who has had feelings for the Empress for a long time tells Qianlong that everything was his doing, and no blame should fall on the Empress. Qianlong orders the guards to throw him in prison. They struggle and in the process, Yuan Chun Wang takes control and stabs the maidservant, killing her.

Ying Luo, who has remained unusually quiet this whole time, accuses Yuan Chun Wang of being the one who planned everything. She recollects the personal story that he had told her many years ago, of being born into a rich family, but his father did not acknowledge him and he had to watch from afar as his brothers lived a rich, privileged life.

Ying Luo tells him that she investigated his background, including his hometown, Tai Hang Shan. The Dowager Empress, obviously recognizing the name, is shocked and immediately dismisses everyone. She asks Ying Luo what she learned, and Ying Luo says that many years before, when the previous emperor, Yongzheng, was being pursued by assassins, he hid with a farmer family.

She asks him if he wants to meet them. This only serves to annoy and frustrate Yuan Chun Wang further. As it turns out, Yuan Chun Wang believes himself to be Yongzheng's son, making him a member of the Aisin Gioro royal family.

Moon River Episode 23 Recap

He has always held a grudge against the imperial family and he was going to use Prince He to kill the Dowager Empress and Qianlong, drive the Empress to insanity, and then betray Prince He afterwards so he can be the ultimate victor.

It was a life that is not suited for a person. Ying Luo furiously asks what any of this has to do with the Fifth Prince, Yong Qi, and why he tried to poison him.

He dares her to show Qianlong her hand. He cares about her so much, you can tell. We see that Ying Luo's hand is already turning black from the poison. Just then, the Dowager Empress says that Yongzheng never had an illegitimate son.

ming ruo xiao xi ending a relationship

If he did, she would know about it. The Dowager Empress says that Yongzheng had exchanged clothes with an official at the time which means that Yuan Chun Wang has believed in a lie his whole life.

Yuan Chun Wang becomes extremely angry and accuses the Dowager Empress of lying. She tells him that he is not a member of the Aisin Gioro family and that he spent his life hating the wrong people. She calls him a pitiful child. Qianlong orders that Yuan Chun Wang be taken away and executed, but the Dowager Empress intervenes and tells Qianlong not to kill him.

After he is taken away, Qianlong says that they will return to the palace immediately so Ying Luo can receive treatment. There must be something that can heal Ying Luo.

After dismissing everyone, Qianlong asks what he did so wrong that people around him are leaving one by one. Aww, that was really sweet.

Immediately after Qianlong leaves, Ying Luo starts coughing up blood. Ying Luo tells her servants to stop crying. Physician Ye comes in to examine Ying Luo, but she soon faints. Some time later, Ying Luo wakes up. He tells Ying Luo that the war has ended, and Ying Luo says that she knew Fuheng would return victorious. Hai Lan Cha proceeds to tell Ying Luo the story. Fuheng became injured while seeking Ying Luo's antidote and went on to be killed in battle. His body is being brought back to the palace.

Ying Luo has a hard time accepting this news, and she struggles to stand. Hai Lan Cha apologizes for not bringing Fuheng back with him.