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marketing relationship ladder

The concept of Customer Loyalty Ladder comes under relationship marketing and brand management which deals with establishing long term relations with. Elements of A “Multi-dimensional” relationship marketing ladder of customer loyalty: PASSIVE relationship -> Existence of need -> Realisation. Marketing therefore must be seen as a total approach with the customer firmly at the centre. Describes the relationship marketing ladder as the progression from.

marketing relationship ladder

The loyalty ladder has customers perceiving the benefit most intensely at the highest rung. This overlooks the power of first impressions. We make snap judgments. This first commitment is instinctive and emotional.

Relationship marketing

It springs from our basic sense and appreciation of something done right. In this view, the loyalty ladder is best seen on its side.

marketing relationship ladder

The customers who love you fall in love with you on the first visit. With each subsequent visit, the customers who do love you make up more of the remaining pool.

Relationship Marketing ~ The Ladder of Loyalty - Kevin Stansfield

This is why customers who visit twice are more likely to return than customers who visit once and customers who visit three times are more likely to return than customers who visit twice, etc.

But the main point is that the really important part happens on the bottom rung of the loyalty ladder.

marketing relationship ladder

The best way to build loyalty down the road, then, is to focus on loyalty and commitment on the first visit. They are the potential customers for an organization.

marketing relationship ladder

They may be aware of the promotional campaigns of the organization but are currently doing no business with that organization. The organization must treat them cordially and solve all of their doubts. They have bought products of the organization for the first time and are currently using them.

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The organization must extend them all possible after-sales assistance in order to pacify their concerns. These customers can be engaged with a loyalty program or a loyalty discount. They are doing business repetitively with the organization and are willing to foster the engagement in future.

Ladder Of Customer Loyalty

Clients if well engaged can help boost business with their brand loyalty. They are not only doing repetitive business with an organization but are also recommending the organization to their own acquaintances.

marketing relationship ladder

They are the most valuable players and the organization must treat them royally with the highest priority.