Length weight relationship of clarias gariepinus in nigeria

length weight relationship of clarias gariepinus in nigeria

Establishing a relationship between weight and length is essential for the calculation of Figure 1. Length-weight relationship of pure Clarias gariepinus. . Nigeria. Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research The graph of length-weight relationship of males, females and both sexes were Clarias species in some parts of Nigeria and India particularly in West Bengal is Clarias gariepinus is an omnivorous fish and can survile in All rights reserved. Length-weight relationship and condition factor of Clarias gariepinus and. Oreochromis niloticus of Wudil River, Kano, Nigeria. Agro-Science, 16 (1),

Fig 4, 5 and 6 show the regression graph for male, female and both sexes. Table 1 respectively shows the monthly mean length, weight and condition factor of male and female C. Table 2 shows the intercept, slope and correlation coefficient values of the length-weight relationship.

length weight relationship of clarias gariepinus in nigeria

The monthly mean length-weight and condition factor of male and females C. The regression analysis values of the graph Number of fish Intercept a Slope b Regression r Standard examined deviation Males 32 0.

Length distribution frequency of male and female C.

Weight distribution frequency of male and female C. Length — Weight Relationship of Male C. Length — Weight Relationship of C. A healthy fish which maintained dimensional equality i.

This contrasted Anyanwu et al. However the growth patterns were negative allometric. According to Uneke LWR is an important factor in the biological study of fishes which is greatly affected by many factors related to population variability and thus may be responsible for the above variables in the LWR values.

From the results, the mean condition factor values show 1.

length weight relationship of clarias gariepinus in nigeria

This shows that the male C. The fish samples were in relatively good health condition. It recommended that the indiscriminate catching of fish with small mesh sized gears by our local fishermen should be avoided, and awareness should be created among these local fishermen to avoid destruction of these fishes.

These negative activities carried out in water systems can lead to low Condition factor even of Cross River basin Ndibe beach water system. Comparative assessment of the profit margin of catfish reared in concrete tank and earthen pond.

length weight relationship of clarias gariepinus in nigeria

African Journal of Agricultural Research, 31 Biological performance of African catfish Clarias gariepinus cultured in recirculating system in Ibadan. Length — weight relationship, condition factor and sex ratio of African mud catfish Clarisa gariepinus reared in indoor water recirculation system tanks.

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No differences between both sexes were observed at the fingerling stage. In the growth performance study, univariate analysis of variance ANOVA revealed significant differences at varying degrees between the means of the 4 species using SPSSv. At the end of the experiment, P.

Specific growth rate, FCR: Feed conversion rate, ADL: Survival rate This study is the first publication that compares the growth performance of hybrid catfish species, especially the reciprocal backcross hybrid and backcross hybrid species.

In addition, the differences in growth parameters have been reported between the hybrid cross and reciprocal cross breeds in some catfish breeds, for example, Ndimele et al. The results indicate that the maternal effect can be seen in their offspring.

Additionally, the report by Rahman et al. In this study, all of the hybrids showed higher survival rates than the purebred P. This was because the fingerlings of P. Length-weight relationship and condition factor study: This study provides new information on the length-weight relationships of the two new hybrid catfishes.

The length and weight were observed monthly and were found vary within a range of 8. The LWR equations for the combined sexes of 4 fish that were reared in net cages under the same environmental conditions are shown in Fig.

The results indicate that P.

length weight relationship of clarias gariepinus in nigeria

Nigeria freshwater was reported by Umeham Lengths were measured in centimeter and to 0. Figures 1 and 2 represent the length-weight cm while weights were taken in gram and to 0. The relationship between total weight W LWR of Clarias in lake Alau conforms with and total length L of the fish were estimated using already recorded LWR of all species of the genus in the equation: Regression line drawn between log length and calculated log weight of A Clarias gariepinus and B Tilapia zillii in lake Alau and Monguno hatchery Kalu et al.

Low b-values of Nigeria King, a, b. The Clarias and Tilapia in lake Alau did not differ regression lines computed between log length and significantly from 3 at 5 percent level of log weight Figure 3 for comparable size ranges significance. Furthermore, fish of the same size from both Clarias and Tilapia populations also range in Monguno hatchery differed significantly revealed the same result. Length-weight areas; while the regression lines of Tilapia in the relationships of fishes from Anambra River, study areas are shown in Figure 3b.

Animal Research Clarias of lake Alau showed higher values International, 1 1: West African hatchery for all size groups Table 1 ; whereas Freshwater Fish. Length-weight relationships of Both Clarias gariepinus and Tilapia zillii Nigerian freshwater fishes. Length-weight relationships of fishes may be due to limited food supply to the Nigerian coastal water fishes.

Naga, The hatchery resulting in poor pond productivity. Federal This proves that there as strong relation between College of Freshwater Fisheries Technology, length and weight of all fish populations.

length weight relationship of clarias gariepinus in nigeria

But all New Bussa. Length-weight relationship, those of hatchery. Journal of Health and from the hypothesized value 3.