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The Kyoukai no Kanata movie is composed of two films named "Past Arc" (過去篇 , Kako-hen (Past Arc) is a retelling of the anime series, while Mirai-hen (Future Arc) is set a year after. The movie picks up one year after the end of the anime. she realized that they had shared a connection beyond just being friends. Kyoukai no Kanata Movie 2: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen . Edit Ending Theme plot twist about the end of the anime series, and everything goes around that twist. Read reviews on the anime Kyoukai no Kanata Movie 2: I'll Be Here - Mirai-hen While there was some disappointment with the ending of the series, this the tenuous relationship between Kanbara Akihito and an amnesic Kuriyama Mirai.

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Heck, I almost forgot they were involved in the movie towards the end because so much of the movie was dedicated into creating dramatic and angst-filled moments between Mirai and Akihito as they tried to overcome the new monster.

The Nase siblings and their conflict were an interesting component that could have brought more depth to Mirai-Hen but, sadly, was vastly underutilized.

The conclusion of the movie was also pretty underwhelming just because the major conflict is solved in the most storybook way possible. To make matters worse, the huge focus on Akihito and Mirai made it seem like the rest of the cast were forgotten towards the end. He still has his glasses fetish but it's not as annoying because he has more angst to deal with.

She's back to her innocent, clumsy self. However, she's also a lot more alone. She does have Sakura a character who is, like in the series, is only there for convenience and easily tossed aside and forgotten later in the movie for company but it's obvious that there's a void in her heart that her one friend cannot fill. Even though she retains no memory of their past relationship, Mirai still feels drawn to Akihito but gets pushed away from him every time she tries to get close.

As a result, Mirai finds herself being drowned in waves of loneliness and unhappiness. I actually like her relationship with Akihito much more in the movie than the series.

It was more serious and there were less jokes about Akihito's obsession with girls in glasses. Of course, I still don't think it needed to overshadow everything else in the movie. I'd write separate paragraphs for the Nase siblings but their presence in the movie wasn't as strong as it was on the series. Mitsuki is still a sassy friend but the lack of focus on her issues make it hard to actually remember why she's or even if she's an important character in this story.

Hiroomi has a much more important role now that his sister Izumi has disappeared.

Now the head of the Nase clan, Hiroomi is more somber and spends less time with his friends now that he has to be on official Spirit Warrior business. His job requires him to distance himself from those he loves and his desire to keep his loved ones safe, which parallels the same situation Izumi was in as she headed toward her downward spiral. The setup for it was actually really decent and I was wondering how it would all play out but it's sadly pushed aside and the conclusion felt like it was smacked on for the sake of wrapping the issue up.

Her signature weapon is a carmine colored sword formed out of her blood. Minori Chihara [3] Japanese ; Monica Rial [4] [7] English Mitsuki is a second-year high school student with silky, dark hair.

She enjoys teasing Akihito, such as claiming to be his childhood friend in actuality, Akihito first met her in junior high; the OVA revealing it was the same incident in which his youmu half nearly killed Hiroomi. Although she calls her brother Hiromi a "pervert" and calls him "aniki" respected older brother to sound less informal, she really adores him and holds him very dear to herself.

Her clan governs Spirit World Warriors in their area.

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Izumi instilled in her the belief that Spirit World Warriors are to be alone all their life, due to their duties and hence resulted in Mitsuki missing experiences with her peers while growing up. She has a rodent-like youmu called "Yakiimo" as a familiar. Like her brother, Mitsuki is capable of setting up cages. He has black hair in a bowl-cut and wears a scarf at all times due to his supernatural powers that make him cold.

He is also a member of the Literary Club. Hiroomi adores his sister Mitsuki and likes having her call him "Onii-chan", and also has a habit of teasing Akihito and affectionately calls him "Akkey". He is proficient in setting up cages or barriers that prevent youmu from entering a protected area. His supernatural abilities make him extremely sensitive to the cold which not only causes him to constantly wear a scarf and also warm his fingers in Akihito's armpits much to the latter's annoyance.

His back is severely scarred due to having to restrain Akihito's youmu rampage in the past, which almost resulted in his death. Spirit World Warriors[ edit ] Voiced by: She is usually referred to as "Nino-san" and works as a teacher at Nagatsuki High School, in addition to Spirit Hunting. Despite her beauty, she always finds herself turned down by men.

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She is constantly traveling and sends Akihito a postcard to check up on him every so often. Akihito describes her as being a "free-spirited" avant-garde thinker in addition to possessing an eccentric personality and is thus ashamed of her child-like behavior. This is shown during Akihito's elementary school's Parents' Day when she sat at a student's desk while wearing a panda costume and participated in the class.

She usually has a calm demeanor despite having a malicious undertone. She has the viewpoint that youmu are no different from crops or farm animals and exist solely to provide her clan with a livelihood.