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Capulet and Juliets father-daughter relationship changes irrevocably If Juliet got her way and did not marry Paris then Capulet would be the. In the play there are two families, the Capulets and the Montagues, they were at The relationship Juliet has with her mother is distant and formal. than their own parents, so they won't grow a loving relationship if they never the nurse has a strong bond, they are very close as she has brought up Juliet. Free Essay: Juliet's Relationship With Her Parents in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Lord and Lady Capulet have a distant, but affectionate relationship with their Juliet did not care about the royalty of her family and the starts to see Romeo to do, or are they simply destined to take part in death and destruction .

Here we can see that Juliet knows that she is in the wrong for being in love with Romeo because of the two families quarrels. This is important as it shows that Juliet does believe in love at first sight, at least for Romeo. This is important in her state of mind that she feels that she loves Romeo at this point.

This is another reason why Juliet wont marry Paris, because she believes that she is in love with Romeo. Juliet is still thinking about how wrong their secret love is, and if they get married, at least God will not see it as such a sin. Juliet is also thinking that if they get married, maybe the two families will unite, as Juliet will become a Montague and her maiden name will be Capulet.

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From Act 3 Scene 5 everything seems to go on a downwards spiral for Juliet. After Romeo leaves as the sun rises, her mother comes into her bedroom. Lady Capulet would enter from 2 large doors on the right hand side of the stage.

As she walks in the first thing she sees would be Juliet weeping hysterically, lying faced down on the middle of her bed, dressed only in night clothes. As Lady Capulet talks to Juliet she varies from being quite stern at the beginning, trying desperately to get her to stop weeping.

As she delivers the news, Juliet begins to choke on her tears. Juliet here thinks that she is being clever, and that she has managed to get away with no marrying Paris. Here he begins to make a series of both serious and unserious threats that unnerve Juliet. This shows us that she is in great distress at how her father reacted to her saying that she will not marry Paris. It would also come as a great surprise to Juliet that her father is being both physically and violently abusive because she has always been treated so well before, as she is an only child she is the only one to bring an heir into the family.

By getting down on her knees and begging her father to stop being so angry she is possibly thinking that by trying other tactics, and acting as though she is truly sorry her father will calm down and Juliet will be able to continue debating whether or not she should marry Paris, both mentally and verbally.

She is also thinking it is quite ironic that she is going to be exiled from her own family, as the son of the family she has married into has also been exiled. Essay If I were to direct this scene, I would have Capulet enter from the same large doors as Lady Capulet came through. He has not heard the shouting that has gone on before hand.

As he walks in, Juliet is stood up, still with tears running down her face. As he begins to talk to her, he almost mocks how she is crying still for Tybalt, but in a kind, fatherly way that shows understanding. As Capulet gets delivered the bad news, he starts off more confused, and this quickly develops into anger.

Juliet already has fear, and takes steps backwards as she tries to calm her father down by twisting her words. At this point Capulet must storm forward even more, with Juliet walking backwards and eventually climbing onto her bed. Lady Capulet must try and step in front of Juliet and Capulet, but not so much that either of them are concerned about her presence.

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After she has told them to stop, Juliet should drop to her knees on her bed. As she begs with Capulet, Juliet should weakly and childishly try to grab Capulet to hold onto, but he has none of it. It is at this point where he gets very violent. He should use his upstage arm to grab her shoulder.

Juliet then must try and pull away from his grip, but he overpowers her. After giving her shoulder a few hard shakes, Capulet then must pick her up and put her over her shoulder.

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The tale of young Juliet, her secret husband Romeo, and the tragedy which overtakes them has been admired by theatre goers for centuries. Much of the play's appeal comes from the problems which Romeo and Juliet face from being with each other.

Scenes, containing further plot twists increase the tension of the play and heighten the intensity of the final scenes. One scene which does just that is Act 3 Scene 5.

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This scene is pivotal to the play in many ways. At the start of the The scene in question is extremely important in the whole outcome of the play because it is the last time Juliet will see Romeo alive. Also in this scene, Juliet goes against her father's word for the very first time. Juliet's surprise at her mother's sudden arrival is acceptable, as her mother never visits her in her room. The reason for this is that Juliet was brought up by the Nurse, and so has a much closer To what extent can Lord and Lady Capulet be as good parents to Juliet?

Juliet starts of in the play as the daughter who always follows whatever her parents say. Her parents have always loved her at the beginning and cared for her, but never knew what she wanted herself. Nurse however is like a mother figure to Juliet and knows what she wants, but also wants what's best for her. In Lord Capulet's first appearance in the play, he says, "my child is yet a stranger in the world," which is saying that his own daughter may Discuss Shakespeare's presentation of the relationships between the characters in act 3 scene 5 'Romeo and Juliet' Essay Essay Romeo and Juliet are the children of the two most important families, the Montagues and the Capulets, who are engaged in an ancient feud.

Act three scene five gives the audience a striking dramatic contrast and is a very significant part of the play, it is also a turning point for Romeo and Juliet. This scene opens with Juliet saying goodbye to Romeo, who I will look at the characters actions and see how they influence what happens in this scene. An example of one of these actions that influence the play would be that Juliet turned down Paris's marriage proposal because she already wife to Romeo.