Janoskians meet and greet experience

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janoskians meet and greet experience

Read Meet and greet from the story Meeting the Janoskians (true experience) by SiobhanThomson (Siobhan Thomson) with 13 reads. hero, heroes, youtube. Find The Janoskians VIP Tickets & Hospitality Packages at Live Nation Once in a lifetime Meet & Greet Experience represents the ultimate concert experience. If you've never heard of the Janoskians, don't worry. We're I HAVE A BELFAST AND DUBLIN MEET AD GREET FOR THE JANOSKIANS IM.

I also saw the Janoskians ahhhh my faves live even though the meet and greet tickets were sold out, I thought I would share my experiences. November 14thMiranda Sings concert and meet and greet: Her sister Rachel also a great YouTuber took the pictures and afterwards I asked her for a picture also because I am a huge fan of both of their channels, she was happy to do so and I got a lovely hug from her too.

Both of the Ballinger sisters were amazing, polite and great huggers so I would defiantly recommend meeting them if you have the chance.

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September 3rdJanoskians Jahoo Jahaa tour show: The show was hilarious full of excitement and laughter along with some great tunes. Not gonna lie, I cried when they came on stage because I was so overwhelmed and I literally lost my voice for a week after the concert. We had tickets to sit up on the balcony but as we went into the venue, we were told that it was closed so we ran to get the best view possible, and we did have a great view. Too bad it looked crap on pictures hahaha.

Overall it was an amazing night, perhaps the best night of my life. June 2ndmeeting Caspar Lee at his book signing: Caspar is one of my favourite ever YouTubers and so when I found out that he was coming to Gateshead, I knew I had to get tickets.

I went with the same friend who I saw the Janoskians with and she was equally as excited.

janoskians meet and greet experience

They really did make it personal even though you only had time for a very brief conversation. But after a few seconds I think he felt bad and reluctantly agreed that he would record it for me but would have to do it subtly because it's technically against the rules. I am extremely thankful for that guy because the video slays my life to be honest! When it was my turn I was already crying and couldn't really see them clearly, or think clearly - I mean it's the Janoskians!

I really was just in such shock I wasn't really thinking about anything so when security asked for my phone I was really confused and surprised, I just kind of handed it to him because he was very rushed and pushy. I walked up to where you sit between Beau and Luke in total shock and sat down whilst crying my eyes out, I remember them all saying stuff whilst I was walking up to them but honestly I have absolutely no clue what they said to me I was in so overwhelmed!

He was about to say something else when the guy suddenly came up to me looking quite annoyed because he couldn't work my crappy phone's camera, I fixed it for him then he rushed over to take our pictures.

Meeting YouTubers – My Experience

He took four on my phone and the professional photographer also snapped away. It was quite confusing as to which camera you should look at and in all my photos we're all looking at different cameras but it's really good that you get quite a few different photos so you know some of them will turn out well!

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Afterwards I hugged Beau and told him how much I loved them, how much they meant to me and thanked him for everything, then hugged Jai whilst Luke was rubbing my back asdfghjk then security basically pushed me out: I waited for my friends to come out - which security were extremely unhappy about, they wanted us out as soon as possible.

As I was about to be ushered out I remembered I forgot to get my camera off the security guard and had to go back to get it, when I came back Ronnie Diamond was there and I went to get a photo with him but then, you guessed it, security finally got us out.

When we went outside it was quite contrast from the craziness inside to the silence when we came out.

janoskians meet and greet experience

Everyone was waiting silently for us seeing as we were the first people to come out, and we were all sobbing uncontrollably. Some of us were upset because we didn't even get to talk to any of them but some of us were crying happy tears - we actually just met the Janoskians!?

janoskians meet and greet experience

The professional photographer was meant to e-mail us within two weeks with our photos which is an awfully long excruciating wait to find out if the pictures are any good!

After that we were allowed to sit inside or go outside but we had to be back for 5: During this time I went to the merch stand and I got the hoodie as well as the wristbands, the hoodie is pretty expensive but it's so soft and comfy!

janoskians meet and greet experience

I love that it's quite big as well - I got the small but it's still pretty big and I love that in hoodies! It was around 6: We were again the first people down and ran into the venue to get our places in the front row! It felt extremely unreal that we were actually front row!

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We still had an hour and a half before Blush went on, but we were so excited we just chatted the time away. As we did this the crowd began to fill in, as more and more people came in we became more and more squashed, knowing that when the Janoskians came on it was going to absolutely insane we tried to make sure we already had extra personal space, I'd definitely try to put something in between you and the barrier if you're front row - I just put my bag to make more space and to stop the barrier from hurting me so much, it definitely helped my legs!

During and after Blush things were already going insane. Thankfully the girls directly behind us were very nice and tried to help us from being completely murdered. We all had to push back against the pressing crowd. Security handed out glasses of water and we passed them back - although I had water thrown on me quite a few times, it's so good that security does that because it does get very hot in there!