Inu x boku ss karuta ending a relationship

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inu x boku ss karuta ending a relationship

Inu × Boku SS (妖狐×僕SS, Inu Boku Secret Service, Dog and I Secret Service) is a Soushi and Ririchiyo end up in this as well sometimes, especially when .. Odd Friendship: Of all the SS Agent/client relationships, Karuta's relationship with . She later befriends Karuta Roromiya and Banri Watanuki, both of which she creates a true connection with him, and he becomes her Secret Service agent in the process. At the end of the series, they get married (which makes her Ririchiyo. A page for describing Characters: Inu × Boku SS. Here a list of characters that appear in Inu × Boku SS. A half-human, half-oni high school girl who .

He makes Karuta wear a Slave Collar and French Maid Outfit when he visits in Episode 5, but she doesn't really mind, especially since he brought her food. Most of the SS and client duos are this, but it's especially noticable in Ririchiyo and Soushi, who's hair colors are basically stylized black and white respectively.

The art style exhibits these for all of the female characters. Ririchiyo is the most blatant example, but even Nobara has huge hips relative to her shoulders and waist.

When learning of Ririchiyo's desperate and perpetual loneliness, Soushi cries on her behalf. All of the residents of Ayakashi Kan. Watanuki had one, courtesy of Zange and Kagerou. Ririchiyo thinks that this is the reason why she has an "irregular heart beat" when thinking about her bodyguard.

Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Soushi can be a bit Arguably, Zange is this way platonically towards all of the main characters.

inu x boku ss karuta ending a relationship

With his powers he's seen so much tragedy in both the past and future lives of himself and his friends, that he wants to do all he can to orchestrate their happiness. But he doesn't pay even half as much attention to his own well being, unless it's to be sure that he isn't a burden on the others. I Kiss Your Foot: Soushi to Ririchiyo in Episode 1.

Also used later in Soushi's backstory as characterization with Kagerou commanding him to kiss his foot upon their first meeting.

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Soushi went to do it without hesitation but Kagerou didn't actually expect him to do it. Pretty much everyone has them, especially the atavists who get wardrobe upgrades in their demon forms. Frequently how Kagerou classifies things. This glass is totally a sadist! Any interaction between Soushi and a female usually involves this in some way.

The relationship between Renshou and the others becomes this after everyone except him died and got reincarnated.

All of the atavists are a result of this. It's hard to say if they really are friends, though. Behind his polite, humble and charming front, Soushi is one of the biggest perverts around. His Stalker with a Crush tendencies are just the beginning of it. Subverted, as the only reason he's so well-learned is because he didn't want to "disappoint Ririchiyo with his simpleness.

His family raised him under house arrest from birth, and when it became too much, he learned to appeal to the sympathies of household workers and members in order to manipulate his way to freedom. He eventually ended up in the service of Kagerou and his family until he turned 20, at which point he was freed. He declares he exists for the sake of protecting Ririchiyo. Soushi frequently says he lives for the sake of serving and protecting Ririchiyo and just being by her side is like a dream come true for him.

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He keeps his polite and calm behaviour no matter the circumstances. Connected with his twisted personality. The dogged is kind of a pun. His right eye is blue, while the other is golden yellow. This is probably to indicate the fact that he is a half-kitsune. In his backstory, the only thing Soushi cared about was becoming free from his family by any means necessary and he always adjusted his behaviour to how it would be easier to manipulate people at the moment.

This made him into nothing but a Professional Butt-Kisser with no self-regard whatsoever. Kagerou outright called him boring because of this. It wasn't until he came into contact with Ririchiyo that he began to develop into his own person.

He became a Professional Butt-Kisser in order to appeal to his higher ups and worm his way to freedom from a life-long house arrest. His previous master Kagerou noted that he'd willingly do an embarrassing act with a smile on his face.

He's something of a subversion since he uses this tactic to achieve his own ends, but it's also true he assigns so little value to his life that he'd even commit suicide if that was what was wished of him. In his introduction, the window is open and Cherry Blossoms drift inside the hall around him.

inu x boku ss karuta ending a relationship

They also appear in his transformation scenes. To free himself from his house arrest, Soushi seduced many women of higher positions in his household and made himself into their boy toy so it gradually became easier for him to move around. It stopped when he found Kagerou's mother and got to convince her to release him from the Miketsukami family. More than willing to manipulate anyone into getting what he wants, including the mistresses and masters that he works under, putting himself in as much control as he can with his relationships.

Soushi makes no secret of how much he loves to be his beloved Ririchiyo's servant. He actually would love that she treated him like a dog instead of a person. He has white hair and pale skin. Despite the darker aspects of his personality, Soushi is still quite the sympathetic, if antiheroic character. He dies protecting Ririchiyo from Inugami at the end of Part I. Frequently refers to himself as a "lowly servant" or a "dog unworthy of anything", even for something as simple as a "thank-you".

Usually Played for Laughs. He cries on Ririchiyo's behalf upon listening to her speak about the loneliness she's felt through her life. Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Huge Guy to Ririchiyo's Tiny Girl. She only comes up to the middle of his chest. I Just Want to Be Free: When he was young, his family kept him under home arrest since birth. Soushi wanted nothing more than be free from his prison and go to the outside world.

He used all the means necessary to worm his way to freedom. However, as Soushi started to gain his own sense of self thanks to Ririchiyo, he realized that even though he wished to become free his entire life, he never really thought about what he wanted to do with that freedom. He then decided the only thing he wanted was to be by Ririchiyo's side. I Just Want to Be Loved: He's told Ririchiyo his greatest dream is to have a child with her someday.

inu x boku ss karuta ending a relationship

Considering his terrible childhood, this is likely so that he can give someone a better life than the one he had, and also because a loving family was something he'd never had. He'd grown fond of Ririchiyo through the letters they exchanged, but his devotion to Ririchiyo was sealed when he realized that the entire time she'd been aware he'd been distant in his writings, and that when he for the first time ever was genuine in a letter, it didn't escape her notice.

As much of a stalker as he is, Soushi honestly doesn't believe he's worthy of Ririchiyo. To him, being her servant is the best he can hope for. Even after becoming a couple, Ririchiyo has trouble getting Soushi to think of himself as her equal. I Owe You My Life: It wasn't until after getting to know her through her letters that he began to develop into his own person.

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He might a yandere stalker, but to his credit, he's not willing to make assumptions about his relationship with Ririchiyo, and lets her be the one to decide where they stand with each other.

When he says he'd do anything for her, he really does mean it. Katanas Are Just Better: He wields a katana in his youkai form. Speaks very respectfully under any and all circumstances. He's the knight, Ririchiyo is the lady. Soushi was with many women in his past, but he was merely using them as a means to get his freedom. It was when he got to know Ririchiyo that Soushi fell in love for real and he has been devoted to her ever since. Love Before First Sight: Kagerou made him write replies to the letters from Ririchiyo.

Soushi got to know her rather well throughout her letters and eventually developed genuine feelings for her even though he had never met her before. There doesn't seem to be one thing that Soushi doesn't know about Ririchiyo.

Karuta Roromiya

In Episode 9, he gives a laundry list of Ririchiyo's likes, dislikes, hobbies and daily routine When all Zange asked was if Ririchiyo liked dogs or cats better. He got his way through life by stealthily exploiting other people, even his friends, which he's still all too willing to do even now. The only person he will not exploit is Ririchiyo.

inu x boku ss karuta ending a relationship

Miketsukami means "Great Fox God". The only times he's really seen wearing glasses is when he's relaxing. He's been seen using his duplication abilities to help with chores or as part of battle strategy. Mistress and Servant Boy: He willingly chose to be Ririchiyo's "dog", and is quite an eager one at that. It gets Played With because Ririchiyo never acts as his superior and is actually disturbed by his submissiveness and excessive devotion.

Once they start a romantic relationship, Ririchiyo tries to get Soushi to act more like a boyfriend instead of a servant, but it's hard for him. Silver-tinged, but close enough. It actually does turns white when he's in his demon form in the anime though. Soushi admits he doesn't really know how to interact with other people other than acting like a servant, since that was the only mean of contact with others he had for most of his life. Not with Them for the Money: From the very beginning, Soushi makes it clear to Ririchiyo that his devotion to her has nothing to do with her family status.

It's later revealed that Ririchiyo was, in fact, the first woman Soushi became interested in because of her personality instead of a social position he could exploit. They start dating near the end of the first part of the story.

Their relationship enters shaky grounds in the second part now that they've been reincarnated, and Ririchiyo's declared that she only loves his past self. However, things turn out well in the third part and Soushi and Ririchiyo are now a happy couple in the new timeline.

Banri Watanuki

Off with His Head! Inugami kills him by cutting off his head at the end of Part I. While working under Kagerou, Soushi was made write letters for Ririchiyo in his master's place because Kagerou didn't want to do it himself. Instead of responding the letters like Kagerou would, Soushi wrote them in a way that he would make Ririchiyo like Kagerou because he felt that was part of his job. As they exchanged letters through several years, Soushi ended up falling in love with Ririchiyo, but he was saddened by the thought that the one she was interested in was Kagerou, not him.

However, Ririchiyo reveals she always knew Kagerou wasn't the one replying her letters, which makes Soushi feel overjoyed at Ririchiyo being able to notice him right from the start. He is astoundingly loyal to Ririchiyo, but has no qualms about hurting others if they're in his way, not even his own friends. Power Dyes Your Hair: His hair color becomes white in his youkai form.

Pragmatic Hero Professional Butt-Kisser: Before he met Ririchiyo, Soushi lived by appealing to people in higher positions than him and doing whatever they wanted so he could use them to become free. Soushi happily says all the time that Ririchiyo is his owner, referring to himself as her dog. Despite the fact that one of Ririchiyo's defining characteristics is that she often says the exact opposite of what she means, Soushi tends to take the things she says way too seriously.

A rare main protagonist example. He has little to no personality outside of his devotion to Ririchiyo. He even declares he would have no reason to live if he can't serve her.