Interracial relationship essays

interracial relationship essays

Enjoy reading this argumentative essay sample about Interracial Dating in A person in an interracial relationship will want to learn about the. Interracial Relationships Essay. Words 5 Pages. Racism is a national epidemic. Racial equality and civil rights reach across societal boundaries to protect. However, when people talk about interracial relationships, the first things that mostly come to their mind is relationships amongst black and.

interracial relationship essays

On the downside, interracial dating evolves in a society in which many people have stereotypes about who should date whom. The US, for instance, a few centuries ago, had anti-miscegenation laws that prevented white Americans from marrying Asians, and the laws against white-black marriages were repealed only as a result of the Civil Rights Movement in the middle of the twentieth century.

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This divide can still be in the minds of the people, though, and interracial couples have to consider this sad reality. Parents, for instance, can be opposed to the fact that their child may be dating someone with an undesirable racial background.

In my personal experience, however, this will matter very little if the couple is devoted. Being Asian, I date a white American girl, and so far we have encountered almost no resistance in our families or among friends.

If we had, we would hardly have cared anyway.

interracial relationship essays

I think that someone who has had a relationship with a person of a different race has a much lower chance of acting in a racist way later in life because the memory of being close to the person of a different race will usually keep one from challenging intelligence and morality of other races, unless racial stereotypes were the reason for the failure of this relationship.

However, I believe that starting an interracial relationship simply because one wants to defy the society is hardly a good idea. In my personal experience, a friend of mine, being a white girl, started dating an Afro-American guy merely to defy her parents, whom she saw as too restrictive and also prejudiced.

Interracial Dating Essay

They had not liked her previous white boyfriend who did not conform to their ideal, so she decided to challenge them by choosing someone who would even less fit into their ideas. As had to be expected, it turned out to be a very messy and short relationship, full of frustration for both sides that took part in it.

Overall, interracial dating is less dependent on race and more on personal qualities of the individual people. As we know, racist attitudes exist in every race, and in every race there are people who are open-minded and ready to see personal qualities in a human being as opposed to the racial stereotypes. One of the major pros is that the person has an opportunity to choose to be with any other person whom he or she loves.

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This is one and only consideration that I think people should use when thinking of interracial relationships. We are all equal and we have a freedom of our personal choice. Nevertheless, sometimes friends or family can be against such decisions and be less supportive. Often the rejection of close relatives happens due to the numerous stereotypes that still exist today. They can start looking for specific reasons or clues that motivated two people to become a couple or to get married.

interracial relationship essays

Generations and age seem to affect the openness towards the interracial relations. Some studies have shown that generational factors and influences are strong.

interracial relationship essays

When we are young we seem to be more open in our choices. People are more favorable to mixtures between the races.

interracial relationship essays

However, say, parents who are older often express disapproval of their own children daring or marrying representatives of other races. There are external factors that create disagreements and dissonance in the relationships.