Inter communal relationship in nigerian


inter communal relationship in nigerian

Nigeria, the most populous country in black Africa has been wrecked by periodic Keywords: Personal and communal relationships, ethnicity, religion and violence. 1. .. Provide opportunities for inter-faith and inter-ethnic dialogue groups. State four (4) importance of inter communal relationship to the societies involved. 3. Explain Mention the names of key nationalist leaders in Nigeria and their. Being a multi-ethnic state, Nigeria needs to constantly promote inter-communal relationship to ensure peaceful co-existence. From day one of this new year.

This, I know, is lacking amongst people resulting to unnecessary rancour, strife, maiming and killing which is common amongst our people today. Image The refusal to cultivate inter-personal relationships in our homes, workplace, and other social gathering has created insecurity and fear amongst the people.

People have constantly reject to explore the various skills to resolving conflicts between and amongst them.

inter communal relationship in nigerian

They rather resort to violence than to adopt dialogue, mediation or arbitration, law suit and so on. From refusal to embrace inter-personal relationship, the effects have degenerated to communal crises.

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And today, we are talking about inter-communal relationship. This can be defined as the interactions that exist between and amongst communities. It comes in forms of trades, sharing of human and materials, security ties and many more. Skills needed for Resolving Inter-communal Conflicts 1. Meaning of Inter-communal Relationship Inter-communal Relationship is a relationship which exists between two or more communities.

inter communal relationship in nigerian

One of the main objectives of any good government is to bring government close to the citizens and provide a forum where local people can defend and develop their interest thereby contributing to the peace and harmony development of the society and also among communities.

Importance of Inter-communal Relationship The following can be cited as the importance of Inter-communal Relationships: Promotion of Peace and Unity: A positive inter-communal relation will promote peaceful situations and environment coupled with the abilities of uniting the people of both partner communities. It is the duty of inter-communal relationship to enhance and ensure stable and standby security consciousness and stability in their communities.

It ensures stable and standby security consciousness in the communities. It will help to remove the fear of violence, war or any kind of between communities. Positive inter-communal relationship will enhance willingness for the communities to give out their sons and daughters t others from another tribe.

Promotion of Economic progress: A responsible and positive inter-communal relationship will enhance peaceful atmosphere and strategies for each other or each other business like inter-marketing strategies etc.

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Inter-communal conflicts Inter-communal conflict is the term used to describe conflict that occurs between competing groups within a state. It may arise over disputes concerning access to scarce resources or political power.

Such conflicts may lead to violent warfare between the two or more defined communities that are involved.

inter communal relationship in nigerian