Hexagram 64 unchanging relationship memes

iChing Nearing Completion

hexagram 64 unchanging relationship memes

The present reflection of humanity is Hexagram 64, Safeguarding Life, . 2nd The primal relationship between humans and nature has been disrupted by .. when we see the unchanging harmony underlying the world of appearances. .. The meme really came into being with Jose Argeulles and. Thread: Your Experiences with Unchanging Castings-Hexagram 64 . How did the trip end up, in relation to your worry? Good, I hope?. relationship between the mind, the nervous system and automata that The Semantic Sphere 1 world, i.e. under the revealing veil of the signifier. and hexagrams of the I Ching33, which the Jesuits had just brought back from China. memes are not sufficient to explain the Temple of Shiva in Chidambaram, the.

Even at higher levels, learning is directed toward abstractions and artificial problems that pull otherwise competent persons away from the real world and encapsulate them in a world of concepts and categories. The materialistic worldview engendered by the Western European experience is soul-numbing and life-negating, presenting a picture of the world that justifies the suffering of so many peers and the desecration of the natural environment.

I Ching Hexagram #64:

Recognize the symptoms of this worldview whenever it rears its head and consciously reaffirm your adoption by the ancient lifeway of your spiritual ancestors. Reject out of hand the conventional wisdom that seeks to domesticate the wild creative spirit of human nature. Tipping Point Of The Emerging Equilibrium— A new and more dynamic balance of underlying forces emerges with the growing shift of values toward the altruistic end of the spectrum.

hexagram 64 unchanging relationship memes

Out of the common hardships people share at this time there emerges a widespread attitude of placing the needs of the whole ahead of individual needs. People increasingly face the crisis with a diminished sense of self-interest and a greater sense of responsibility for the common good. The uncertainty and insecurity that faces everyone is a test that must of necessity be passed without falling into fear, hatred and violence.

New solutions that follow a healing-way replace the old failed solutions that continue to perpetuate conflict, greed and poverty. People everywhere begin taking note again of the true, the beautiful and the good as the fever breaks and the time of distress gives way to a long period of peace and prospering for all.

Transmuting Knowledge Into Action— There are many false starts and dead ends on the path forward, so individuals who are afraid of making mistakes become paralyzed by indecision. Take a trial-and-error approach, seeking first-hand knowledge and then discovering the best ways to set those new understandings into concrete actions.

In the present case, this points to the need to free the passions from the constraints of puritanical repression and channel them into acts—both individual and collective—of constructive creativity.

Yijing Hexagram Names and Core Meanings

It indicates a time of flowering in the arts and public works. Likewise, it marks a time of increased scientific research, especially that attempting to create technologies making human interaction with the natural environment harmonious. The lifeways of indigenous peoples—both ancient and contemporary—take on greater significance as the emerging world culture seeks to consolidate the highest practices of humaneness and justice from all of history into a living vision of universal benefit.

Forging a Grand Alliance of all peoples, the last generation of war gives birth to the first generation of peace and prospering for all. Predictive Hexagram Attracting Allies Image: A corn stalk stands against the sky. In place of ears of corn there grow conch shells, whose song can be heard far and wide. Feminine and masculine spirits use earthen jars to pour water onto the plant from above.

Per Nørgård - I Ching - Hexagram No.57 ''The Gentle, the penetrating''

This hexagram depicts sustained and conscientious effort being rewarded with success. Corn symbolizes the food that sustains life. The corn stalk is a symbol of the plowing, sowing, and cultivating that it takes to produce that sustenance.

The conch symbolizes hidden power because it is a secretive animal that creates a home of perfect strength and beauty and symmetry, whereas the conch shell, which carries within itself the song of the sea and has since time immemorial been used as a ceremonial trumpet, is a symbol of that which calls people and spirits to gather.

Taken together, these symbols mean that your endeavor is laborious but, because it holds the promise of bringing benefit to others, does attract the attention of unseen benefactors. The feminine and masculine spirits coming from above symbolize the helping spirits who answer your call.

Taken together, these symbols mean that your masculine half and feminine half are harmoniously balanced, uniting the spirit of purposeful action and the spirit of loving nourishment in a concerted effort to produce benefit in harmony with the creative spirits themselves. The masculine and feminine halves of the spirit warrior work together to achieve a goal that ennobles and enriches all.

hexagram 64 unchanging relationship memes

Now is the time to set aside all hope and fear, bearing down on the work itself: By working for the sake of the work rather than your own need, you create a history of sincerity and selflessness as significant as any history of your accomplishments, since those who have the power to help you are as interested in your character as they are in your abilities.

Yet even thinking about the thoughts of those who might help you is a distraction that can lead you off your path and into the mire of ambition and self-interest. Simply view your endeavor as the daily discharge of a sacred trust, your part in a work that has no foreseeable end: Trust that the unseen forces have taken note of the purity of your intent and, even now, are judging how they might assist in the realization of your vision. When we realize we need help in accomplishing a difficult task, our first impulse is to turn to those who we believe share in our responsibilities.

Such reasoning, no matter how justifiable, does not work at present. On the contrary, it creates conflict with those who are unable or unwilling to respond: This is not, therefore, a time to act naively, seeking assistance from those who would have already offered help if they had the will or means to do so.

This is, rather, a time to let our own work call out to those of similar spirit, thought, feelings, and vision. It is a time to let our work speak for itself. The best way to find support at this time is not to go looking for it—let others find us through our works. This is especially true if we wish to attract helping spirits or spiritual ancestors to guide and teach us. The best way to persuade others to come to our aid at this time is to persuade them of our sincerity.

If you can push through this time with good intentions toward all, you will be joined by collaborators of the utmost worth. Avoid the temptation to seek out those who might help you in your endeavor, striving instead to produce something both beneficial and of the highest caliber. Likewise, avoid the temptation to seek the approval of others, striving instead for self-respect. Take joy in producing something you believe in and others will come to believe in your goal.

Success falls to the patient at this time. Find joy in the daily repetition of the endeavor you have undertaken. Work in private, establishing bonds that will hold in public. Your "tail" is dragging in the water as you cross the great river. Take time to resolve and assess the situation at hand.

Changes in Line 2 "Braking the Wheels" This line signifies that the time for taking action has not quite come. On an important matter with a special someone, don't communicate quite yet. Wait at least one week. Let your intuition and higher purpose guide you as to when action should be taken. Changes in Line 3 "Accepting Fellowship" A time of great transition has arrived, but the wise person knows that only through fellowship will true love emerge.

This is a good time to join a community or take a class. It will open the doors to more light and love. There is no turning back. You have come too far and the mission is too important. Pour your heart into everything you do. Changes in Line 5 "Stepping into the Light" Congratulations are in order!

Since nothing can reach completion, the trend moves toward the opposite condition: Life reveals its enormous power to sustain and strengthen its creatures to those who would follow its ways. Although disorder ends the Book of Changes, we know that it is a necessary pathway to renewal.

As the transition arrives, we see the image of the tree before it begins to branch. In between the stagnation of winter and the great fullness of summer is spring: It comes from 'nowhere,' although we know it will come again, because it has come before. The situation is strange and new, the past is a world away, and you are ripe for a transformation.

Once things reach the end, you can approach the opportunity to blossom anew. Orchestrate non- attachment, truth is a game of adversaries. Empty of questions, no complications. When we think about the chaos presented in Wei Chi we recognize that disorder is the only way that the future can be built from growth and innovation.

When you receive this hexagram unchanging you are too focused on the present and perhaps are not giving the situation enough time or freedom to develop into its highest potential. You are being asked to flow the way nature wants you to flow — without expectations and without the need to classify or think of completion.

They say that the journey is far more important than the destination and this is the case in your present situation. If you can recognize that Before Completion is a message to go with the flow the way will be much easier.

Changes to 38 Opposition. Although you may feel compelled to do something to set events in order, this is not the proper time to rush ahead. You are anxious for a tangible result but something about this situation is still in an evolutionary stage. Opposition can show events that stop you in your tracks and the purpose is to slow you down. Moving forward too hastily can only lead to humiliation.

Changes to 35 Progress. Because you realize that the situation requires a bit more time to gel it is good that you have put the brakes on moving anxiously forward.

Progress can be achieved whether or not you are applying pressure or action.