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Prayer Secret #2 - The Will of God For Your life

god bless our relationship images clip

Prayer Secret #1 – establishing a good, personal, intimate relationship with God . God came back with a one-line answer and the answer was, “He is sufficient. I trust that our new relationship is a blessing from You, O Lord and I pray that May I not go into this relationship love-blind but rather spirit-wise. . come off the line and keep coming to you no matter what we don't feel like it. Share this image on social media and invite other women to take this prayer challenge with you! Day 1 Pray that your husband would put his relationship with God above Day 3 Pray that God would bless the work of his hands, that he .. com) or contact him on his whatsapp mobile line +

She went before God and started praying, asking God if she should marry him. God came back with no further answers every time she asked. He started to physically abuse her.

god bless our relationship images clip

The beatings got so bad that she had no other alternative but to divorce the man for fear he was going to end up killing her. I have found from personal experience that whenever God is silent on a specific prayer request, this means to hold your position and do nothing until you receive further word from Him as to whether or not you should move in the direction that you are looking to move into.

Another one of my friends was dating a man for about 1 year. She too started asking God if she should marry him. She got no answer from God for at least 3 months. Again, she got impatient waiting for God to answer her. She went ahead and married the man without any leading from the Holy Spirit to do so, and no confirming activity from the Lord that she should marry the man.

Prayer Secret #2 – The Will of God

One year into the marriage, she found out that her husband had been having an affair behind her back with one of his secretaries during the entire year that they had been married! They were divorced shortly thereafter. Do you see what happens when you go against the perfect will of God on a specific request? Total death can result. They were both praying for marriages that obviously were not in the perfect will of God for their lives.

This is why I say God always knows best. God knew the one man had a dark side that was going to emerge once he married the girl. He knew the other man would not stay faithful once he got married to the second girl.

Neither girl could have known these things were going to occur.

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But God does know all these things and what our futures will hold for us — and this is why your prayer requests have always got to be within His perfect will for your life or the consequences could be disastrous like they were in these two stories! About 20 years ago, I was dating a girl for about one year when she got diagnosed with cancer.

She immediately started chemo and the rest of the appropriate cancer treatments. I took her to see Joyce Meyer for a healing, along with some of the other ministers in our area who were supposed to have the gift of healing operating through their ministries.

god bless our relationship images clip

None of the ministers were able to bring any type of healing to my girlfriend. I then started to try and pray myself to see if I could get God to heal her. I will never forget what happened when I did. I initially ignored the shield and continued to try and pray through to God for this request. As I started praying the appropriate words, I saw my words travel about two feet in front of my mouth and then drop straight to the ground.

I then felt the Holy Spirit start to literally pull back on my words as I was trying to release them to God. There was no anointing on my words.

I had no wind at my back from the Holy Spirit to be approaching God with this specific request.

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I was really straining in trying to get my words to reach God the Father. After about the 5th or 6th time when trying to pray to God for her healing, I immediately stopped and asked God if I should even bother to continue to pray on this issue due to the resistance I seemed to be picking up from the Holy Spirit. I then received an immediate answer. I was given a strong knowing that God did not want to heal her and that it was His perfect will that she be brought home to Him — and if I continued to try and pray for this healing against His will, that I would just be expending useless energy.

He made it loud and clear that His mind was already made up on the issue and that I was to let it go. He then conveyed to me as to why He was not going to consider healing her. Long story short, my girlfriend was 40 years old when she came down with the cancer. The doctors told her that if she did not quit smoking, that she would end up in a wheelchair and on an oxygen tent on a permanent basis.

For whatever reason, she would not quit smoking and she continued to smoke for another 8 years. The emphysema was starting to break into the next level and she still would not quit. She then broke out with the cancer. God made it very clear to me that He gave her 8 years to clean up her act, to heed the warnings from the doctors and to quit smoking.

Our bodies are a direct gift from God, and He expects all of us to do the best we can with them — especially in the area of taking proper care of them. When she refused to take proper care of her body by giving up smoking, God decided He was not going to heal her and that she would have to be brought home much earlier than He would have really liked.

god bless our relationship images clip

I believe to this day that had my girlfriend quit smoking 8 years before coming down with this cancer, that there would have been a very good chance that God would have healed her of the cancer. But because she did not take proper care of her body, God had no natural desire to want to heal her when this emergency presented itself.

And God gave her plenty of time to get her act together before this cancer hit — 8 years! I did not tell my girlfriend what I felt God had conveyed to me. I did not want to cause her to lose hope in the event I had not properly heard from God on this issue. She tried several other healing ministries, along with continuing all of the cancer treatments, but nothing worked.

She died one year later after getting diagnosed with the cancer. As you can see from the above three stories, you can save yourself a lot of blood, sweat, and tears when praying to God if you can pick it up ahead of time whether or not your specific prayer requests should be brought before Him for His consideration. This is the beauty of the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

One of His jobs is to help us in our prayer life with God the Father. The Holy Spirit will always know whether or not God will want to answer our specific prayer request. By connecting up with the Holy Spirit on a specific prayer request, you will go a long way in being able to decide when to approach God in prayer and when not to.

For those of you who have not got this far in your own personal relationship with the Holy Spirit in order to be able to pick Him up and read His movements, you can still approach both Him and God the Father before you attempt to pray and just simply ask God if it will be in His perfect will that a specific prayer request be put before Him.

I have found that God will always come through loud and clear on this issue. Remember, God wants to establish a loving personal relationship with you — and in this personal relationship will be the benefit of being able to approach Him with your specific prayer requests.

God really wants to show you how to play the prayer game with Him. It is prayer that will pull down major miracles from God. You just have to learn what the ground rules are and how to play the game with Him. The Bible lays down all the ground rules that you will need to know in order to become a very effective and powerful prayer warrior for the Lord. For whatever reason, God has the big picture set up in that He will not move many of the times on a certain situation unless we first go into serious prayer with Him.

The art of prayer is a powerful tool in the hands of a Spirit-filled believer. If you work hard, if you perspire enough, then you shall definitely be blessed with success and happiness.

May God bless you my dears. May you shall find the strength to fight all evils and all the troubles that come your way. I always want you to achieve what you want in life and I shall always be here for you whenever you are in need of any sort of help. I shall be here. May God bless you, friends. Make sure that you are doing everything and putting your heart and energy into what is best for you.

The difficulties, the troubles will definitely be there on your road to success. The important things are how you choose to tackle and handle them my dear one. May God bless you always.

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Blessings are given only to those who work enough and who perspire enough for their dreams and aspirations my dear one. May God bless every one of us. In this chaos of madness and this many populations, you may find difficult to make the correct decisions for your life and for your future but believe me, if you are optimistic and if you have faith in God, nothing will seem difficult or nothing will seem impossible to attain my dear one.

With the wishes of your loved ones and with the blessings of God, each and every single thing will seem just right and just light. Everything will look simpler and will seem easier. May God bless you and your family.

If you work hard and if you dedicate your time into making your dreams come into reality and take a life form of its own, then my dear, you definitely need to open your eyes and ears. You need to be wise and you definitely need to take advice from elders and your loved ones. May God bless your loved ones and you as well. Making enemies are easy but making friends are difficult. So always be kind to every single person because you do not know who you might need when the right time comes.

Always work hard my dear one. If you dream big, you will definitely need to work extra hard for your dreams to come to life. Have faith in the almighty power of God. He will definitely bless those who need His help and His love. May God be with you. The divine power of the almighty God is something that no one can deny of. May God bless you and be with your thoughts. You have been studying a lot lately because the important exams are just approaching really near.

So my dear love, study extra hard because this is your last chance to prove yourself. May God bless you and all of us. If you have enough faith in God, then you do not have to ever worry about anything in life.

Just be honest and be a hard worker. Always be kind and gentle and have a kind heart, always remember to spread kindness and teach others to be kind always. If all the people of the world are kind then definitely, the world shall become a better place. May you find the motivation, the inspiration and the dedication that you shall need to attain success in life. May you always be the one to make the most correct and the wisest decisions in life.

You should know that God loves each and every one of us equally and dearly. My dear innocent one, no one can escape the eyes of God because God is everywhere, even within us in our souls and our spirits. May God bless you with happiness. If you work hard and if you believe in yourself that you can do it, then believe me my dear one, you definitely will be showered with happiness and lots of blessings from the almighty God.

May God bless you with love. You can never know the miracles that God can make in the lives of each and every one of us. We will always be cared for and loved by God because all of us are His children, my dear.

So have faith and leave the rest to God. Be kind, be gentle and always be yourself. Do not ever commit anything wrong in your life because that shall be a sin. Always make good decisions in life.

Always have faith in the almighty and just believe in yourself my dear one. If you believe in yourself and if you put your time and energy into your work, then no doubt that you will attain nothing but success in your path and in your career and in your life my dear one. Have faith in the almighty and leave the rest by just putting in your hard work into your tasks dear one.

May God bless you with good things. If you work hard and if you have a moral that is positive, you will surely achieve success in your life my dear one.

Always be bright, always shine and always be kind my dear one. May God always bless you, your family, your loved ones and all of your near and dear ones my dear. May you find the strength to always do the right thing my dear one. Wishing and praying that may God always be kind to you and your family my dear. May God always bless you. You can always seek the comfort in the warmth of your loved ones.

What makes you strong is not only your good will but your strong heart, your strong spirit and your determination to keep doing the right things for the betterment. May God always bless. Always smile and always be brave and courageous my dear one. May you shall always be blessed with the strength and the power to overcome all of the hurdles that come your way my dear one.

Always smile and always be brave. If you work hard, you shall definitely be rewarded for sure. Work hard, be kind, be brave and of course have the honesty and the courage to make the right decisions my dear one. May God always bless us.

Have a good soul my dear one. Always try to take advice from your elders and the ones who care. Always be humble and kind It is not so easy to do good deeds in life but my dear, with the power and blessings of God, nothing is ever impossible my dear. May God always bless you and I hope that you always stay happy. Please do not ever stress over small things in life because if you have faith in God, you will overcome just anything, my dear.

So have faith in God and may God bless you every single day. May God always bless you with the blessings and the good wishes my dear. I hope you will always find success wherever you go my dear one. Always make time for your family and friends even though you are piled up with your works because having a good time once in a while with your loved ones is so important.

May God bless you my dear one. Always stay happy and always keep on smiling because if you smile then you are sure to go for miles and miles on the road to success. Always stay positive and never be negative my dear.