Fiji us relationship with china

Barry Whiteside: Fiji's economic relationship with the People's Republic of China

fiji us relationship with china

Beijing has long sought a close relationship with the island nations of the . Under an aid program, China gave Fiji US$ million between. SUVA, Feb. 9 (Xinhua) -- Fiji and China have enjoyed very close and cordial relations since the two countries established diplomatic relations. “This would push the China-Fiji relationship to a new level, enhance South-South Co-operation in the spirit of equality and mutual respect, and.

As the largest contributor to the World Bank and, with Japan, to the Asian Development Bank, the United States supports a broad range of economic development and infrastructure programs in the Asia Pacific, including Fiji.

fiji us relationship with china

The United States contributes U. Coast Guard and U. Additionally, Fiji is a regular participant in U.

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The main products imported to the United States from Fiji include bottled water, tuna, and sugar. Fiji and the United States do not have a bilateral investment agreement. Tourism and remittances, including from the United States, contribute significantly to the Fijian economy. Fiji is a party to the U. Public Diplomacy A generally positive view of the United States, shared by most Fijians, along with English as a common language, provides ready audiences for public diplomacy.

fiji us relationship with china

Bilateral Representation The position of U. China accounts for around 15 percent of global GDP and half of global growth. Fluctuations in Chinese economic sentiments cause movements in global markets for commodity prices, stock markets, exchange rates, trade and other key economic indicators. China is also a key trading partner for our own five major trading partner economies.

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All these countries have felt the negative effects of the recent Chinese slowdown. Australia's mining boom plummeted when demand for its iron ore and other minerals flattened in China.

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New Zealand's dairy and coal industries suffered when demand slowed in China. For Japan and the Euro Zone, fluctuations in Chinese consumer demand have an impact on their external trade.

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So, developments in China have an important bearing on the Fijian economy both indirectly through our major trading partners, and directly through our own growing trade and investment relations. Similarly, our exports to China, which include mostly raw materials - wood chips, fish, tuna, seaweed, mineral water and vegetable products, have also gained traction especially with the inclusion of Bauxite exports in While we recognise the immense trade opportunities Fiji has with China, we are often constrained by the supply capacity of our industries to meet the large demand from China.

Hence, our focus must be to target China's higher-end niche markets for diverse products that include mushrooms, quality ginger and ginger products, seafood including sea weed and skin and beauty products. To this end, we are appreciative of the funding and technical assistance provided by the Chinese government to expand our export potential in supplying these favoured goods.

China–Fiji relations

Fijian mineral water is one product which could become more popular amongst the growing class of Chinese who have been abroad and are becoming more and more used to drinking premium bottled water. Fiji will need to focus on these niche areas and sell the pristine nature of our products to a perceptive and rapidly growing Chinese market.

fiji us relationship with china

Tourism Ladies and gentlemen, we worry that a slowdown in China will have an indirect and negative impact on tourist arrivals from our major source markets of Australia and New Zealand. These two markets make up around 65 percent of our annual visitors. But China itself is now an important growth market for our tourism.

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On a global scale, the number of Chinese travellers has grown to over million annually, a direct reflection of China's increasing economic wealth and its rapidly growing middle class.

Like the rest of the world, we must remain diligent in our efforts to entice China's large group of vacationers to our shores. While Fiji may not have extensive museums, large high end shopping malls and exquisite boutiques that Chinese travellers fancy, we offer the Chinese tourist a unique experience, a tranquil environment, beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the warmth of the Fijian people, in the only place "where happiness finds you".

From just 4, inChinese visitor numbers increased to 28, ina seven-fold increase. With the aim of growing the Chinese tourist market in Fiji, the Government has embarked on specific initiatives including visa-free travel, a travel guidebook in Chinese and the acceptance by nearly half the ATMs in the country of Union Pay credit cards.