Face reading nose relationship quizzes

Face Reading Nose: Nose Tip, Bridge, Wings, Nostrils

face reading nose relationship quizzes

As the most prominent part of face, nose represents one's self-esteem, ability, social status and personality. In face reading, eyes are the symbol of rank while. Which of the following terms is a reference to a person's facial features—narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows, etc—or. A person with this face shape spend more time nurturing their relationships, as they are very loving and generous. Face Reading – NOSE: According to Chinese face reading, nose types and Sampat Bhore, Online Psychometric Tests.

Below I will share those distinct areas of physiognomy. Facial shape Round Face: They are known as water-shaped faced people.

They have plump and fleshy face. They are known to be sensitive and caring. They are thought to have strong sexual fantasies. If you are looking forward for a long-term, stable relationship, these people will prove to be the right choice.

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The long, thin face is called the wood-shape face. These people may have a muscular or athletic physique.

face reading nose relationship quizzes

They are thought to be practical, methodical and tend to be a tad more overworked. They are weighed along with narcissism and may have problematic relationships. These face types are usually related to a thin body and intellectual persuasion. They are considered to be creative and thought to have a fiery temperament according to the Chinese face readers. They are known as the metal shape face.

These people are thought to have an intelligent, analytical and decisive mind. The face shape is associated with an aggressive and dominating nature. Sometimes they can be dangerous, but temperamentally are weak, often they are weaker in physical strength, sometimes underactive. They may seem impressionable and easy but in reality, they have the strongest consciousness, a great memory, this hair color reflects youthfulness, obedience and naivete.

Black hair without curls shows a person that is melancholic and looks calm. Curly hair shows joy and affection. Brown hair looks susceptibility and a romantic character, love of travel and adventure, these people have a strong character, and liberal ideas often they are indifferent.

Dark brown silky hair shows a preatty and attractive nature, with a power of seduction. These people are sensible, love the company they are with, are proud and confident. Brown hair, coarse, show an independent nature, not very sensitive, indifferent. They are responsible good financial handlingreliable and usually more harworking than others. They possess great physical energy and an almost brutal force. Bright red hair looks intelligent, sensitive, lucid spirit. If the hair is silky, it shows a loving naturelively and passionate.

If the skin is white it shows imagination, poetic character, romantic, art and music lover. Pale red hair looks stylish but they have a lack of firmness. Man with a hairy figure is sentimental, he has strength, energy, power and love sports and exercises outdoor.

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Man with no hair is a cunning man, diplomat, clever, he has tact in business, intelligent, his spirit is dominating the field. Ears Small ears show honor, manners and affection. As earlobe is thicker, the force of lived feelings is increased.

Ears too small show shyness and reserve, and if the ears are long and narrow, these qualities increase. Medium ears show energy and determination. Big ears with thick earlobe show rudeness and materialism.

Distanced ears are showing cruelty destruction desire. Vertical ears show strength, courage, energy, power.

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Normal ears are those that do not pass the height above or below the eyebrows and nose. Those whose ears get over the eyebrows appear to have an angry character, vindictive and even have criminal tendencies.

Ears with detached earlobes from the head show generosity and free spirit. Contrarian to these qualities is shown by earlobes closed to the head. A large distance between the eyes and ears show intellectual capacity and talent.

Forehead A high brow reveal aptitude for study.

face reading nose relationship quizzes

These people are very diligent and trained. A low and wide forehead shows a intuitive nature, endowed with natural skill and imagination.

These people have a lot of spontaneity and often by their spirit will shine. They are more interested on impressions than the knowledge gained through study. A little wide and high forehead well shaped eyebrows is the most desirable. It denotes prospect of permanent success. A square forehead shows honesty, sincerity.

Straight eyebrows increase these qualities. Loosing forehead shows lack of intelligence. Forehead with deep lines wrinkles it reveals those who indulge in contemplation and research. Head without lines show cold, selfishness, lack of empathy and sarcasm. Vertical lines wrinkles between the eyes shows the power of concentration. Your mental focus is people-oriented. Sometimes you can understand an idea or theory better if it is explained to you in terms of a personal example or experience.

It is best not to burden you with too much technical detail without showing you the real-world application usefulness. Your approach is direct and factual, and you want the technical details. You appreciate logic, and you will need to be shown all the facts and available data before accepting something as true.

face reading nose relationship quizzes

You mentally evaluate the hard facts without letting emotion effect your judgement. If is important for you to stay mentally in control of any situation in which you find yourself. Gregarious and expansive, you may have good leadership qualities because few people will challenge your authority.

You are discerning, selective, and discriminating. You need time to observe and work out ideas completely before acting. You protect yourself with a wait-and-see approach.

You need time to put new information for you to understand how you feel about the subject and how the parts relate to the whole. You store information with an emotional tab; by recalling the feeling, you can often recall the event with surprising clarity.

You detest being put on the spot to make a snap assessment or to make a decision about something new before you have had time to reflect on it and understand it.

You are expressive, quick to take action and you process information quickly. You want to get the job done and do it now. You may have a tendency to interrupt others when they seem too slow to speak because you can often anticipate what they are going to say before they have finished saying it.

face reading nose relationship quizzes

You are initially optimistic but may become antagonistic if criticized. You are a mentally active person, full of thoughts and ideas. Bushy eyebrows can indicate a powerful intellect. You are a non-stop thinker. You are single-minded, focusing on one thing at a time. Your challenge is being overly sensitive to how you imagine others see you.

You probably think they are more critical than they really are. You sometimes feel overly self-conscious.

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Also, the straight nose bridge with wrinkle, shadow, patch or grey mole is a bad sign for family or health. This kind of people tends to be busy running about life, get wealth and rank difficultly.

face reading nose relationship quizzes

Also, the nose bridge indicates marriage. A black mole on the nose bridge suggests quarrel, even divorce. If there is a hump on the bridge, it indicates the person is impulsive and hot-tempered, often loses temper for no reason yet very persistent in working. In addition, it suggests the poor spousal relationship prone to quarrels and reminds the person to beware of divorce or emotional problems at the age of 44 and The nose with a bone, looking turgid, on the bridge is called swollen nose indicating the poor marriage.

The sunken or snub bridge suggests unfavorable marriage. For men, it symbolizes the indecisive personality and the mighty wife. A woman with the sunken nose bridge tends to fall in love with the man she admires, marry the wrong one and work hard to make a living. Nose Wings The rounded and fleshy nose wings suggest the good interpersonal relationship, early success, expert in making money and talent in managing money matters.

The thin wings indicate the failure in accumulating a fortune and no financing concept. The mole on nose wings suggests the personal financial losses, especially at the age of 49 and This kind of people suffers from the long-standing stomach disease.

Nostrils The narrow nostrils indicate the narrow mind, insufficient courage, careful working attitude and limited chance to accomplish something great. People with wide nostrils are open-minded in money; they are enterprising, know how to spend and the relationship between investment and return, and never stick to trifles in handling social affairs.

People with visible nostrils suffer serious financial losses yet can earn a lot of money and never skimp on the money at hand to make more. People with invisible nostrils are relatively stingy in money; they have the habit of saving money, cherish every penny and never spend randomly as it makes them on pain.

Reading Luck for Wealth from Nose Fleshy Nose The big and fleshy rather than sharp and bony nose is better as it belongs to the kind and tolerant people who often get help from others and can save money. Straight Nose People with straight nose are independent, never follow blindly, can stick to their own opinions and have the leadership, thus more likely to get venture success, provided that the size of face and nose is well matched.

A big nose on the small face is just like an isolated peak which suggests the humble life. Rounded and Introverted Nose Wings The nose wings are just like two guards watching the wealth.

The rounded and introverted wings suggest the efficient guards and the substantial deposit despite the average luck for wealth in life. Invisible Nostrils Nostrils represent the courage of making money. The bigger the nostrils, the more courage a person will have.