Emotional relationship with another woman

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emotional relationship with another woman

When in an emotional affair, a person may tell someone else their most important thoughts. . Another red flag to watch out for is if you advise your partner to be careful about . A woman from his work is texting and calling and so does he. in a physical relationship, the emotional attachment can threaten the You don't want your spouse being intimate with another person in any. The obvious answer would be that emotional infidelity happens when Does it make a difference if you share secrets with a man or a woman? Even if you do clearly break the rules and have an “emotional affair”, I'm still.

I don't want to discuss it anymore.

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I work with him. She hasn't doesn't anything wrong. Does your spouse have a relationship with someone that makes you feel uncomfortable? He or she may flatly deny any inappropriate interactions. You can't help but wonder whether the relationship is physical and your thoughts have been driving you crazy. You try to tell yourself that sex, touching or kissing isn't part of what they do together, but your instincts say something else.

More often than not, you feel anxious, depressed and angry. You feel incredibly deceived. You have started doing things you never dreamed of -- snooping, accessing private emails, phone records and credit card bills.

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You search your spouse's computer or phone for any telltale signs that something is amiss. You discover personal emails.

The Truth About Emotional Affairs

Or a series of late night calls. Maybe the person's name appears on your spouse's buddy list.

emotional relationship with another woman

And although some of the exchanges are work-related, there's more than a tinge of familiarity. You start questioning your spouse. She or he swears that nothing physical is going on and after much convincing, you want to believe it.

Yet you can't forget that there are the lunches, after-hour meetings and intimate conversations. You remember something you read about "emotional affairs" and you now feel certain that your spouse is right smack dab in the middle of one. So you tell your spouse of your concern. You're extremely unhappy about that relationship.

emotional relationship with another woman

You don't like it one bit. You don't want your spouse being intimate with another person in any way, shape or form. It hurts and you consider it betrayal.

emotional relationship with another woman

Your spouse becomes defensive and insists that nothing inappropriate is going on. I am not having an affair, so you're wrong and I want you to stop nagging me about this. For example, a couple might have a financially stable situation, a secure family life, and an active social life. Yet, there might be a lot of potential for growth in the area of sensuality, adventure, or spirituality.

The husband may find himself repeatedly drawn to sensuous women, or the wife might be drawn to rugged adventurers. Someone who lives primarily from the passions with his partner might be drawn to calm, stable types, and so forth. Specific efforts could be taken to become more sensual, take adventurous trips, or work on being more grounded, for example. Ask yourself or ask him without hostility what it is that draws him to the other woman. For example, is it her ability to listen to him without criticizing him?

Is it her carefree attitude? Is it the freedom from household and family concerns? Is it her interest in intellectual matters?

Is it her nonchalance about social climbing? You may also ask your husband to spend less time with the other person, while suggesting to him that you do some specific enjoyable things together, but make sure you speak in an open, self-empowered way, not in a whiney, vulnerable, or angry way.

He will be amazed and respect you for it. How to respond in a self-empowered way The point is not to become like the other man or woman.

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The point is to become aware of the way in which your relationship may have become one sided to the point that there is an opportunity for growth.

That makes recovering from an emotional affair pretty much impossible. Even still, the warning signs of an emotional affair are strikingly similar to those of a sexual affair. Your gut is screaming that something is wrong.

But often our bodies are better at knowing the truth than our minds. Your relationship with your spouse starts to get more distant.

Your spouse starts spending lots more time at work.

emotional relationship with another woman

Your spouse starts spending way more time on the computer. If your spouse starts spending more time on the computer for no apparent reason, you may want to pay attention. Your spouse is spending a lot of time with someone other than you.

emotional relationship with another woman

The problem is, that conversation may not go the way you think. This may not happen in one conversation. Either way, going to couples counseling can help.

A good marriage counselor can often work wonders, especially if both you and your spouse are willing to put in the work to save your marriage.

You start to second guess what you see and feel. Unfortunately, that only makes you feel worse.


In a perfect world, that someone would be a professional therapist. But a trusted friendor a close family member, can also help. At this point it would probably be best to limit your support group to just one or two people.

This is not the time to circle the wagons and tell everyone you know that your spouse is having an emotional affair. But you may have other options. To explore those other options you need to decide what you are and are not willing to tolerate.

Maybe you want to have an open marriage.