Disgaea 4 fenrich ending a relationship

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disgaea 4 fenrich ending a relationship

—Fenrich, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Fenrich is a character in suspicious of "Vulcanus", more than partially due to her budding relationship with his He ultimately ends up fighting against Fear the Great alongside Valvatorez and. Legendary Tree is an Evil Symbol from Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten. This Evil Symbol will grant various effects and endings when current conditions are met. The player may assign various relationships by jumping on top of the tree and pressing the. Fenrich, Comrade, Leader team attacks with Comrade 10 times. —Valvatorez, Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited Valvatorez is a former tyrant and vampire the moon as it is the very symbol of their master-servant relationship. In Fenrich's ending, he reveals that his goal is to make his Lord a "true symbol of.

The song "Naked Requiem" played at the end of Tyrant Valvatorez mode seems to be sung from the point of view of Fenrich. It also has some Fenrich's affection for Valvatorez is also questioned in Dimensions 2 by Etna if she stands right next to him in battle. She describes it as "That type of relationship" similar to how she describes Adell and Rozalin's relationship causing him to lash out at her personally but not denying the relationship they share is more than just one of trust.

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If you max out his affection with anyone, he is very quick to deny any feelings for Valvatorez Its also to be noted that because D2 takes place way before Disgaea 4 that one can easily see Fenrich is in denial when asked about his relationship with Valvatorez.

So come Disgaea 4 and the question doesn't stir him as much anymore as if he accepted his feelings and doesn't want Artina to get near him.

Disgaea 4 - Fenrich Epilogue Ending

In the Netherbattle Tournament, Tyrant Valvatorez tells Fenrich that he was conjured up by his desires, which Tyrant Val claims is his desire for him to win the tournament and rule the Netherworld. However, based on Fenrich's dialogue and sprite, it's clear that he desired something else from Tyrant Val.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten

Oh and yes, they are sisters, but they're Not Blood Siblings. During the Flonne segment of the post-game stories, both Fuka and Desco briefly suffer Mind Control and are obsessed with spreading love to everyone.

When they snap out of it, Emizel says he was worried that Fuka was really confessing love to him. Desco says that had better not be the case because "Big Sis belongs to Desco! Emizel Ending 1 Lose to Emizel when you fight him again in Episode Fenrich's Epilogue Lose to Fuka when you fight her in Episode 2.

disgaea 4 fenrich ending a relationship

Fuka's Epilogue Complete Extra Battles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 in postgame. Postgame Epilogue Finish on cycle 2 or higher with only lvl or higher Valvatorez alone then complete the final stage afterwards. Vulcanus' Epilogue How to unlock Chara World. Do the following to unlock Chara World.

disgaea 4 fenrich ending a relationship

Pass it in the Senate to gain a new evil symbol. This is a strange and unique symbol, as it allows you to setup a "family tree" of sorts for the symbol's leader.

Main Characters (Hades Party)

One use for it is to unlock epilogues See Endings cheat. Normally, you lose these effects when a member is removed from the symbol's area of effect, but there are ways of making the relationships and their effects permanent. Unlockable Leader kills Archenemy 10 times. Leader and Comrade team attack together 10 times.

disgaea 4 fenrich ending a relationship

Permanent Comrades - Leader has 99 percent team attack chance with Comrade. Leader heals Lover 10 times. Items and magic both OK.

Leader uses Mentor's spells when standing side-by-side 10 times.