Discuss the relationship between three levels of government in nigeria

The differences between the three levels of government; Stat by Yolande Styles on Prezi

discuss the relationship between three levels of government in nigeria

If you were told to explain the relationship between the three arms of government in Nigeria and discuss the relationship among the level of government in. Government in the United States consists of three separate levels: the federal the local governments within their territory and delegate certain powers to them. The Federal level, take care of not just states or in area places, but. more of the whole countries issues or ideas. They are the main role group.

Federal government of Nigeria

Nigerian statutes as sources of Nigerian law[ edit ] Nigerian legislation may be classified as follows. The colonial era untilpost independence legislationthe military era The post independence legislation [ edit ] The grant of independence to Nigeria was a milestone in the political history of the country.

discuss the relationship between three levels of government in nigeria

This period witnessed the consolidation of political gains made during the colonial era. Politicians genuinely focused their lapses in the polity. It achieved for herself a republican status by shaking off the last vestiges of colonial authority. However, despite the violent violation of its provisions, the constitution remained the subsequent administrations military or otherwise.

Military regime, [ edit ] The breakdown of law and order which occurred in the period under review would not be attributed to any defect in the Nigerian legal system. Corrupt practices both in the body politic and all aspects of Nigerian life eroded efficiency and progress.

There were 8 coups generally five were successful and 3 were unsuccessful. Seal of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The president is elected through universal suffrage. It is also in charge of issues related to every level of education and non-mineral natural resources. There are other relationships between the tiers of the government in Nigeria besides the collaboration of the state government with either the local government or the federal government.

discuss the relationship between three levels of government in nigeria

The relationship between the three tiers of government in Nigeria Since we know the main responsibilities of each tier, we can discuss the relationship between them. Even though collaboration is a type of relationship between the tiers, there are other areas of cooperation or relationship. The power sharing relationship This is the first area of the relationship among the tiers of the government in Nigeria.

Who Does What?

Each of the tiers has a type of an important list. There are three types: The exclusive list can be considered as a symbol of power.

discuss the relationship between three levels of government in nigeria

The concurrent list belongs to the federal and state governments. The residual belongs to the states. The "power sharing" means that even though there are certain lists that belong to each tier, the responsibilities can be shifted among them in order to get better results.

For example, even though primary education is in the list of the state government, other tiers can take it up when needed.

Tiers of Government in Nigeria

The power sharing relationship between the tiers means more productivity which is a great thing for the country, if you ask us. However, it leads to another area of cooperation.

Revenue sharing or allocation This means that there are taxes that are collected by one tier of government on behalf of another.

It mostly occurs when the power and responsibilities for certain areas are shifted between tiers, like during the "power sharing" times. It is common to have revenue sharing or allocation between the federal government and one of the other tiers.