Developing a relationship with jesus

How to develop a personal relationship with Jesus - Faith, Business, Knowledge

developing a relationship with jesus

Building a relationship with Jesus is critically important, Tomeo said, something to which everyone needs to strive. “We were made for. Through reading God's Word, your relationship with Jesus begins to take on new you every help you need to build an intense, intimate relationship with him. Growing in your relationship with Jesus means to know Him better and to love and building up one another, is vital for growing in your relationship with God.

How to develop a personal relationship with Jesus

How do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Decide in your heart that you want to have a relationship with Jesus.

developing a relationship with jesus

A decision is very important as everything we do starts with a decision in our heart. Decide that you want to stop being frustrated, decide you want to be free, decide that you want to follow the only way out of your struggles. The only way is Jesus, decide you want to follow him now.

developing a relationship with jesus

You need to renew the way you think, the mind needs to be renewed so that the thought of starting a new beginning can be there. Jesus told Nicodemus to be born again if he wants to be saved which also means to have a personal relationship with him.

developing a relationship with jesus

Entering into safety involves transfer, one must move from an unsecured zone to a secured zone. Jesus Christ is the secured zone, you need to go to Jesus Christ.

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To be able to get into Christ, you must leave your old self and follow him which means you must be born again. We are not battling with the things of the physical but things of the spiritual.

How can I have a deeper relationship with Jesus?

Being born again means to be dead to the old self which is a life of sin, a life that made you be far away from Jesus, and then, raised in Christ. You have his power that can save you and give you joy.

Before we can obey him, we have to love him because it is who we love we can put our trust on and do whatever the person says. Fix your eyes on Jesus.

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For the joy set before him, he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Not that storms will not come, not that it will always be smooth but the interesting thing is that Jesus will always be there to give us victory and joy.

Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth. Jerome said, ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ, so reading the Bible daily is a great way to build a relationship with him. When we love someone, we want to get to know them better, and reading the Bible is how we can come to know Jesus.

developing a relationship with jesus

Study the Catholic faith: And yet, the wealth of beauty and knowledge in the Church often stays on the literal or figurative shelf. Opening ourselves up to the truth will open us up to Jesus, as he is the way, the truth and the life.

developing a relationship with jesus

Get to know the saints: Sherry Weddell is the executive director and co-founder of the Institute. Spend time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament: This should be done regularly, kept on the calendar as a sort of standing appointment. Regular attendance at Mass: Worshiping the Lord before the Eucharistic table, and our reception of his body and blood at holy Communion, are of utmost importance in fostering a relationship with Christ.

Regular confession — at least once a month: Part of building a relationship is righting the relationship when things go awry. Regular confession is an important step in growing closer to Christ. Allow a community to help build you up: