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DARREN HAYES Strange Relationship ( UK 3-track CD single including the Album Version plus 'DP vs Darren Hayes Mix' plus 'Insatiable' recorded live at. Guys if you couldn't watch the Darren Hayes Facebool Live chat 2 days ago, here are some screenshots I took and the link to my recording I did. Moderator: Hey Darren and welcome to the Access All az-links.info chat room, I think I speak for everyone here when I say we looooooove the.

Do you have a life motto, or guiding philosophy? I have many Darren Hayes: Darren if you could have any other job in the world, what would it be? Would you stay a performer or get your degree in education? Thanks, luv from Alycia Darren Hayes: I get to see so much because of what I do now Darren Hayes: I can never see myself being a teacher again but wouldnt mind a degree to put next to my gold records Darren Hayes: You began learning how to play the guitar I got bored Darren Hayes: I moved on to Piano Darren Hayes: I used to play guitar really badly Darren Hayes: I know enough just to write my songs Darren Hayes: I use instrument as a basic tool - I usually let others play them on stage and on my records.

Also are you ever going to perform again with Daniel as Savage Garden? I would never say never to all of those things Darren Hayes: I wanna go to Israel Darren Hayes: Always wanted to go to those two places and I am sure I will Moderator: I don't have a question but Would you please send a message to your fans in Peru.

This is often asked of singers, do you listen to your own CDs? I definately listen to this one Darren Hayes: Its very magical Moderator: Theres definately no joke Darren Hayes: And we hear you are gonna come over to Canada for a bit of promo.

Will you also comes over to do a few concerts across Canada in the new year? Look as I said befoer Darren Hayes: Id love to Darren Hayes: Canada was always a success for some strange reason never worked for my first solo album. I love Australia Darren Hayes: I am just lucky that my job lets me live in other countries Darren Hayes: I am sure one day I would love to come back permanantly to australia Darren Hayes: Ive always wanted to be a singer - never been a question Darren Hayes: Never knew it could be a career when I was 5 and when I was like 17 or 18 I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life Moderator: I feel very blessed to have the opportunity.

I'm very excited but I also feel quite calm Darren Hayes: Loved the banners btw Lunahaze asks "Good afternoon Darren, thank you for this chat. I am so excited about your new album, I love it!!

After hearing the tracks played on Capital radio last night, I've been walking around with a huge grin on my face all day which isn't that common lately. I was wondering, simply, what has made you smile today? Oh and after hearing 'Popular' my 7 year old son asks Why do you want to be popular? It seems that you are a really sensitive person, and I would have thought that, the more personal your music, the harder it would be when it's criticised.

How do you deal with criticism? I think you have to take it in but not on board if that makes sense. I think we are taught that happiness is a luxury when it should be a birthright I think elation and that kind of heightened euphoria is never meant to last.

FanForLife asks "Hi Darren! I'm desperate to hear your new album! We've read that you found it therapeutic writing the album - how far has it gone in helping to heal old wounds and put you back on your true path?

Well it was a very cleansing experience for my soul. I felt a lot of pain and I wanted to get it out and reflect upon it. I did that and I feel like a stronger person for having identified what happened to me and where I am today. My real question iswhat do you do when you can't sleep ie; count sheep. Luv and Hugs Jaz xxx" Darren Hayes: I got a bit concerned when we almost got arrested My dad will kill me!! I didn't mean the dancers were lame I mean they were wearing gold lame Smilyk asks "Hey Darren!

What was the difference in writing Spin and this album? And which one is closer to you spiritually? Thanks for the chat. S for a concert? I would love to meet you" Darren Hayes: Spin was written in a very self conscious way I definitely want to tour the u.

My question is, How Popular are you prepared to be and how much is too much. Good luck with everything. I'm a professional slob so I can't be having the snapparzzi stalking me. There were times though when it seemed like I was prying into your life when I was listening to it so I was wondering if there was at any time any doubts you had in releasing a particular song" Darren Hayes: I was always aware that the album was confessional and perhaps would be uncomfortable for people to listen to.

Thanks, Tammy" Darren Hayes: I love singing live but I hate selling myself. Do you like them hot and what's your fav take away? I like em mild. I hope you're ok and everything love popular btw I went to the hairdresser today. I'm off caffeine and I already hate it. I never get belly lint anymore Adam asks "Of all the songs you have written both as a Solo artist and as part of Savage Garden, do you have a particular favourite? TearsOfPearls asks "Hey you!

Strange Relationship (Darren Hayes song)

The album was produced by Walter Afanasieff, the producer of Affirmation. It also reached the top ten in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. In the United States, the album failed to make the same impact as Savage Garden's previous releases, reaching Number 35 on Billboard. It was later re-issued with a bonus disc consisting of some live and studio tracks. The album marked a bold change of direction for Hayes. Conley's production was almost entirely electronic, with acoustic instruments buried under walls of sequenced sounds.

Although artistically this was a huge step forward and earned Hayes the strongest praise of his career, it alienated a large portion of his audience, who were expecting another album of radio-friendly pop songs.

The first single, "Pop! It was later covered by Human Natureresulting in an Australian top 20 single in April off their Walk The Tightrope album, and was then re-recorded in featuring Hayes himself.

The Best of Savage Garden. The compilation also includes a second track by Hayes called "California". Both of these tracks harken back to Hayes' early sound, although still retaining some of the electronic flourishes from The Tension and the Spark.

On 9 JulyHayes announced that he had parted ways with Columbia Records after ten years and 24 million album sales together. The tour following this release saw Hayes play the iconic Sydney Opera House. The album was a double-disc, with 25 tracks.

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Many of the tracks were co-written with Robert Conley, and a great deal of the album was written with and produced by Justin Shave, who played keyboards for part of Hayes' Time Machine tour. The album was released on 20 August on Hayes' own independent record label, Powdered Sugar, while the first single, " On the Verge of Something Wonderful ", was released in Australia on 28 July and in the UK and online on 6 August This was accompanied by an animation for the song created by his partner, animator and director, Richard Cullen.

Around Aprilremixes of the album track "Step into the Light" were being played in clubs around the world. The album version of "Step into the Light" was released as a teaser on Hayes' official website and MySpace on 30 April During the first half ofHayes performed selected songs from the album in small, exclusive gigs around the world. Tickets for several of these much sought after shows sold out in under ten minutes.

The shows were well received with very positive reviews.