Dagaz rune relationship poems

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dagaz rune relationship poems

The rune poems — that is the Old English, Old Norwegian and Old These runes are (in no particular order): Kenaz, Dagaz, and Hagalaz. "The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem" The Anglo-Saxon name for this rune, Daeg, is related to the word for "day" in many European languages. Developing a relationship with the runes is the same as building any Elder Futhark by using the three surviving rune poems (Icelandic, Norwegian and Anglo.

dagaz rune relationship poems

But, any rune can become a merkstave dark stick depending on the reading it finds itself in. Nevertheless, I have found it important to remember that the runes are neutral powers, neither good nor bad. They are simply what they are. I suspect that a core skill of the accomplished vitki a rune maven, a wise-one well grounded in runic lore is to recognize and name the atmosphere of any rune reading, not necessarily to judge if the coming winds are good or bad.

It is also good to remember that a vitki does not predict an absolute outcome, a future engraved in stone, a sure thing.

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A rune maven dwells in bipartite time from which they notice the potential, the possible and the probable. In other words, a vitki can name the odds but not the definitive outcome of any inquiry, situation, action, etc.

No matter how likely or unlikely a possibility, choice can always make a difference in how and what is manifested in the now. I do not use it. As far as I can find, there was no such thing before Ralph Blum introduced it in the s. A rune is a symbol that holds meaning, not an unfinished unmarked piece of clay, wood, horn, stone, etc.

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It is a bliss that can spring from prosperity, overcoming anxiety and sadness. Hagalaz represents hail, making it a rune of destruction and painful transition. All is not for naught however, for the ice seed will melt, giving water and growth to the hardier crops that survived. Naudhiz means need, and is a rune of constraint, oppression, and hard work that goes unrewarded. This is a challenging symbol, but the rune also indicates that lessons could be learned from the experience.

Isa stands for ice, fair to look upon but dangerous to traverse.

dagaz rune relationship poems

This is a rune whose message is one of caution in situations where a particular decision seems desirable, but could be perilous.

On the other hand, Isa can suggest stability and calm. Jera is the rune for year and the harvest. It is manifestation of the rewards for hard work, with prosperity and abundance that sustains the individual or the community. Eihwaz is the symbol for the yew tree and can mean strength that is drawn from the line of ancestors.

The Elder Futhark

Eihwaz is also interpreted as the rune of Yggdrasil, which implies connection to the cosmos. Perthro is the dice-cup, the vessel from which the lots are cast, and the rune of chance.

Perthro can represent uncertainty in everything from light-hearted gaming to the vagaries of fate.

dagaz rune relationship poems

Elhaz is the rune of the elk and the sedge. The shape of the rune resembles that of the antlers of the elk and the thorn of the sedge, making this a symbol of protection.

Sowilo represents the sun, making it a rune of illumination, victory, and power. The rune can also mean guidance, as one can always depend on the course of the sun to lead them to the end of their journey. Tiwaz also has an aspect of guidance in that right-action will always set you on the correct path. Berkano is the rune for the birch tree, indicating feminine strength and resourcefulness.

From this meaning, it can be a rune for nurturing, healing, and regeneration. Ehwaz means horse and expresses the relationship between the horse and the rider.

It is a rune of partnership, with attention given to those who help us along our journey. Naturally, the symbol can also represent movement and travel. Mannaz can show the spectrum of these relationships, from comfort in good company to the more negative aspects of the human condition.

dagaz rune relationship poems

Laguz is the rune for lake, making this a symbol for water. As such, this is a rune of potential and change, perhaps with the suggestion for flexibility through various situations. It can also mean the unconscious mind and the hidden wealth that lies beneath the surface.