Customer relationship management software vendors

Top CRM Software Vendors

customer relationship management software vendors

Top CRM reviews, rates and ranks the top CRM software vendors. All reviews are independent and not affiliated with any CRM vendor. A complete list of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software is . Some CRM vendors have developed marketing automation capabilities (e.g. In , the top 10 CRM software vendors accounted for nearly 58% of the global CRM applications market which grew % to approach.

Sales reps have not traditionally been tied to desks, but their freedom has expanded more than ever as CRM software has been adapted for mobile use.

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Your company might also want to look into a CRM platform specifically designed for mobile use. In industries where sales reps go to the clients — not vice versa — mobile CRMs are instrumental in keeping leads and client data organized and updated, keeping sales people connected with management, and optimizing daily operations.

For example, many mobile CRMs incorporate geolocation features, which help your reps plan the quickest route between multiple contacts on, say, an iPad, and pull up live GPS directions to get them there. Social CRM As with the mobile CRM category, integrated social features are becoming increasingly commonplace in the software market, especially as companies look to better engage with their customers on more than just a few predetermined channels. As more companies move their customer service models out of email and into chat functions, social media CRMs and social integrations with mainstream CRMs are similarly gaining importance.

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You can find solutions ranging from platforms with basic social media integrations up to entire enterprise suites designed to help grow a successful community around your brand. Social CRM can make this possible. CRM leaders like Salesforce and Oracle have added social listening and social CRM features to their existing products, but more lightweight standalone products still exist that can provide social CRM services.

customer relationship management software vendors

Sales Mapping Software For mobile sales teams, mapping software can mean the difference between closing deals or sitting in traffic hoping to make it to an appointment on time.

Oracle Siebel is a mature and impressive customer relationship management system.

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Oracle Siebel, like most legacy client-server CRM systems, has a reputation for high risk, and expensive deployments—leaving this type of enterprise software solution for midmarket and enterprise-level customers and budgets.

In fact, failed implementations and frustrated customers were the primary impetus for the rise and sky-rocketing growth of cloud or software as a service SaaS CRM applications.

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Over the longer run, Oracle Fusion will become the flagship product, however, that is still several years into the future. The SAP CRM system is a fully integrated customer relationship management CRM application that targets business software requirements of midsize and enterprise organizations across industries and locations.

customer relationship management software vendors

For businesses seeking a wholesale transition to the cloud, the Business ByDesign cloud product is the only option available from SAP. The cloud CRM pioneer and advocate is now the third largest CRM software company in terms of market share although Microsoft also asserts this position and the two are very close in CRM market share.

customer relationship management software vendors

While not nearly the size if its major software competitors—such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft—it has nonetheless secured over two million global customers and for the most part continues to show higher growth than the market average. The company's flagship product is a CRM system designed for businesses of all sizes and industries worldwide and focusing on the disruptive opportunities driven by cloud, social and mobile.

customer relationship management software vendors

Salesforce is also advancing its platform-as-a-service PaaS solution called Force. The software solution is not available for on-premise or private cloud use. Microsoft is in the number four CRM software market position.

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As is often the history with Microsoft, it takes them a few versions to get a new product right, but once they get it they have the proven experience is scaling growth like no other competitor. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the 5th version release for the customer relationship management software.