Customer relationship management articles pdf to word

customer relationship management articles pdf to word

Key Words: customer relationship management, business strategy, hotel industry, Customer relationship management (CRM) is a strategy that enables organizations to Journal of Management and Marketing Research Volume Six. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Hotel Industry: A .. In other words, these studies revealed that many customer-centric strategies cannot achieve . International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, 10( 12), . SCIpdf. Customer-relationship management (CRM) is an approach to manage a company's interaction .. International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing. 4 (2): – . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

They found that most customers were adults who used the product to feel more playful. They may have enjoyed the company's bright orange color, messiness and shape.

These days, companies store and receive huge amounts of data through emailsonline chat sessions, phone calls, and more. All of these are signs of what types of relationships the customer wants with the firm, and therefore companies may consider investing more time and effort in building out their relational intelligence.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogsetc. Understanding the customer and capturing this data allows companies to convert customer's signals into information and knowledge that the firm can use to understand a potential customer's desired relations with a brand.

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This helps convert data into profits for the firm. Stronger bonds contribute to building market share. By managing different portfolios for different segments of the customer base, the firm can achieve strategic goals. For example, Harley Davidson sent its employees on the road with customers, who were motorcycle enthusiasts, to help solidify relationships. Other employees have also been trained in social psychology and the social sciences to help bolster strong customer relationships.

Customer service representatives must be educated to value customer relationships, and trained to understand existing customer profiles. Even the finance and legal departments should understand how to manage and build relationships with customers.

These systems codify the interactions between company and customers by using analytics and key performance indicators to give the users information on where to focus their marketing and customer service.

This allows agents to have access to a caller's history to provide personalized customer communication. The intention is to maximize average revenue per userdecrease churn rate and decrease idle and unproductive contact with the customers. The gamification of customer service environments includes providing elements found in games like rewards and bonus points to customer service representatives as a method of feedback for a job well done.

Automation prevents this by having pre-recorded audio messages that help customers solve their problems. For example, an automated contact center may be able to re-route a customer through a series of commands asking him or her to select a certain number in order to speak with a particular contact center agent who specializes in the field in which the customer has a question.

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This also saves time on behalf of the employees. These customers also share their own opinions and experiences with a company's products and services, giving these firms more insight. Therefore, these firms can both share their own opinions and also track the opinions of their customers.

customer relationship management articles pdf to word

The systems take in information based on a customer's physical location and sometimes integrates it with popular location-based GPS applications. It can be used for networking or contact management as well to help increase sales based on location.

For the best level of CRM operation in a B2B environment, the software must be personalized and delivered at individual levels. There are fewer figure propositions in business-to-business, but in some cases, they cost a lot more than business-to-consumer items and relationships in business-to-business environment are built over a longer period of time.

Furthermore, business-to-business CRM must be easily integrated with products from other companies. Such integration enables the creation of forecasts about customer behavior based on their buying history, bills, business success, etc. An application for a business-to-business company must have a function to connect all the contacts, processes and deals among the customers segment and then prepare a paper.

Automation of sales process is an important requirement for business-to-business products. It should effectively manage the deal and progress it through all the phases towards signing. We also offer RSS feeds which provide timely updates of tables of contents, newly published articles and calls for papers. This study aims at exploring customer relationship management CRM in Jordanian small food companies.

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More specifically, the study investigates CRM benefits, tools, and evaluation criteria in Jordanian food companies. The study is based on qualitative design; Face-to- face and semi-structured interviews are conducted to collect data. The study employs thematic and textual analysis of each interview.

customer relationship management articles pdf to word

Accordingly, the study adopts cross- interview analysis to highlight holistic view of the study themes. The study concludes that CRM is limited to some practices and the concept is relatively new in the sector. Profit maximization, market share, brand equity, and positive word of mouth are expected benefits of CRM.

Phone calls and social media are the common CRM tools in food industry. The study provides executives with insights into CRM practices by creating awareness among customers and managers of food companies to enhance the effectiveness of CRM and confirm benefits and advantages for interested parties. Organisations need to understand their customers requirements to outlive in this competitive world.

customer relationship management articles pdf to word

Handling customer service is a key challenge for the organisations. Today the customer interaction bots with an automated customer service, which can handle multiple customers anywhere-anytime are attracting many business communities to have better customer relationship management CRM. Searching for specific information seems to be interesting to provide a real value to customers, but the major problem in customer-computer interactions is the ability to understand the reliable information of the computer to the customers requirements.

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Many organisations maintain the data in the text form. The implementation of customer interaction bot is carried out using a data set created for text document data. The interaction bot receives customer query, send request for correct analysis and responds to customers with the required information.