Conscious relationship with land


conscious relationship with land

How can we use the break down of a relationship as an opportunity to build a stronger one? Discover these potent secrets for a more aware. 5 Keys to Creating Conscious & Intentional Relationships. Stacy Mackey And the land that endures the destruction is part of a planet. Mother Earth is one large . We are approaching a period of time when relationships are ready to go through a major redesign. The current paradigm isn't working. People.

Consciously Choosing Love Marriage takes consistently saying yes to love, but not in the way you would think. Without fail, each morning when you wake up beside your partner, you choose to say yes to love. Regardless of the fight last night, the hurt feelings, the disappointment, the lack of sex, the forgotten promise or the misunderstanding about finances… this conscious and generous yes allows love to grow strong and your partnership to flourish into the most transformative relationship possible.

Conscious partnering recognizes the true reason for coming together is to maximize your personal and spiritual growth. A conscious relationship is a portal into your own divinity. You can only love another the degree to which you love yourself. This never-ending exercise in needing to be validated was exhausting. For my partners to endlessly shoulder the full responsibility for all the love and for me to constantly deny my own capacity for self-love.

If you want the healthiest and strongest relationship you must integrate the neediness and start seeing yourself as the divine does… whole, complete, and a perfect reflection of the source that created you… especially in your incontinence.


Conscious Relationships Allow You to See Your Partner as They Truly Are Are you confusing your partner as your savior, some heroic knight in shining armor, or a meal ticket allowing you a false sense of security because you believe you need to be taken care of the rest of your life?

My husband is a spiritual rock star in my eyes and therefore I did see him as a bit of a savior which meant in the early days that I cut him no slack for showing up as anything other than saintly, godly and all-knowing.

My work required that I surrender the fantasy and find peace with the truth that we are both wounded human beings looking for safety, healing and wholeness. I had to let go of my narcissistic relationship tendency and embrace the truth that my partner is on his own journey of self-discovery and his bumps and missteps are a part of his own evolution.

The more I could meet him in that place of vulnerability, the more deeply I could experience his divinity.

conscious relationship with land

Honesty and Courage Conscious relationships require great courage. Creating the space — and the habit — of being honest with yourself and your partner will bring profound strength in times of difficulty. This was a tough one for me as well.

I loved being malleable. Every aspect of creation deserves respect and by giving it respect, in other words love, then, as with everything that is given pure love, it flourishes. So what I am suggesting, is that respect, as an aspect of love — is a creative force- everything that we give love to — is created positively.

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Everything we give hate or fear to- is uncreated; negated; diminished; or destroyed. So, to create more money, you must apply the creative force of love to it. How do you do that? Through showing respect and openness towards it. Just as addictive love of another is not true love. Greed, hoarding or miserliness are not true forms of love of money. They worship or fear it. They project god or devil like qualities onto it. Which of you actually stops breathing when they think of how much money they need to own their own home?

Who goes into La La land and puts everything on a credit card without proper forethought when they plan their dream trip overseas? Who chases money only to find another area of their life has become neglected,depleted or empty?

This is why so many of us either shun money or go the other way and attribute extra significance to materially wealthy people, regardless of how spiritually or emotionally wealthy those people really are.

All these thought forms and beliefs create a lack, hate or fear mindset that keep money away from us. Like a needy, fearful or insecure person in relationship is not a force of attraction so too- neediness, fear and insecurity are not qualities that attract money. Do these people just happen to be clear and unblocked in the area of material wealth? Is there something we can learn from their mindset and behaviours around money that can assist in our Conscious Relationship with money? As we all know, the higher your vibration, the cleaner your energy, the less murkiness there is between you and positive energy flowing towards you, namely financial abundance that serves the greater good and is here to support your life purpose.

Change your thinking; change your motivation and remove your negative emotions to flip your relationship with money around and to prepare your psyche for financial abundance.

conscious relationship with land

Ask for a pure purpose and the universe whose teleological purpose is to grow you towards wholeness and to grow your soul and the collective soul of humanity — will say a resounding YES! Eliminate fear, resentment, hatred, shame and longing. Eliminate envy, greed and craving. Eliminate hopelessness and despair. How do we do this? Your money wound story is the story you have made up about money from your parents; your culture; media; and your past.

Write it out, uncover the negative thoughts and toxic feelings and also the positive thoughts and feelings you have collected around money. Build on them, nourish them, share themuse them as affirmations, so that they become the dominant thoughts and feelings of your Money Story. Examine your motives and if your soul growth and that of others is at the core, believe that the Universe will support you.

Financial abundance is not just reading self help books and doing affirmations.

What It Takes to Stay Married: Creating a Conscious Partnership

There are sound practices to building wealth and managing your money. Just as in a relationship, your behaviour towards another is highly relevant to dictating the quality of that relationship- so too, your behaviour towards money is highly relevant to determining your outcomes in that arena. A few years ago, I wrote an article called Fiscally Fit. You can find it on my website, on my In The Media page. Let me share some tips from that about sound practices for financial management.

I said in that article, that to live your life to the full, you need to be financially fit. This means that you have to work out. Just as a physical workout builds muscle, making your body stronger and more efficient, a financial workout builds your bank account, strengthening and streamlining your monetary position.

To build a healthy stash, you need to work out how to bring in more cash than you spend.

Here are 4 sabotage patterns that you must address: Avoid investing in Get Rich-Quick Schemes. These are forms of gambling. It cannot be relied on but it can be dabbled in very cautiously. Sound out solid investment advice from reputable financial advisers. This will hold you in good stead in the long term. Unhealthy forms and levels of personal debt.