Concentrate your focus in a relationship

15 Reasons To Focus On Yourself Instead Of Finding Love

concentrate your focus in a relationship

Say you want to travel the world or go to grad school -- those things are pretty hard to go if you're focused on your relationship. Setting goals for. May these quotes inspire you to focus on your own life and take action so that “ When you focus on yourself and love yourself, some relationships have to go. If you find yourself repeatedly frustrated at your relationship choices, it's no accident – you made them. These men don't just find you.

concentrate your focus in a relationship

Yes, love is awesome. And finding the person you are going to spend your life with is a beautiful thing. Once you do find love you will realize that even though it is great, it is not all that it's cracked up to be. You will realize how important you are in your relationships and in this life.

concentrate your focus in a relationship

Setting goals for yourself and actually accomplishing them is an awesome feeling, and it's something that is so much easier to do if you aren't tied down. Now, it is not impossible to accomplish your goals when you are in a relationship, but it does make it harder.

Focusing on you will allow you to see your hopes and dreams come to life. And who knows, maybe you will find true love in the midst of achieving your goals - maybe you will find someone with the same passions as you. And honestly, what's better than that? Next thing you know, you're traveling around the world with your new travel buddy who also happens to be the love of your life. And honestly, once you are in a relationship, you are going to miss some of the aspects of single life.

There's a sense of freedom that comes with not having to report to anyone and not having to take anyone else's feelings or wants or needs into consideration.

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If you want pizza for dinner, you order pizza. You don't have to think about that fact that your boyfriend is allergic to cheese.

concentrate your focus in a relationship

Say there is a new guy at your favorite bar -- well, you have the freedom to build a relationship with him, even if it is just a friendship, and not have to worry about hurting someone's feelings or crossing any lines. You can pretty much do whatever the heck you want, and that's pretty awesome. This isn't a bad thing and it basically comes with the territory.

concentrate your focus in a relationship

But you still have to come to terms with the concept, and the best way to do that is definitely spending a ton of time doing what you want when you want, and not compromising at all. If you have already accomplished some of your biggest goals and seen some of your biggest dreams come to life -- you live in your dream city, for instance -- then moving because your boyfriend got a new job won't seem like such a big deal. But focusing on yourself, where the only things you have to compromise are ones you want, is a benefit of taking the time to be selfish for a little while.

concentrate your focus in a relationship

You have to love yourself before someone else can truly love you. It's just the way that it is. The more you understand yourself and how to love yourself, the better you will be at understanding another person and giving them the love they deserve. And when you're happy with who you are, you are able to give love uninhibited and you won't be concerned about whether it's good enough or you're good enough. It is easy to get sucked into a Blame Men mentality. Lord knows they do enough irritating and shitty things to keep this blog ticking over forever more, but real change, real progress, real relationships, real happiness and real love can only come about through changes to your own behaviour and attitudes.

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The only person who we have any true accountability and responsibility for, plus the ability to change, is ourselves. We cannot expect the white knight to ride in on his horse and rescue us from shit relationship choices so that we can automatically feel right within ourselves and live happily ever after.

For us to make real change that will lead to personal happiness on our own and also within a relationship, we must have healthier relationships with ourselves and healthier attitudes towards men and relationships. Yes there are a lot of messages that we pick up and learn from our family, from the media and from society in general that only serve to add to the growing snowball of insecurity, but there comes a point when you have to get real with yourself and acknowledge the unhappiness that subscribing to this bullshit causes.

Men do not complete you. Stop accepting poor relationships because the alternative seems scarier.

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Stop placing the responsibility on the man to change and make things different in the relationship. What is my part in this?