Cnpc petrochina relationship poems

PetroChina corruption probe widens to include entrepreneur Hua Bangsong | South China Morning Post

cnpc petrochina relationship poems

Many have argued that Petrochina has no ties to the Sudan genocide. It is China National Petroleum Corporation that has the oil operations in. Mao Zefeng, who works on investor relations for PetroChina Co. PTR %, CNPC's listed subsidiary, confirmed that he met with investors in. What is it in the language and the subjects of these poems that makes CNPC entities such as PetroChina have exposure to the US financial.

Many Westerners view such ties negatively.

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The practice is more commmon in Asian countries. The Task Force isn't trying to debate good corporate governance, though. Moving on, the Task Force highlights the fluidity of asset transfers between the two companies. One noted analyst [Editor: Financial information for the assets traded was not publically available. Petrochina has a number of unsecured, below market rate loans from China Petroleum Finance Company, which I just referred to.

cnpc petrochina relationship poems

These can be construed as cross subsidies. So, basically, it would not be far wrong to think of Petrochina and CNPC as one company, or at least two companies with substantial overlap.

If these had been US companies, Petrochina would probably have much greater distance from CNPC, and then Buffett's argument would have much greater weight.

cnpc petrochina relationship poems

However, these aren't US companies and anyway, if they were, I still wouldn't invest in Petrochina. It is argued that such a project might pose a threat to the environment, as the construction of the pipeline might affect the wildlife in the regions where it runs through. However, no known environmental or social impact assessments have been conducted, as the environmental record of Tarim Basins is very poor.

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Ethylene is widely used in the production of goods such as packaging and trash liners. The whole demonstration was peaceful, and presence of Chinese government intervention was scarce. Logo[ edit ] The logo of PetroChina has represented the company in plenary capacity since The logo's basic, abecedarian design consists of a rising sun, projected onto a petal-based graphic. The colors utilized in the graphic are red and yellow, auspicious in Chinese culture.

Beneath the English-language version of the design is positioned the company's name in an emboldened, black typeset, "PetroChina" Chinese: PetroChina's current logo was adopted 26 December The contour of the logo is defined as a "petal graphic equally divided by ten in red and yellow colors", which, according to description, "are the basic colors of the national flag of the People's Republic of Chinaand which embody the characteristics of the oil and gas industry.

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The ten equanimous petals are indicative of PetroChina's ten consolidated core businesses.