Brian clough peter taylor relationship questions

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brian clough peter taylor relationship questions

Peter Thomas Taylor (2 July – 4 October ) was an English football player and manager. A goalkeeper with a modest playing career, he went on to work in management alongside Brian Clough at Derby County and building a close relationship with Middlesbrough striker Brian Clough, six years his junior. Telling the story of Brian Clough's disastrous day spell at Leeds, The Lustgarten chart the collapse of Clough's relationship with the Derby Lancel as Clough (left) with Tony Bell as his long-time assistant Peter Taylor Lustgarten's script lays those questions bare, without forcing answers on us. Cup victories under the guidance of Brian Clough and Peter Taylor. relationship was more of a fine romance than an affair to remember.

He's a tall fair-haired good looker, and so comely, that he was described as the film star of Highfield Road. Coventry finished sixth in the Third Division South in —53with Taylor only appearing eight times.

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It proved to be Storey's final season as manager, and Taylor later cited Storer as his managerial mentor, and would go on to quote Storer numerous times throughout his career.

Taylor played 42 games as Coventry posted a 14th-place finish under Jack Fairbrother in —54then played ten matches as they finished ninth in — Taylor decided to leave the club after losing his first team place to future Coventry City Hall of Famer and England international Reg Matthews.

The forgotten story of … Brian Clough’s other right-hand man | Nick Miller | Sport | The Guardian

Harold Shepherdsonthe England trainer, and coaches like Micky Fenton and Jimmy Gordon were nice men running a pleasant club that treated players decently while getting nowhere". But if you'll come, I'll consider it. They are back in the Second Division today because a few interfering directors imagined they could run the show.

He went on to sign striker Peter Ward and midfielder Brian Hortonbut admitted that both he and Clough were much more effective as a duo; he felt that he had struggled to make the good players he signed play to their full potential whilst feeling that Clough had bought and sold poorly as Leeds manager. Forest beat Orient 5—1 on aggregate in the two-legged final played in December We'd won something, and it made all the difference. From this, Clough completely tore both his medial and cruciate ligaments in his right knee and had his whole leg in plaster for the next three months.

The forgotten story of … Brian Clough’s other right-hand man

Taylor, meanwhile, became manager of Burton Albion at 34 years of age in and won the Southern League Cup. ByClough realised that while he would never have the ecstasy of a goalscoring feeling again, media work and management still offered him a footballing outlet.

Derby, seemingly, were far from a massive step-up, having been rooted in the Second Division for over ten years and the fact that their chairman, Sam Longson, appointed Clough and Taylor on the back of a recommendation from a North-East journalist, Len Shackleton, reflected the chaotic environment the duo had entered. Clough, though, looked to thrive in this set-up, knowing he could manipulate the ambitious Longson in his favour, and did not fear the shadows of his predecessors, Tim Ward and Harry Storer.

So, mass rejuvenation took time to gel, with Clough and Taylor not rating many of the stagnant squad that greeted them upon arrival.

brian clough peter taylor relationship questions

Remarkably, Clough also fired the club secretary, the groundsman, the chief scout and two tea ladies. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the immediate results of these dramatic changes was not immediate: Mackay was 34, finished as a full back and had agreed to become player-manager of Hearts. Therefore, they planned to use him as a libero.

brian clough peter taylor relationship questions

The pressure that Clough and Taylor, along with Longson and his expenditure, placed on eachother to deliver success was clearly evident, though: Taylor suffered a heart murmur before the game against Wolves on 9 January, It was one of the first turning points in their relationship, with Clough bringing in George Pycrof as a temporary replacement and only visiting Taylor once at the Derby Royal Infirmary — although this was owed, in part, to his phobia of hospitals from his knee injury in Liverpool, who needed a win, drew against Arsenal at Highbury and Leeds lost at Molineux to a fired-up Wolves outfit.

However, what should have led to a period of domination was undone by inevitable boardroom strife.

brian clough peter taylor relationship questions

Firstly, Longson was not happy about Clough taking his family with him to a pre-season trip to the Netherlands and West Germany so Clough refused to go and let Taylor take charge. Taylor never once received a salary increase and constantly had his role and importance questioned by Longson, but Taylor, too, was starting to tire of Clough and his arrogance.

No one could have seen the next step coming.

brian clough peter taylor relationship questions

The fact that they returned to management so quickly was a surprise in itself, but with a lowly Third Division side seemed, at best, implausible. The chairman, Mike Bamber, though, gave the pair significantly higher wages than they had been on at Derby and the aim of the spell was simply to get more fans into the stadium. It naturally proved a strange period, with Clough displaying little interest went to New York City to watch the Muhammed Ali and Joe Fraizer fight, instead of a match against Cambridge and signing only a handful of players.

brian clough peter taylor relationship questions