Bangladesh russia relationship with north

The Russia-Bangladesh relationship | Dhaka Tribune

bangladesh russia relationship with north

Jul 10, “In the foreign office we are extremely hopeful that the relationship will The Bangladesh-Russia Friendship Society organised the seminar at. Bangladesh–Russia relations (Russian: Российско-бангладешские отношения ) refers to foreign relations between Bangladesh and Russia. Russia has an. Bangladesh–Russia relations Russia-Bangladesh summit Diplomatic relations between North Korea (Democratic People's Republic of Korea, DPRK).

Bangladesh ‘extremely happy’ to see Russia’s comeback in global politics

The ministers exchanged views on key issues of bilateral and global agenda. The visit marked the 45th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Russia and Bangladesh. The year saw further development of inter-parliamentary relations between Russia and Bangladesh. Inter-party ties between our countries are developing as well. During the visit, it was agreed to enhance inter-party contacts for the cause of strengthening friendship between Russia and Bangladesh.

Moscow and Dhaka are reliable, time-tested partners in promoting principles of multipolar global architecture and fair international economic and financial system.

bangladesh russia relationship with north

Holding close or similar positions on numerous international and regional issues, Russia and Bangladesh cooperate in the United Nations and other international platforms. The aim of the Commission is to develop broad-based cooperation between Russia and Bangladesh in various spheres. It will facilitate the diversification of bilateral trade, economic, scientific and technical ties between the business communities of the two countries and assist to remove barriers to mutual trade.

bangladesh russia relationship with north

In the bilateral trade volume exceeded 1. Russia exports metal-roll, raw materials for textile industry, machinery equipment, fertilizers, crops, including high quality milling wheat. It is important to note that our bilateral trade is generally balanced — the export from Russia is almost equal to the import from Bangladesh.

Bangladesh faces an energy deficit and is keen to develop energy cooperation with Russia. Hence, energy sector is a focal point of bilateral cooperation between our two countries. Russia and Bangladesh have been cooperating in the energy sector since the s. Inauguration of the 1st phase of Rooppur NPP project. Apart from building the NPP, the Russian side is implementing a wide-range training program to train qualified personnel for the nuclear industry of Bangladesh.

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Altogether, ten gas wells were drilled. Tests showed that maximum total production of the wells amounted to 5. One of the contracts has been fulfilled already.

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The Russian company is set to open its representation office in Bangladesh soon. On October 1,the repair work at the project site began. As of now, a number of facilities have already been finished. Another major sector of our economic cooperation is related to IT and cyber-security. Kaspersky Lab, a world reputed Russian cyber security solution providing company is extremely popular in Bangladesh and commands an exclusively vast market share in the Bangladesh IT industry.

bangladesh russia relationship with north

It has become a household name although back in it was a cyber security software pioneer here. Our country contributed substantially to the construction of thermal power plants in Bangladesh.

The power plants of Siddhirganj and Ghorasal, commissioned in the mid 70s, still produce more than a quarter of total power output in Bangladesh. The most experienced Russian engineering company in the power sector is completing rehabilitation and modernisation of the two oldest blocks of Ghorasal.

bangladesh russia relationship with north

After rehabilitation, the block 1 was restarted in the year of Renovation of block 2 was completed recently and it is my particular pleasure to report that few days ago, on May 30, we launched the very last trial start-up. Keeping in mind the significance of the natural gas problem for the Bangladeshi industry, I am particularly proud to mention that just a month ago the well-known Russian company GAZPROM finished drilling the Shipkail-3 gas well near Comilla, the first of ten to be drilled in Bangladesh.

The output of this first well is confirmed at more then thousand cubic meters of natural gas per day.

Bilateral Relations - Embassy of the Russian Federation in the People's Republic of Bangladesh

I underline — more then thousand cubic meter, not feet. Now it is necessary to win broad public support for this project. Both sides will bring it to the public for consideration.

bangladesh russia relationship with north

InPresident Ziaur Rahman amended the Constitution of Bangladeshincluding a clause stating that " the state shall endeavour to consolidate, preserve and strengthen fraternal relations among Muslim countries based on Islamic solidarity ". InPresident Ziaur Rahman was included in a 3-member "Al-Quds" summit committee to attend the summit at Morocco. South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation[ edit ] The government also pursued the expansion of co-operation among the nations of South Asia, bringing the process—an initiative of former President Ziaur Rahman—through its earliest, most tentative stages to the formal inauguration of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation SAARC at a summit gathering of South Asian leaders in Dhaka in December The member nations of this group are: Developing 8 Countries[ edit ] Main article: Developing 8 Countries Bangladesh is among the 8 member countries of this organization.

But no plans for expansion have been made by Bangladesh. The Developing 8 is an economic development alliance consisting of Muslim majority states which focuses in multiple areas which are rural development, science and technology, banking, agriculture, humanitarian development, energy, environment, health and finance.