Australia china relationship overview of cellular

Australia needs to reset the relationship with China and stay cool

australia china relationship overview of cellular

On March 1 The Australian reported that 'China is putting Australia into a diplomatic deep freeze', by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) Secretary Frances Adamson and . personnel's work mobile phones. Overview of Australia-China relations. The Australian Government pursues constructive and friendly relations with China on the basis of mutual. Overview. Australia-China relations are characterised by strong trade bonds. China is Australia's largest trading partner, while Australia is a leading source of .

But Beijing has taken none of these steps, and there's no concrete evidence it's seriously contemplating them. So far the signs of displeasure — a go-slow on diplomatic exchanges, public scoldings — are largely symbolic. And while the Global Times is a state-owned newspaper, it's best to think of it as a weapon, not a window into the deliberations of China's top leaders. Fergus Ryan from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute says the Chinese Government uses the Times to create uncertainty and shape behaviour in English-speaking countries.

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Threats are cheap to make, but they can shape behaviour effectively. As Fergus Ryan puts it — "if they can get the message across in this way, then perhaps they won't have to resort to pulling those levers. And despite the Prime Minister's bland assurance Wednesday morning that "we have a good, frank relationship with China", the reality is our leaders are facing rapidly sharpening choices. Pollies, spy chief sound the alarm Two recent speeches to Parliament — one explosive, the other humdrum — capture the conundrum neatly.

When Andrew Hastie got to his feet in the Federation Chamber on Wednesday evening, he didn't mince his words.

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The chair of the powerful Intelligence and Security Committee laid out a truth which is universally acknowledged — but rarely voiced — in Canberra: We are watching the rise of authoritarian states. Those states are conducting foreign interference operations across Western democracies. In Australia, it is clear that the Chinese Communist Party is working to covertly interfere with our media, our universities and also influence our political processes and public debates.

That is to say, any hostile power in the region considering some kind of aggression against Australia would have to at least keep the existence of the US alliance in mind," said Curran. The partnership has embedded Australians in key US command positions and given Canberra, as part of the Five Eyes pact, access to intelligence few in the region see.

australia china relationship overview of cellular

It also, importantly, allows Australia to purchase US defense technology and hardware at discount prices. The benefits of this relationship swing both ways, says Graham. It's outside of all but the longest range missiles and it offers unlimited land space, virtually unlimited air space from which US forces could operate," he said.

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Graham says that while this is theoretical, it is something US strategists obviously take into account in the weight they put into the relationship. This describes a condition that is a bit compulsive and not always rational.

australia china relationship overview of cellular

Economic dependence on China is two-edged and potentially policy-distorting. To put this in perspective: In other words, nearly one-third of Australian goods and services trade is hinged to the China market. Putting it mildly, such a level of dependence on a single market is not ideal. InAustralia registered the longest uninterrupted stretch of economic growth in modern history.

Australia-China relationship on a 'bit of a knife edge'

This surpassed previous record holder the Netherlands with uninterrupted quarters. This is the context in which Australia might do a better job managing relations with its cornerstone trading partner and, arguably, its most important bilateral relationship. You could argue that security ties to the US have become more important as a consequence.