Anakin padme relationship analysis

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anakin padme relationship analysis

The Star Wars prequels try to frame Anakin and Padmé as the ultimate But the central relationship that propels the plot also has its fair share of . as soon as they land, where a GH-7 analysis droid reveals that— surprise!. To most, on the surface, the Anakin and Padme relationship and its dark in abusive relationships and their counterpoint in analysis of Padme. It was a secret relationship that would have made Romeo and Juliet curl It's possible that Ahsoka overheard Padmé and Anakin talking while she . These traits would have been a massive comfort to Obi-Wan as well as a.

The poem was beautifully versed, and had clearly taken an immense amount of work.

anakin padme relationship analysis

The instrumental theme was haunting, composed by a master. The artists spent about three minutes extolling her virtues and declaring undying love for her.

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It was silly, it was fun. But then the Naboo broadcast stations had picked it up, and for several months it had played in every home and every speeder from Theed to Otoh Gungah. On one of his weekends of leave, Anakin escorted her as her Jedi protector to a charity ball at TheedPalace, and in the speeder on the way she heard the familiar opening bars playing through the speakers.

anakin padme relationship analysis

She started up in her seat and instructed the driver to turn the music off so urgently that Anakin asked her what was wrong. She closed the opaque partition between the driver and them and made out with him to shut him up.

Three She found Obi-Wan Kenobi attractive.

anakin padme relationship analysis

It was a few weeks after the Blue Shadow Virus incident. That vaguely nauseous feeling had to be due to worry. On the seventh day, a weight seemed to settle in the pit of her stomach. There would be a scandal. Anakin was definitely going to be expelled for this, and she would probably be fired. Anyone who knew her must have noticed her distraction.

anakin padme relationship analysis

Who could she tell? If she took a leave of absence for a few months and went home, or went somewhere else, would that attract more or less attention? Would it be too suspicious if she were to refuse midi-chlorian testing? Even in this reading of it Padme does not instigate the kiss and if nothing else is just an accepting participant until it ends.

He uses his words to manipulate Padme to feel at fault for the situation and to control her feelings to even consider pursuing the relationship further. This isolation and jealousy makes the romantic partner the only emotional contact and source of social stimulation, and eventually the jealousy can drive the isolated party to not even want to seek out additional people for fear of the result Mouradian.

anakin padme relationship analysis

The jealousy that Anakin has manifests itself in his demands to know the information that he seeks, and his persistence based on his belief that he deserves to know the information no matter the circumstances. In the movie, once she and Anakin are together romantically her own potential excursions to the outside world are never displayed.

As an audience it can only be assumed that she has none of importance given we are never shown anything else beyond her waiting around for Anakin to return. Anakin is often seen brooding or sulking around the apartment or scene even when Padme offers her concern. Through this he appears stubborn, emotionally removed, and that his state of mind is beyond help although if he simply talked to Padme it might at the very least get that grimace off his face.

Padme offers herself and her feelings and help to Anakin but the vulnerability is not reciprocated on his end. Much in this way it indicates that Anakin may be obsessed more with the actual attachment and possession to Padme then to his commitment to a healthy relationship with her.

This type of attachment is both problematic in the eyes of the Jedi code and in our society and does not have good indications for the future of the relationship. Specific terminology related to psychology The strong example of interruption of authority occurs on Naboo when Anakin is sent to protect Padme there. Her role at this point in time is as a Senator and she holds authority over him, even if he is protecting her as part of a security detail.