Afghanistan relationship with neighboring countries

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afghanistan relationship with neighboring countries

India's growing economic and political influence in Afghanistan has as India and Pakistan compete for influence in the war-torn country. each of the other countries bordering Afghanistan as well as noncontiguous . Pact in and its relations with Afghanistan were poor, mostly because of the . Relations can be traced back to the s when Afghan cameleers came and undocumented) from neighbouring countries in , added to.


Elections for the second Wolesi Jirga took place in September Following closely contested elections in mid, the two final presidential candidates, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, formed a National Unity Government under a political arrangement agreed on 21 September Australia currently deploys about Defence personnel under the RSM. UNAMA and its Special Representative lead and coordinate international civilian efforts in assisting Afghanistan, guided by the principle of reinforcing Afghan sovereignty, leadership and ownership.

UNAMA works with the Afghan Government and supports the process of peace and reconciliation; monitors and promotes human rights and the protection of civilians in armed conflict; promotes good governance; and encourages regional coordination. Bilateral relations Australia and Afghanistan share a friendly and long-standing relationship.

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Relations can be traced back to the s when Afghan cameleers came to Australia. For half a century, the cameleers played a crucial role in the exploration and development of the Australian outback, ferrying supplies across the continent. The Ghan is named in their honour. The Afghan-born Australian population is about 32, The first diplomatic link between Australia and Afghanistan was established in Marchwhen a non-resident Australian Ambassador was accredited to Afghanistan.

The first resident Australian Ambassador to Afghanistan was appointed in The Australian Government has continuing engagement with Afghanistan in the areas of security and development cooperation, and economic reform through bilateral, regional and multilateral dialogues.

During this visit, our Governments signed a memorandum of understanding for an Afghanistan-Australia Development Partnershipand a new agreement between Geoscience Australia and the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. Development cooperation Our program in Afghanistan focuses on three priority areas: Information on development assistance to Afghanistan. Refugees The humanitarian and security environment in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate after more than 30 years of conflict, with civilians, particularly women and children, among the worst affected.

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PAK-AFGHAN Relations (CSS Regarding)

July Main articles: This entire area is inhabited by the indigenous Pashtuns who belong to different Pashtun tribes. The single-page agreement, which contained seven short articles, was signed by Durand and Khan, agreeing not to exercise political interference beyond the frontier line between Afghanistan and what was then the British Indian Empire.

Concurrently, the Afridi tribesmen began to rise up in arms against the British, creating a zone of instability between Peshawar and the Durand Line.

afghanistan relationship with neighboring countries

As a result, travel across the boundary was almost entirely halted, and the Pashtun tribes living under the British rule began to orient themselves eastward in the direction of the Indian railways. By the time of the Indian independence movementprominent Pashtun nationalists such as Abdul Ghaffar Khan advocated unity with the nearly formed Dominion of Indiaand not a united Afghanistan — highlighting the extent to which infrastructure and instability began to erode the Pashtun self-identification with Afghanistan.

By the time of Pakistan independence movementpopular opinion among Pashtuns was in support of joining the Dominion of Pakistan. The Afghan government has not formally accepted the Durand Line as the international border between the two states, claiming that the Durand Line Agreement has been void in the past. Pakistan feels that the border issue had been resolved before its birth in It also fears a revolt from the warring tribes which could eventually bring the state down as it happened when Ahmad Shah Durrani unified the Pashtuns and toppled the Mughal Empire of India.

afghanistan relationship with neighboring countries

This unmanagable border has always served as the main trade route between Afghanistan and the South Asiaespecially for supplies into Afghanistan. Secondly, it politically and financially backed secessionist politicians in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the s. Afghanistan's policies placed a severe strain upon Pakistan—Afghan relations in the s, up until the s, when the movement[ which?

The Pashtun assimilation into the Pakistani state followed years of rising Pashtun influence in Pakistani politics and the nation's bureaucracy, culminating in Ayub KhanYahya KhanIshaq Khan — all Pashtuns, attaining leadership of Pakistan.

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Such commerce can provide sustainable income for Afghanistan and Central Asia, deepen Afghanistan's integration with neighboring states, and contribute to regional stability. Over the past few years, Afghanistan and its northern neighbors have sought to increase trust and economic cooperation. Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are in various stages of supplying electricity to northern Afghanistan and Kabul.

Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are seeking closer cooperation through a broad package of mutual cooperation that includes support for a trans-Afghan gas pipeline, transit of Turkmen electricity to neighboring countries through Afghanistan, extension of a Turkmen rail network to Afghanistan, and a common struggle against narcotics and terrorism.

Tajik insurgents used Afghanistan as a base for military operations, and aboutTajiks took refuge in northern Afghanistan in the early s. In the early s, Afghanistan sought improved commercial relations; the Tajik-Afghan Friendship Bridge was completed over the Amu Darya River in to enhance the trade route north into Tajikistan.

Russia Russia has viewed Afghanistan as a vital region since the early nineteenth century.