7 card relationship tarot reading

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7 card relationship tarot reading

How you see yourself. How you see your partner. How you feel about your partner. Present situation or challange of the situation. What stands between you and. Get a free Love Tarot reading and view an interpretation of your reading with just a few clicks and learn about what your love life has in store for you. You are in a relationship, but you have some problems? This may be the tarot spread you need. This is a seven cards tarot spread that.

Make sure you take enough time to relax and compose yourself before you begin to select the cards.

7 card relationship tarot reading

You will be amazed at the difference it makes. The more specific and focused your question, the more appropriate and valuable your answer will be. Again, it's a function of synchronicity. If your question is vague or unformed, how can the cards give you clear answers or responses? If you approach the cards wanting an answer to a certain question, yet when you select the cards you are thinking of 50 other unrelated things, the answer you get will often not make sense.

Clarity and a ferocious focus will be reflected back to you by mind-blowingly insightful readings.

7 Cards Tarot Spread for Existing Relationships – A Positive Approach | Tarot - Astrology

Read between the lines! The pre-written text will give you the feeling that each card conveys when it is selected in a certain position in the spread. If the literal text does not exactly fit your question or circumstance, it is usually fairly obvious how you can 'read between the lines a little' and translate the message to suit your personal situation.

Accept the first reading! With an automated system like this, it's very tempting to immediately repeat a reading if the answer you got was either not what you wanted to hear, apparently inaccurate or a bit confusing. As long as you have followed the previous tips regarding clarity and focus, the first reading will always be the most appropriate.

If you would like clarification on something, use a different reading spread. Consulting the cards many times a day, day after day, is completely self defeating, as repeating a reading too soon for the same question will usually create more confusion, not more clarity. A good rule of thumb: The obvious exceptions would be readings specifically designed for regular consultations, like our Daily Outlook 8: This is not an exact science!


There are no absolutes in Tarot. Use our readings as a kind of mirror - a way for you to examine a reflection of your life, thoughts and emotions at any given moment in time.

7 Cards Tarot Spread for Existing Relationships – A Positive Approach

You may be searching for a purpose in your life and feel lost right now. In a relationship you might not get the attention and love that you desperately need. If you're single you might feel lonely and hopeless at the moment. In matters of work you might loose your job and income. This is the fulfillment of you desires and needs. You set up a goal and now you've achieved it. You've made changes in your life that is long lasting, you've succeeded.

You're now free and can enjoy the good in life. You feel whole and harmonious.

7 card relationship tarot reading

In a relationship this card tells you that you've met a perfect match for you and that the relationship is long lasting. If you're single this card tells you that you've come a long way of becoming whole again and that you're now ready to meet the love of your life.

In matters of work this card predicts promotion and material success.

7 card relationship tarot reading

A job where you feel like you belong. This card is about sudden change that usually comes with great force, like lightning from a clear blue sky. It will change your ways of doing things, what you have hoped and dreamed of, your existing beliefs. In the end you will see that it was for the greater good and what this change really brought you was release because what you had built up wasn't very solid; in that case nothing could shake its grounds, you were trapped in a bad situation without realizing it, this tower is a gift in disguise.

In relationships you may get to know things about your partner that really changes your way of looking at your relationship and life together.

7 card relationship tarot reading

Your plans and dreams for the life you would share got twist upside down, and it hurts. Further down the road when you have met the partner of your dreams you will see that it was for the be. In matters of work, you might not achieve what you have hoped and wanted, you might even loose a job, but if you do, something better is on the way further on.

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This woman is intelligent, just, trustworthy, balanced, kind and just. She's good at analyzing and being objective. She might not always consider or understand other people's feelings.