What is the relationship between enzyme activity and pepsin

Enzyme Lab - Ex. 4

what is the relationship between enzyme activity and pepsin

How does pH affect the rate of enzyme activity? What is the relation between the pH reaction concerned with enzyme activities? Views Pepsin - The optimum temperature for pepsin activity of Lutjanus malabaricus was 30 °C. .. Relationship between specific activity of pepsin enzyme and gastric. Temperature plays an important role in biology as a way to regulate reactions. Enzyme activity increases as temperature increases, and in turn.

what is the relationship between enzyme activity and pepsin

At a pH of 2, the gastric juices of the stomach are acidic enough to kill the bacteria we ingest. The cells that line the stomach -- called parietal cells -- secrete hydrochloric acid or HCl, and this acid gives gastric juices their low pH. HCl does not digest food, but it kills bacteria, helps break down the connective tissue in meat, and activates pepsin, the stomach's digestive enzyme.

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Pepsin Digests Protein Chief cells, which also line the stomach, produce a pro-enzyme called pepsinogen. When pepsinogen contacts the acidic environment of the stomach, it catalyzes a reaction to activate itself and becomes the active enzyme called pepsin.

Pepsin is a protease, or an enzyme that breaks chemical bonds in protein. Pepsin uses the carboxylic acid group on one of its amino acids to break the chemical bond between nitrogen and oxygen in the proteins found in food.

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Your explanations should tell why what happened did happen, or tell the value of the information observed. If, for example, there was more enzymatic activity in one tube than in another, what was responsible for the difference?

what is the relationship between enzyme activity and pepsin

What does that observation allow us to learn about enzymes? Some of the observations that you make are of controls. For these, your explanation might tell what you would not know if the control had not been included.

For example, you test solutions labeled maltose and starch with Benedict's solution to learn if sugar is present. You are testing sugar and starch to learn if sugar is present. We expect to find a positive reaction with maltose, indicating that sugar is present. A good way to think about this is a lock-and-key model.

what is the relationship between enzyme activity and pepsin

Only one key can open a lock correctly. Similarly, only one enzyme can attach to a substrate and make the reaction happen faster.

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Types of Enzymes Your body contains around 3, unique enzymes, each speeding up the reaction for one specific protein product. Enzymes can make your brain cells work faster and help make energy to move your muscles.

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They also play a large role in the digestive system, including amylases that break down sugar, proteases that break down protein, and lipases that break down fat. All enzymes work on contact, so when one of these enzymes comes in contact with the right substrate, it starts to work immediately. Sciencing Video Vault Temperature vs. Enzyme Reactivity Collisions between all molecules increase as temperature increases.