The relationship between amelie and nino

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the relationship between amelie and nino

William Harris, in a response to Amelie, wrote Amelies unity is created through again in the black and white film except this time, it is with the grown-up Amelie. Jeunet was so particular about effects timing that when Nino blinks, they fired a . Amélie, the French rom com directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, is one of the we all fell hopelessly in love with a girl named Amélie—the protagonist of a of her by the end of the movie, especially when she finally gets with Nino. . Hellogiggles · Love · Movies · Relationships · Videos · Entertainment. Nino, and begins a relationship. For example, the relationship between puts it – Amélie because she had too few friends and Nino because he had too.

Amelie attempts to remedy this by setting him up with another co-worker, the hypochondriac Georgette Isabelle Nanty.

the relationship between amelie and nino

Meanwhile, her cat-and-mouse games with Nino have captured his attention, and he wants to meet her as well. In the meantime, Amelie steals Madame Wells's letters from her husband written to her decades before and cleverly creates a new letter in which he apologizes to his wife for his infidelity.

the relationship between amelie and nino

After receiving the false letter, Madame Wells is overjoyed with the news that her husband loved her after all. Amelie also avenges Lucien by playing practical jokes on Colingion whom she dislikes for constantly insulting Lucien.

Amelie has regular visits with Raymond Dufayel, who has been recreating the same Renoir painting for 20 years. He reminds her that, despite her intentions to help others, she is neglecting her own pursuit for happiness. He arrives but she is too shy to address him, even when he gently confronts her with the note. While Amelie is out of earshot, her fellow waitress Gina asks Nino to talk with her in private, to ensure that Amelie will not be hurt by him.

After speaking with Nino, Gina sees that he is a good man. However, Gina's ex-boyfriend Josef sees the two leave together and, after being dumped by Georgette, reveals his incorrect observation that Nino and Gina are dating. Amelie hears this, and is crushed. At home, Amelie weeps while frustratingly baking a cake. She daydreams of a life with Nino, amid all the current characters in her life. She is startled when her doorbell rings. She hears Nino speaking to her from the hallway, but she is too nervous to answer.

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Assuming she is not home, Nino slips a note under her door, assuring her that he will return. A conflicted Amelie finds a personal videotape from Mr. The film intends to reveal the importance of other people in our lives. It shows us that without that special type of interaction, our lives become, dull, mundane, and in a sense meaningless.

the relationship between amelie and nino

It is love, for other people and for life itself, which gives our individual lives their meaning, and without it we have nothing. No matter how many things we distract ourselves with, work, objects, hobbies, we will all eventually come to realize that it does not add up to a whole.


There will always be a part of yourself missing if you do not have other people to close the gap. It is an interesting concept, that in order to experience complete happiness for ourselves, we must rely on our interactions and relationships with other people.

The green TV with its small red light is in focus where as in the background, red and green decorative pieces have been placed around the television and you can even see two red objects out of focus through the glass. Its shots like these make you respect the director for his precision and attention to detail.

In the DVD commentary, he admits his love for such tacky sets and the pleasure he gets in creating them. Audrey has been given minimum make up to render her character more realistic and approachable.

The film in the film has been intentionally given the bad-picture look to make it seem like an old documentary and to further remove it from the films reality.

We're still totally in love with Amélie, 13 years later

Amelie, The feature shows Amelie as a celebrity first and then as a saint and finally as a nurse. She is first shown as a happy celebrity, pretending to skip stones and heavily made up in a pretty dress, interspersed with shots of people dancing and fireworks. The garden where her mother releases the fish is shown again in the black and white film except this time, it is with the grown-up Amelie.

This shot in the garden is particularly interesting because the point of view gives the camera a spy-like quality. This effect is created by taking shits of Amelie through the branches and leaves, making the foreground out of focus and intrusive.

Even the TV is centralized and the background and the vertical and horizontally symmetrical shadows forms a frame-within-a-frame for the television.

She also feels guilty that she has helped so many strangers but has never been able to give her own father a breath of air. Although the feature is meant to be comic, the artificiality of the entire scene serves to heighten Amelies misery even more. Once again, she fails to reveal herself to the man she loves but plays a game to keep him intrigued and to hold on to the mystery because to approach him would be a reality check and being a dreamer, she prefers to remain hidden.

At the same time, a woman walks across the frame wearing green and a man walks in the background wearing red.

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The woman who answers the phone is also wearing a maroon that matches the carousel and a light green. Because the scene was shot on location and in a tourist-dominated area, there are a lot of people in the background and the frames had to be prepared to avoid having the extras too close to the camera. The shot of Amelie talking on the phone is a very well composed shot.